Friday, 26 November 2010

Last week, I saw the youtube of a woman crushing a rabbit in a very inhumane way. I was terribly shocked and disgusted. However, I thought it was just a video my friend stumble upon accidentally. Hance, I did not pay much attention to it as I didn't want that ugly scene to be stuck in my head every morning.

You will see the link of the youtube when you search "YouTube - SICK WOMAN CRUSHES AND KILLS LIVE BUNNY !!!" on google but I think youtube have already removed the video.

Saved all of you people from a horrible nightmare!

I then found out through msn that it was a very recent thing! What made me more angry is to know that there is actually a group of animal crushing fetish group in China who are financing these ridiculous stupid acts!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Just came back from the movie and now my mind's all Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Zuckerberg only.

The movie felt like forever! Well, not exactly but it felt really longgg... and guess what's the duration of the movie. 2 1/2 hours! Really did not expect that from a Facebook movie!

So, how was the movie? I would say it is like watching a intellectual Facebook episode on Discovery Channel. Lots and lots and lots of intellectual talks. If you're not in for a movie that talk a lot, do not watch this movie ;P The Mark Zuckerberg talks really fast too which is why your brain needs to work fast to catch what he's saying!

It is similar to watching the episodes of C.S.I., or maybe more to Criminal Minds. At one moment, you get what is going on but at another moment, you lost it, and then again, you get what they're saying.

The story line's not bad though.. Basically, it was the story of the founding years of facebook with a little truth and twist in the movie.

For me, I would not exactly buy a movie ticket to watch this movie unless I was dragged along by friends. 2 reasons for a movie watched in a cinema to be worthwhile: it needs great sound effects, it needs a huge screen.

Thx again to Nuffnang, I don't feel wasted after watching this in the cinema because I don't need to purchase a ticket for this ;P

Anyway, I rate it 3/5.

If you're searching for a reason to convince you to watch the movie, here it is: Watch the movie to find out how the chicken was actually tortured! Haha..

P/s: This is an interesting piece I have just read wand wanted to share - Mark Zuckerberg in Wikipedia


Monday, 22 November 2010

Thanks to Nuffnang, I will be going to watch The Social Network premiere tonight @ 9.00 p.m.! This is really nice because I've been eager to watch this movie since I saw the trailer!

Here's the movie trailer:

Will update and comment on the movie tomorrow~

Oh, btw, the World Walking Day by Nestle in Lake Titiwangsa was badly organised yesterday. Totally sucks with no coordination. a friend told me the similar one that Jacob organised was so much more better!


Saturday, 20 November 2010

"Hi, how are you?"
That's usually how people would greet some one before starting a conversation. So, How are you? Not too good? Maybe you have not been exercising lately! Everyone knows exercise is important but how many of us actually take the initiative to start exercising?

Nestle will be promoting good health all around Malaysia this 21st Nov 2010 which is on this Sunday! Anyone of you can start your initiative by joining thousands of Malaysians all over the country for a walk! So, come on and join in the fun!

The registration is FREE and you get a FREE T-shirt as well when you register! There will also be FREE healthy breakfast after the walk! Not motivating enough? How about some free performance and also lucky draw? Awesome, yea? So make sure your come and join me and other Malaysians on a healthy walk this Sunday!

See you there!


Here's a song to share. I'm currently hooked up to it and I hope you like it too!.


Friday, 19 November 2010

As I look out of the window, I was greeted by this canvas painted with warm colours. The colour was so soothing that I could feel the softness in my heart. This kinda of monochrome colour rarely appears and it dissapears really fast.

Just like the sunset. You have to wait for a long time before you could see the sun set but when the sun starts to sets, it starts to disappear quickly.

Here's some pictures.. but even these pictures could not depict the actual environment...


at ground level

from my room

Love them much because they make me feel so comfortable...


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nice doggy with nice fur! But this fella here has a body odour >.<

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I've just visited Momou just now! Really really happy to see him! It's just about 36 hours since the first time I saw him after he got injured but it really felt like forever! I thought it was 60 hours apart instead!

He looks really good today but there's still some nose stuck noise once in a while but it's alright! He will get well in no time!

He's eating well and sleeping well ^^

SiuPak visited him outside the cage and Momou ran screaming away like he used to. Lol.

Really happy things are getting back to normal for him ;)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Clock Tower. Not as big and as grand as I imagined though.
Momou is alot better this morning! More moving around, breathing not that fast anymore and looks good!

There's still some little noise as though he is having a flu. I hope it is nothing serious and he is really recovering!

*pray hard*

Hope there's no serious internal injury that might cause him death =/

*Hug hug Momou*


Just on Sunday, I was playing with cute Momou after not seeing him and SiuPak for so long. Well, not that long actually, probably just 1 week or so but it felt like forever.

It was a tiring Sunday and I fell into a deep sleep.

Friday, 12 November 2010

It was my mom's 50th birthday two months ago (which was September). Long before that, I had wanted to let her have a good celebration. Maybe a birthday party to mark her 50th but due to family's financial constrain, this could never have happened. So I went hopping around to see if I could get her something good. Even though she mentioned that she did not want anything for her birthday, I have got to giver her something, at least! It was her 50th birthday after all!

Thank God, my wish has heard when I found this awesome deal @! It was totally a happy moment for me because it is not expensive and it will give my mom a queen like treatment even for a few hours! Something she really deserves after working hard all these while!

Happily, I paid for the voucher. I printed out the voucher and slip it into her birthday card envelope! She was naggy because I got her something but deep down I knew it was worth it *happy*

As I was going through my external hard disk (after my laptop really phailed me - can't even switch it on now), I found lots of pictures which have not been edited and uploaded since long long time ago... Which is like.. 1 1/2 years ago. Well, almost XD

Anyway, since I'm not that busy anymore, I decided to dig them out and edit some photos. Some are already done and I have started to upload them beginning with those of Tri Campus in Nottingham. They'll be posted here! -> Captured.

and.... I found out that I have lots of those pictures missing!! There's suppose to be about 800+ pieces but I only have about 250+ pieces! What to do? What to do?!?! Luckily I have another external hard disk storing those pictures! XD Well, not mine la. A friend's who also went there for the Tri Campus! ^^ Phew~


Off to explore the Sports Centre!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Combination of snippets of the Journey from the Sky to the Campus!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Uniqlo coming to Malaysia is such an awesome news to me! because there's where I can find nice nice clothes with nice nice cutting for myself! I swear it's boring and tiring when I go shopping because most of the time, I have problem with cutting and the lenght of the sleeves or the pants. zZz.

Their grand opening was on the 4th of Nov '10 with lotsa great gifts and prizes offering for the first 500 early birds! Who can top their prizes of 5 pairs of All-Paid-Expenses trip to Tokyo?!?! Thinking about that makes me salivate! Anyway,  since  tak ada kaki, I decided to go on the 5th (less people as well). I reached there around 10.20 a.m. and I was greeted by this amazing snake line crowd that made me feel like giving up! But no, since I'm there, might as well line-up and see how fast the line goes! I was lucky to be in there in less than 1 hour time! Most people would agree this is a short period compare to the 4-5 hrs of line on the first day and also later on on the 2nd day. It was wise to come around that time when there's no one in the shop yet which makes the line move really fast! ;P

Before I got in, I was sure I am going to see enjoy the shopping but when I got in, there was so many people that it made me decided to just browse around. It always turn off my mood to shop when there's too many people around. Hard to get the items and bloody long queue to the changing room. Walk a few rounds and I went in search of my friend and she encourage me to look around since it took us such a long time to get in! and looking at the crowd outside, made me appreciate that I'm inside. lol.

The mood to shop started to kick in when I got to the 2nd floor because there's where all the nice nice stuffs are!!!! It made my smile broader when I saw something I could get for my mom! ;D I like to see my mom happy. ^^

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Squeky noisy Mou Mou!