Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's been actually ages since I wrote something out of fondness for writing. I actually prefer writing than typing on a keyboard. I guess it's because when you write, it gives you a real feeling rather than when typing onto a white screen. Also, I always tend to treat 'backspace' and 'delete' as my best buddy when typing but when I write, I can't just 'backspace' and 'delete' them, right? Anyway, one thing I've always hated when blogging is to think of the title. Yes, I hated that alot. I think I'mma just put "Daily no.xx" as the title for rants and raves from now on. You have to agree w/ me that they sounds alot better than some crappy title I would forcefully put just for the sake of it. Yes, I suck at titles that much. Or rather, should I use "Daily no.YYMMDD" for titles? That would be better when I flip back to search an entry, true?