Thursday, 24 February 2011

The thing I hate the most is when it has already been decided on something tht involves me, is when some cibai fckers who acts really "smartly" and make changes AND then inform me.

Yes, sure, you're in a position higher than me but you definitely have no respect for your down lines or even colleagues. I'm not an unreasonable person that will not try to make thing work out if you want to make some amendment. If you ask of me, I will try my best to make things work out for both of us if you come and speak to me and tell me that you need to change something.

Mahai... seriously, you're a supervisor at this fcking age and let me tell you wht, you're still incompetent in becoming a supervisor at this age because you're not matured but you think you are and you think you are damn smart which is too smart I would say.

The things you do is so fucking retard and I can assure you that you do not do things professionally! mcb.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Puipo's here to make an appearance again! He's 2 years old now! Still, hehas been really healthy and active and giving good crap everyday. Haha.. God bless. ^^

But he have this habit of sleeping in his wheelie when it's so dirty which makes him really dirty toooooo! So once in a while I have to give him a real bath...

... and here he is, handsome as ever and fur so soft after bath!

Puipo peeks out and says "hieeeeeee~"


Friday, 4 February 2011

Finally! I've got the item I wanted most from my CNY Shopping list which marks the completion of my CNY Shopping! Hope everyone's done with theirs as well ;} Here's what I've got to add to my wardrobe and shoe rack! Some has already been there though.. but have not been worn.. So I guess they can be counted as items I'm gonna wear this CNY ;P

Got this from Ikano Power Centre. Can't remember the brand but it's one of the brand under Padini. Lotsa orange colour on the logo.