Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's always about you and your changing mind! It's always about what you say! It's always about your righteousness! It's always about your you-should-know-what-is-on-my-mind-now!

Basically, it's all about YOU and YOURSELF!

If everything is about you and yourself, why bother having people work around you? You should just work with you and yourself! End.

Don't you know that this is so bloody irritating?

Everyone have their own way of thinking and everyone have their own way of doing things! If you want something your way, tell me exactly what is that you want! Tell me exactly how is it that you want to be done! You know why? Because no one can read your bloody mind! Also, please do us all a favour. Do not change your freakin' decision every freakin' hour! It's making life hell and we all know it's wasting time!

Sometimes, I can just shut up and let you let it all out, all you want but there should be a limit to it. I'm not a punching bag that is just stagnant and has no feeling or whatsoever!

Seriously, with all these f*ckin sakai bullshit. If some one is not good at it, that person is a sakai at it. Like wtf? That is one big punch on the self-esteem. Can't you just be more polite and TEACH NICELY? There is NO ONE in this world that is a duplicate of you! AS we grow up, we go through different things and we learn different things in ways different than yours!

You always expect people to act, react, behave and do as what you think but who the hell are we? Mind reader's? Bullocks, man..

Oh, look at that sakai fresh graduate..

See, this is what I meant by being a sakai. A no brainer

What the hell, man. Just because we do not act or think like you do, we're some freakin' sakai that will never improve. Some one who's existence does not even worth a penny. Can you please control you f*cking temper and language when you talk? Coz you just showed us who's the actual big SUCKER.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bernadette to Me: Su Yin: I think shin yin graduation Falls on tis sat! U al going?

Me to Ssy: Mush mush! This sat your graduation?

SSy to Me: Yeah. You free to come and see mush mush? Lol

Me to Ssy: Omg! You din tell us! Later w miss our president's graduation how?!?! When? Where?

Ssy to Me: Golden horse this sat vice president assistant, my ceremony from eleven to one, so we take picture before or after the ceremony depends on what time you come k? come along w vice president and suyin la, tell her very hard to find chance to take pic w short mush mush. Buahaha.

Mush mush president... how can you not inform us about your graduation!!! Omg! We almost missed our dearest Fen Chen president's graduation! Can't even stand the sight of thinking about it! *dramatic* Hahaha...

But now.... we have to get something for Ms.president!!! In less than 4 days! and I'm at kajang! Buy whatttt??? hits wall and cracks head*

Fen Chen!!!!!


Monday, 19 July 2010

Last week, I stumble across this site that offers some really great deals that really appeal to me. In my opinion, it would appeal to almost everyone because they are really worth it! It is a site that sells coupons, a different one every 24 hours or so. Today, the deal is a RM 10.00 voucher that actually gives a tea meal worth RM 22.50 at Yogi Tree! That's like 66% off! Irresistible? Definitely to me!

Previously, they had other deals like..
- Coffee Bean Vouchers for RM4 instead of RM10!!
- Nando's Gift Voucher for RM10 instead of RM20!
- Isetan Gift Voucher for RM3 instead of RM10!
- Guardian Gift Voucher for RM3.25 instead of RM10!
and others...

That's more than half price bargains, isn't it? What's there to wait? It's your chance to grab these yummy f&b and such a cheeeaaaap cheeeaaapp price!!!

Hop on to MYdeal now!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Been there, done that. So what was it I learnt?

After graduation After the final exam, training for the FIRST ever Tri-Campus Games began. It was all fun although a tough training. I'm glad we all tried our best and the result did show. (; It was all good even though we lost because we became so much better and we learnt so much more.

After the games, a friend and I decided to get the most out of the trip to UK (it is not everyday that we get a free trip so far abroad, true?). We travelled to Barcelona, then to Venice and finally to London before heading back to Malaysia. It was such a draining "trip" that we collapse once we got to London. Heaps of thanks to Kevin. (; London was more fun than I expected.

Soon after, it was graduation. The time where most uni mates meet and gather for the last moment before going off to different paths and place for the next chapter of our lives. Right after that was repetitive boring/interviews.. I can't see where I was going but definitely not ending up at audit/accounting firm/bank/(...) At last, I decided on the Padini Mgt Trainee Prog instead of some accounting position at a newly set up sister company doing communication. Did I choose the right thing? There is no right or wrong. Just how you portray it. Anyway, it was great fun and I met a lot of people. The person who made the strongest impression on me was Grace. Petite but great personality.

Right after that, I was pampered with a few choices but I finally made up my mind to venture else where. I ended up at Topshop, Midvalley Branch, totally not in the plan, unaware but it was not something I regret. It was great fun and I did learnt something from there.. although not as I expected. I know I can take the bait and deal with the consequences but I guess I was not convincing enough. They couldn't see what I am willing to do and capable of doing. It's their lost.

6 months down the road and there came a day when I ended the journey with them and hitch hike to the other direction with other companies. It was not a sudden decision. There was a lot of dilemma and doubts. However, once things were decided, there should be no turning back. I have to look at the bright side of it. I have to admit things were gloomy as expected because that was what I put myself to believe in but the perception slowly began to change and I can see the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds. I'm glad I am slowly adapting to it.

Unlike the times before where I deal mostly only with people around my age or with those with not that big a gap(during tri-campus/Padini Mgt Trainee Prog/Topshop), I now, have to deal with people in the era of the Baby Boomers. Sometimes, it just takes the piss out of me when I have to deal with them because I am just a bloody peanut to them that I was put off the phone without actually getting to talk with the person I need to TALK TO! and when I finally got to TALK TO HIM on the 5th call, he told me to call him back later TOMORROW because he is just SO busy at the moment. Hello? Just making an appointment w/ you won't take even a minute, will it? Moreover, that was after all those bullshits such as ...

... you need to talk to X regarding this matter.
in my mind: all right...
then I talked to my superior about the replied I got and he gave this person a called and walla! it worked out like a switch. suddenly I can deal w/ him and not X ?!?!

*so I called again*
... hello, can I speak to Y?
*transfers call politely but was not picked up*
... hello, Y is not in at the moment. Can you call back later?
... ok..

*called again*
... hello, can I speak to Y?
*transfers call politely but was not picked up*
... hello, I am sorry but he is engage on the other line
... it's alright, I call back again later.

*called again*
... hello, can I speak to Y?
*transfers call politely and FINALLY picked up*
... hello, can you please call back later? Because I am busy right now
... oh, ok. Actually, I just want to make an appointment with you.
... can you call back later? ... make it tomorrow.
in my mind : wohhkaaaayyyyyyy....

Get it? It decreases my self esteem so much when I deal with these people! It makes me more reluctant to communicate with them but I still have to get the job done. What I can do is just put on foundation a few inch thicker, bite my lower lips hard or bite my teeth hard, swallow hard and give it another try!

It's weird to see that after I've learnt to communicate so naturally w/ customers at Topshop. Ironic isn't it? Or was it actually that I have not learnt?



Now and then, I am still grieving over the lost of one of my most cherished treasure God sent me. I miss Anchor. Alot alot alot that every now and then I would reminisce how she use to move, how she feels like, how she throws her tantrum, how smart she is, how she tries to get spoilt w/ me(...) 16th June 2010 was the day God decided that she will be better off in Heaven. It was 2 weeks since I last saw her and I was looking forward to meeting her during my next trip home. She was one of the best thing I always look forward to when I go home on my off day. If only we had a better time together before that day came and took you away from me.

If only...

Now I can only reminisce as long as I still have you in my memory.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My olddddd trusty laptop failed me 2 weeks ago! The screen just went dark and it will cost me $200 to get the screen back. So, it's now working like a CPU instead =.= A monitor and keyboard attached to it.. Probably going to get a new one soon. Have not got the mood to sniff around yet.

2nd of July was my last day at TSTMMV (3rd and 4th as the annual leave). Such a waste, in my opinion. As the commission is gonna go up so high! I hope everyone is working well over there. Less drama and conflicts! Happy working!

Meet up with the SOL team yesterday night for dinner @ Kelana Jaya Lakeside. Food was good but I think portion was small. Has a good time though coz everyone was there. It's not easy to get it done since everyone's so spread out now. Next trip, Broga Hill! or Maxwell Hill! O.o

Back @ dad's office. so confused and lost in direction now =/

Now that I have 0 income, shall brainstorm something to get some income! Omg >.< Can't stand the sight of thinking about it at all =/


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Anchor's not home yet ); I'm worried about her and I miss her >.<

Please come home..