Thursday, 23 December 2010

This is just driving me crazy early in the morning!

The same
bloodysolicitor firm that I was so angry about months ago! I just hate the administration and clerical staffs there!

The conversation with the clerical goes like this:
Me: Hi, Can I speak to Mr. Sri please?
She: He is in a meeting with Lawyer X, can you please call back after lunch?
Me: Oh, okay. Can I just ask if the documents are ready for collection?
She: Can you please call back after lunch hour? He is in a meeting and is unavailable.
Me: Okay, can I leave a message for him, please?
She: *puts me on hold*
Passes the phone to another staff.
She2: Hi, can you please call back after lunch? Mr. Sri is in a meeting right now.
Me: I do not want to disturb him but can you please pass him a message?
She2: Err.. okay. What is it?
Me: Can you please ask him to call me back later?
She2: Ok.
*slams down the phone*

Wtf WEH!!!!!

Total b*tches.

I don't see how the lawyer can be such a nice and humble person but the staffs are like pieces of sh*t when it comes to their manners and task! Tangan sudah patah, ka? Sangat susah ke nak tulis nota?

Piece of sh*t.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Everything is just not going the right way!!!!!!!!

I feel like I wanna cry ='(

What's going on...

Even things that have been going right suddenly appeared with problems!

I feel like this is not my life anymoreeeeeeeeeeee

I want to disappear to another new place to start a new!!!!


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

There are many beautiful and wonderful things in the world which puts a smile and chuckle in our little hearts but there are also ugly and heart wrenching things in the world that makes our heart stop beating for the moment.

I had a wonderful start for a delightful day yesterday morning when I woke up with a smile. I had breakfast with 2 great friends at a mamak in Connaught. Yummy roti canai and milo. It was a very satisfying meal that makes my heart spins around. I like early breakfast, when you don't feel the heat of the sun yet.

After breakfast, we made a move to Midvalley for work. Not too long in the journey we saw an accident after the bridge and before the toll. A man was lying on the ground. Head really bloody and his trouser fell to the ankle. I later found out that he was a foreign worker who was trying to cross the highway as he works across it. I can't help but felt sorry for him although this is the consequence he have to face for crossing illegally. I hope there's no family waiting for him to feed back in his country. I'm also sorry about the driver who might be haunted by this incident for the rest of his life now.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Yup. Huge sigh. All I'm feeling inside is just down, down, down, gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, piece of shit. *pokes at the shit* Definitely feels like a piece of shit. Need to get out and do something out of the norm. Scream at a tree? Dance in the rain? I just want to be so GOD DAMN irrational right now and just do all the stupid things!

I hate a judgmental person like you.

I hate how I'm stuck with you! because when people try to overcome the bad times with you, all you do is JUDGE the things we do! As if that is not enough, everything we do just do not makes sense to you, are all negative and bullshit! Everything, every freaking thing is always about you isn't it?

God damn it I really hate you right now I don't even want to see you right in the eye.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Now, this is genuine authentic freebies, no cheats, no loop hole, not credit card registering, no nothing! Just Sign up for the free flow of Korean Dramas all day/night long!

I saw this website at the right side advertisement bar of Facebook and thought;This must be some kinda con advertisement with a catchy line again! BUT, after a few times seeing it, I decided to just click it since not much harm can be done, right?

So, I clicked and I was brought to this website: