Friday, 28 May 2010

The day is getting nearer!!! What day? Well, of course it's my birthday!!! Weeee... aren't you all excited? Actually, every time it comes to my birthday? I would just feeling like lying on the bed and just have a simple day... not a celebration, really. I don't know. I felt like.. it's the day where I finally get to rest myself! Kinda boring, huh? Coz I've been so busy lately that it would feels really comfy to just snuggle up on my bolster and blanket and just stay there!!! So comfy you know!

Tomorrow suppose to be afternoon shift but has been changed to morning and told last minute! wtheck.. Damn hate.

Other than that, I've been purchasing shit loads of things recently!!! After the camera accessories in April, comes the lingerie and facial stuff and baju today!!! I also manage to make a membership card for my friend! So, yay! So happie!! Got new clothes to wear already! This Sunday's theme is Ne-oN and I won't be thereeeee~~~ Weeee.. coz I don't have to spend money on buying something Ne-oN!!!! XD I don't mind at all!!! Not being in the picture! Atleast I get to save money and only spend on things I like!

Aih, since tomorrow gonna be morning shift, I'm going to bed now. =/ Lack of sleep..



Thursday, 13 May 2010

On the 1st of April 2010, I was @ The Mines Shopping Centre. As I was looking for a white hamster, I decided to drop by a pet store that's in Mines Shopping Centre. I found out that there was a Pet Lovers Centre and went there to check it out. It was a pretty quiet environment when I was there as it is still early and there were no people in there store except the people working there (apparently pet loving staffs).

While I was browsing through the hamster selections, I saw a hamster lying on it's back. I took a closer look and very obviously, it looks like a victim from a fight as I could roughly see that it's eyes are hurt and looked like it bled. I dragged my friend's (who was at the store before I arrived) attention to that poor soul and she told me that hamster was already like that. Out of curiosity, I asked one of the staff there about the hamster but she does not seems to care much. The respond that she gave me was this...

"Oh, perhaps it is sleeping" ...and continued with her task!!!! I gave a horrid look and was so mad! I just felt that I have to blog this because how can such a person works there?!?! People who does not have a heart for animals! I took pictures to annoyed her and when she saw me taking pictures, she quickly signal to me to stop it (and obviously there's no sign there stating that I can't take pictures) and took away the poor soul. I wonder what she did to it x.x

from inside the store
from outside the store

from outside the store

staff requirement


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ngo Ho Nau AH! HO HO HO NAU AH! (I'm Very Angry! Very Very Very Angry!)

Why? Because the company deducted my salary for the stock loss in the outlet! But that was not the upsetting part. The upsetting part is that there will not be any refund if this month's stock lost result found out that last month's stock lost was due to scanning error! How stupid is that?!?!?!?! The company is like generating double income! I can just imaging them covering their mouth while having a cheeky laugh!

This is just so so stupid. Doesn't make sense, alright! The company is always thinking only of the SHAREHOLDERS' benefit! How about the employee's benefit??!?!?! The people who actually GENERATE income for thEM? This is so unfair!

This is one of the reason why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer!!!!


Don't they ever feel that this will reduce the employee's morale and cause them to have negative thoughts and react negatively?!?!?!

They say - Learn to think about the company is you want the company to think about your benefit.

Now, I'll say, How about the company think about us in these kinda situations??