Monday, 27 August 2012

Totally forgotten about uploading the full sets of my UK trip pictures ;D Here's more and 2 more post to go~

All taken @ Buckingham Palace.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A very short update!

More like a complain.. Please read below:

Friends and I went to Tokyo Kitchen and we saw the Happy Hour Promotion. So we thought, great! But then after we paid the bill, we realize that there was no discount for the drinks. 

The attendant told us that the promotion only applies to food. We thought it was our mistake, that we missed some info from the promotion sign but instead, what we saw was correct. It was written there “ALL FOOD AND BEVERAGES EXCEPT FOR BEER & SET MEALS/PROMOTION ITEMS”. So we asked the attendant to clarify again but his first replied was: No, only food. Then I showed him the sign. He went to ask the Person-In-Charge and came back with the answer: "oh. that was the old promotion. Now not valid anymore." Then I asked him: "why then do you still put out the sign?" Since he can’t give me an answer, I told him to get the Person-In-Charge to speak to us. Never would I have thought that the Person-In-Charge would tell me that that was an old sign and they were going to replace it but the printing shops were closed. What kind of excuse is this? Atleast you could tell us before we order our food? Even if I told her that it is their mistake, she insist not to reduce the amount on our bill according to the promotion. I told her that I could report this to the Consumer Department and she replied,"it is alright, you can go ahead with it.

My friend said that they might as well lure the customers in with a sign “free food” and then charge them for a full price. Totally ridiculous.

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