Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On the 18th of January 2010, I went to the Bangsar Shopping Centre RHB branch to open a savings account coz I thought it was compulsery to have an RHB account in order for the company I'm working for to bank in my salary. [but I later knew I could opt for a cheque instead. *geram*] If I knew that earlier, I would not have even bother to open an account @ RHB. [even more when their customer service fucking sucks a bull's cock! OK! *tambah geram*]

Everything was normal when I told a person at the counter that I wanted to open a saving's account and showed him the letter from my company. He's nice. Patiently asked me to fill up a form and get me a number. I did as he said and waited for my turn patiently. Finally I got called to a counter. The woman at the counter did not have any make up on and her face looks like as if it has just been lift off the bbq pit. Hangus sial. I gave her the necessary documents and she show me a few blanks which I have missed. While I was filling it up, she moved to another counter and direct me to go there without addressing my name. So damn rude. When I picked-up my bag and form to go to the other counter, she just said no need to bring your things. Just leave it there. Like, hello? Can talk nicely? When she's done with identifying my thumb prints, she just said Please go back there. DAmn geram you know. Then she told me that they are out of atm cards at that branch and ask me if I want to apply for a debit card. I asked her, is there any charges? [see, have to wait for customer to ask only tell. BAD!] She replied yes and I told her I don't need the debit card then. She then told me to apply the atm card at another outlet. I replied that I do not need an atm card urgently. Therefore, it is okay for her to call me once it is available. She objected with a reason that they have ordered for 2 weeks but it has not arrived yet. Hence, it is better for me to apply at another branch. I resisted. I told her than I really do not need an atm card. Again she insisted me to go her way with the reason that sometimes it can take up to 3 months! I said it's ok. I do not need it. She keep resisting with a fuck face. See also feels like slapping her. It's those kinda bullshit that can suddenly just switch your happy day to a fucking day. You get what I mean. She got me to damn boiled up till I went to get the complain form once she asked me to sit down and wait while she's processing. I filled up the form, asked for her name when she called me to the counter, filled up the form with her name and dump it inside the suggestion form. I'm sure she knew what I was doing. Also, FYI, she did not inform me about the ATM card charges AT ALL!