Friday, 20 August 2010

It's been more than 2 months ago but her presence still lingers around me. I miss her dearly and things have been extremely different without her around her. Whenever I think about her, tears would start to gather and I hate the feeling of trying to hold them back. I missed opportunities to spend more time with her since I started working in KL. Back then, I would only go back home once every week or even once in 2 weeks time. On the day I depart off from home, she would usually come and get pampered with me. However, on the last time I saw her, she was locked up in the cage and I didn't get to pat her one last time, and the next thing I knew, she was gone. If only I have not dragged my resignation and moved back home sooner. Then, I would have 2 more weeks to spend with her. To catch up the moment we have missed, everyday for the whole 2 weeks. I missed the moments I see her whenever I was back home after away from home for long. She was like a child who saw her father who is just back from war.

Biting off itchiness

I got the news early in the morning and I was not even at home back then. I wanted to continue my deep sleep and when I wake up, I would call back to know she is safe and sound, waiting for me to come home and pamper her. That was not the case. It is in reality that she is no longer with us. There was nothing that could be done to save here. No signal was given. There wasn't time given to send her to the vet. It was utmost sudden.

She's always been the tai ka je among the pack. When some others pick fights with her, she would hold them firmly but not harm them. Now the other stupid dogs do not have anyone to fight with them. When there was something amiss, she gave out a strong alarm and the neighborhood dogs would follow suit. Now you would only hear silence lingering in the neighborhood. Even the security guards missed her loud barks. She has always looked after us without fail. She has such great memories that she know who she'd bark and who she'd not. The first time she sees you outside the gate, she'll bark you head off but when you were allowed to step in across the barrier, she's welcome you with a wagging tail and bark you no more. She's that good. Other than her, the rest will never get that much attention from me. That's her place in my heart and it will never change.

I think she's cute when it starts and rain and thunders start to go crazy between the clouds. She's so afraid of the thunders that she would hide behind the refrigerator >.< and you'll have a hard time trying to get her out from there. Cute isn't it? Such a big and fierce dog and yet she's 100% timid when the thunder hovers above her.

Funny white hair she has

I wish I had videos of her to keep with me so that I will never have a vague memory of this precious gem I once had.


Love you always.