Thursday, 23 December 2010

This is just driving me crazy early in the morning!

The same
bloodysolicitor firm that I was so angry about months ago! I just hate the administration and clerical staffs there!

The conversation with the clerical goes like this:
Me: Hi, Can I speak to Mr. Sri please?
She: He is in a meeting with Lawyer X, can you please call back after lunch?
Me: Oh, okay. Can I just ask if the documents are ready for collection?
She: Can you please call back after lunch hour? He is in a meeting and is unavailable.
Me: Okay, can I leave a message for him, please?
She: *puts me on hold*
Passes the phone to another staff.
She2: Hi, can you please call back after lunch? Mr. Sri is in a meeting right now.
Me: I do not want to disturb him but can you please pass him a message?
She2: Err.. okay. What is it?
Me: Can you please ask him to call me back later?
She2: Ok.
*slams down the phone*

Wtf WEH!!!!!

Total b*tches.

I don't see how the lawyer can be such a nice and humble person but the staffs are like pieces of sh*t when it comes to their manners and task! Tangan sudah patah, ka? Sangat susah ke nak tulis nota?

Piece of sh*t.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Everything is just not going the right way!!!!!!!!

I feel like I wanna cry ='(

What's going on...

Even things that have been going right suddenly appeared with problems!

I feel like this is not my life anymoreeeeeeeeeeee

I want to disappear to another new place to start a new!!!!


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

There are many beautiful and wonderful things in the world which puts a smile and chuckle in our little hearts but there are also ugly and heart wrenching things in the world that makes our heart stop beating for the moment.

I had a wonderful start for a delightful day yesterday morning when I woke up with a smile. I had breakfast with 2 great friends at a mamak in Connaught. Yummy roti canai and milo. It was a very satisfying meal that makes my heart spins around. I like early breakfast, when you don't feel the heat of the sun yet.

After breakfast, we made a move to Midvalley for work. Not too long in the journey we saw an accident after the bridge and before the toll. A man was lying on the ground. Head really bloody and his trouser fell to the ankle. I later found out that he was a foreign worker who was trying to cross the highway as he works across it. I can't help but felt sorry for him although this is the consequence he have to face for crossing illegally. I hope there's no family waiting for him to feed back in his country. I'm also sorry about the driver who might be haunted by this incident for the rest of his life now.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Yup. Huge sigh. All I'm feeling inside is just down, down, down, gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, piece of shit. *pokes at the shit* Definitely feels like a piece of shit. Need to get out and do something out of the norm. Scream at a tree? Dance in the rain? I just want to be so GOD DAMN irrational right now and just do all the stupid things!

I hate a judgmental person like you.

I hate how I'm stuck with you! because when people try to overcome the bad times with you, all you do is JUDGE the things we do! As if that is not enough, everything we do just do not makes sense to you, are all negative and bullshit! Everything, every freaking thing is always about you isn't it?

God damn it I really hate you right now I don't even want to see you right in the eye.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Now, this is genuine authentic freebies, no cheats, no loop hole, not credit card registering, no nothing! Just Sign up for the free flow of Korean Dramas all day/night long!

I saw this website at the right side advertisement bar of Facebook and thought;This must be some kinda con advertisement with a catchy line again! BUT, after a few times seeing it, I decided to just click it since not much harm can be done, right?

So, I clicked and I was brought to this website:

Friday, 26 November 2010

Last week, I saw the youtube of a woman crushing a rabbit in a very inhumane way. I was terribly shocked and disgusted. However, I thought it was just a video my friend stumble upon accidentally. Hance, I did not pay much attention to it as I didn't want that ugly scene to be stuck in my head every morning.

You will see the link of the youtube when you search "YouTube - SICK WOMAN CRUSHES AND KILLS LIVE BUNNY !!!" on google but I think youtube have already removed the video.

Saved all of you people from a horrible nightmare!

I then found out through msn that it was a very recent thing! What made me more angry is to know that there is actually a group of animal crushing fetish group in China who are financing these ridiculous stupid acts!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Just came back from the movie and now my mind's all Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Zuckerberg only.

The movie felt like forever! Well, not exactly but it felt really longgg... and guess what's the duration of the movie. 2 1/2 hours! Really did not expect that from a Facebook movie!

So, how was the movie? I would say it is like watching a intellectual Facebook episode on Discovery Channel. Lots and lots and lots of intellectual talks. If you're not in for a movie that talk a lot, do not watch this movie ;P The Mark Zuckerberg talks really fast too which is why your brain needs to work fast to catch what he's saying!

It is similar to watching the episodes of C.S.I., or maybe more to Criminal Minds. At one moment, you get what is going on but at another moment, you lost it, and then again, you get what they're saying.

The story line's not bad though.. Basically, it was the story of the founding years of facebook with a little truth and twist in the movie.

For me, I would not exactly buy a movie ticket to watch this movie unless I was dragged along by friends. 2 reasons for a movie watched in a cinema to be worthwhile: it needs great sound effects, it needs a huge screen.

Thx again to Nuffnang, I don't feel wasted after watching this in the cinema because I don't need to purchase a ticket for this ;P

Anyway, I rate it 3/5.

If you're searching for a reason to convince you to watch the movie, here it is: Watch the movie to find out how the chicken was actually tortured! Haha..

P/s: This is an interesting piece I have just read wand wanted to share - Mark Zuckerberg in Wikipedia


Monday, 22 November 2010

Thanks to Nuffnang, I will be going to watch The Social Network premiere tonight @ 9.00 p.m.! This is really nice because I've been eager to watch this movie since I saw the trailer!

Here's the movie trailer:

Will update and comment on the movie tomorrow~

Oh, btw, the World Walking Day by Nestle in Lake Titiwangsa was badly organised yesterday. Totally sucks with no coordination. a friend told me the similar one that Jacob organised was so much more better!


Saturday, 20 November 2010

"Hi, how are you?"
That's usually how people would greet some one before starting a conversation. So, How are you? Not too good? Maybe you have not been exercising lately! Everyone knows exercise is important but how many of us actually take the initiative to start exercising?

Nestle will be promoting good health all around Malaysia this 21st Nov 2010 which is on this Sunday! Anyone of you can start your initiative by joining thousands of Malaysians all over the country for a walk! So, come on and join in the fun!

The registration is FREE and you get a FREE T-shirt as well when you register! There will also be FREE healthy breakfast after the walk! Not motivating enough? How about some free performance and also lucky draw? Awesome, yea? So make sure your come and join me and other Malaysians on a healthy walk this Sunday!

See you there!


Here's a song to share. I'm currently hooked up to it and I hope you like it too!.


Friday, 19 November 2010

As I look out of the window, I was greeted by this canvas painted with warm colours. The colour was so soothing that I could feel the softness in my heart. This kinda of monochrome colour rarely appears and it dissapears really fast.

Just like the sunset. You have to wait for a long time before you could see the sun set but when the sun starts to sets, it starts to disappear quickly.

Here's some pictures.. but even these pictures could not depict the actual environment...


at ground level

from my room

Love them much because they make me feel so comfortable...


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nice doggy with nice fur! But this fella here has a body odour >.<

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I've just visited Momou just now! Really really happy to see him! It's just about 36 hours since the first time I saw him after he got injured but it really felt like forever! I thought it was 60 hours apart instead!

He looks really good today but there's still some nose stuck noise once in a while but it's alright! He will get well in no time!

He's eating well and sleeping well ^^

SiuPak visited him outside the cage and Momou ran screaming away like he used to. Lol.

Really happy things are getting back to normal for him ;)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Clock Tower. Not as big and as grand as I imagined though.
Momou is alot better this morning! More moving around, breathing not that fast anymore and looks good!

There's still some little noise as though he is having a flu. I hope it is nothing serious and he is really recovering!

*pray hard*

Hope there's no serious internal injury that might cause him death =/

*Hug hug Momou*


Just on Sunday, I was playing with cute Momou after not seeing him and SiuPak for so long. Well, not that long actually, probably just 1 week or so but it felt like forever.

It was a tiring Sunday and I fell into a deep sleep.

Friday, 12 November 2010

It was my mom's 50th birthday two months ago (which was September). Long before that, I had wanted to let her have a good celebration. Maybe a birthday party to mark her 50th but due to family's financial constrain, this could never have happened. So I went hopping around to see if I could get her something good. Even though she mentioned that she did not want anything for her birthday, I have got to giver her something, at least! It was her 50th birthday after all!

Thank God, my wish has heard when I found this awesome deal @! It was totally a happy moment for me because it is not expensive and it will give my mom a queen like treatment even for a few hours! Something she really deserves after working hard all these while!

Happily, I paid for the voucher. I printed out the voucher and slip it into her birthday card envelope! She was naggy because I got her something but deep down I knew it was worth it *happy*

As I was going through my external hard disk (after my laptop really phailed me - can't even switch it on now), I found lots of pictures which have not been edited and uploaded since long long time ago... Which is like.. 1 1/2 years ago. Well, almost XD

Anyway, since I'm not that busy anymore, I decided to dig them out and edit some photos. Some are already done and I have started to upload them beginning with those of Tri Campus in Nottingham. They'll be posted here! -> Captured.

and.... I found out that I have lots of those pictures missing!! There's suppose to be about 800+ pieces but I only have about 250+ pieces! What to do? What to do?!?! Luckily I have another external hard disk storing those pictures! XD Well, not mine la. A friend's who also went there for the Tri Campus! ^^ Phew~


Off to explore the Sports Centre!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Combination of snippets of the Journey from the Sky to the Campus!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Uniqlo coming to Malaysia is such an awesome news to me! because there's where I can find nice nice clothes with nice nice cutting for myself! I swear it's boring and tiring when I go shopping because most of the time, I have problem with cutting and the lenght of the sleeves or the pants. zZz.

Their grand opening was on the 4th of Nov '10 with lotsa great gifts and prizes offering for the first 500 early birds! Who can top their prizes of 5 pairs of All-Paid-Expenses trip to Tokyo?!?! Thinking about that makes me salivate! Anyway,  since  tak ada kaki, I decided to go on the 5th (less people as well). I reached there around 10.20 a.m. and I was greeted by this amazing snake line crowd that made me feel like giving up! But no, since I'm there, might as well line-up and see how fast the line goes! I was lucky to be in there in less than 1 hour time! Most people would agree this is a short period compare to the 4-5 hrs of line on the first day and also later on on the 2nd day. It was wise to come around that time when there's no one in the shop yet which makes the line move really fast! ;P

Before I got in, I was sure I am going to see enjoy the shopping but when I got in, there was so many people that it made me decided to just browse around. It always turn off my mood to shop when there's too many people around. Hard to get the items and bloody long queue to the changing room. Walk a few rounds and I went in search of my friend and she encourage me to look around since it took us such a long time to get in! and looking at the crowd outside, made me appreciate that I'm inside. lol.

The mood to shop started to kick in when I got to the 2nd floor because there's where all the nice nice stuffs are!!!! It made my smile broader when I saw something I could get for my mom! ;D I like to see my mom happy. ^^

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Squeky noisy Mou Mou!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

*pst* We, the hammy family have hijacked this blog so that the blogger (our dearest mommy) can be the 1st to get the AWESEOME Blackberry Torch 9800 to replace her crap crap sissy phone which is totally so yesterday! Why? We'll tell you why! Listen carefully and do not blink an eye or you'd be missing the chance to be 1 of the 1st to own the AWESEOME Blackberry Torch 9800! Ops. I mean 2nd because we are going to get the 1st for our mommy! Grrr.. don't you dare fight with us!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Eat , eat , eat , eat , EAT!


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

This issssss...... Siu Fui! Puipo & Dao Dao's little princess! Phat, flurry and has an attitude. Wtf.

Heard of It's a great reward platform for all youths across asia and now, Youth Asia has started another amazing website to unleash loads of great deals to everyone out there! Let's give a great applause to It is similar to but at first sight, Groupsmore gives me a cleaner and better impression.

Groupsmore in comparison to Mydeal:
- gives more information (in terms of elaboration and picture preview hence are much more attractive)
- has multiple deals for you to choose from (instead of the same old deal running for a dew days/atmost 2 deals a day)
- better deals/more interesting deal (compare Thomas & Guys haircut for RM10 instead of RM 60 or Facial, Body Massage and Foot Bath at Beaubelle at Starhill for RM 48 instead of RM 250 TO 50% off room rate at I-Hotel @.@ or Two Far Infra-Red (FIR) Thermal sessions (60 Minutes) @ Zazen Health Solution for RM25 instead of RM 100)
- newer compared to Mydeal. Mydeal has been around longer as their past deals are more than Groupsmore's

Glimpse of their website:

These are very nais 1Malaysia-Proton advertisements! So must share with you people XD

Howcome I didn't discover them earlier.. Where was I? O.O

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cute Dao Dao (Puipo's wifey)


Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Saturday, 11 September 2010

The High Jumper - Long Long

Friday, 10 September 2010

My dearly missed Anchor. May you reincarnate into a good life.


Missing you alot alot alot alot alot!


Monday, 6 September 2010

Sat, 4th Sept 2010 - We get to meet up with Sherling and Liping who's back from Notts (summer break) and go for the much spread around (in the net) SkyTrex Adventure. It was Sherling's idea and I thought this should be really fun for a meet up activity. She signed us up for the Big Thrill adventure since we do not know the level of toughness that's gonna hit us in the Extreme Challenges. We were pretty much thrilled about this trip and had a high expectation on it since there were limited pictures that shows the 27 challenges that we are about to face.

The place was pretty easy to find with the help of the map. One point that we have to take into consideration if we are coming from Kl through the Federal Highway is the jam on the highway itself. The flow of Federal Highway is unpredictable/jam most of the time, hence we should take precaution and add in more time allowance.

It is also very important to browse through the website carefully so that you do not miss any info because there is a lot that we should know. Sherling got to know from a friend that we are suppose to be there 1/2 hr earlier for briefing which means when our booking is at 1.30 p.m., we need to be there at 1.00p.m. or earlier. In my opinion, it is so that we could catch the bus ride from the entrance to the activity site (you'll know what I'm talking about if you read on).

Friday, 20 August 2010

It's been more than 2 months ago but her presence still lingers around me. I miss her dearly and things have been extremely different without her around her. Whenever I think about her, tears would start to gather and I hate the feeling of trying to hold them back. I missed opportunities to spend more time with her since I started working in KL. Back then, I would only go back home once every week or even once in 2 weeks time. On the day I depart off from home, she would usually come and get pampered with me. However, on the last time I saw her, she was locked up in the cage and I didn't get to pat her one last time, and the next thing I knew, she was gone. If only I have not dragged my resignation and moved back home sooner. Then, I would have 2 more weeks to spend with her. To catch up the moment we have missed, everyday for the whole 2 weeks. I missed the moments I see her whenever I was back home after away from home for long. She was like a child who saw her father who is just back from war.

Biting off itchiness

I got the news early in the morning and I was not even at home back then. I wanted to continue my deep sleep and when I wake up, I would call back to know she is safe and sound, waiting for me to come home and pamper her. That was not the case. It is in reality that she is no longer with us. There was nothing that could be done to save here. No signal was given. There wasn't time given to send her to the vet. It was utmost sudden.

She's always been the tai ka je among the pack. When some others pick fights with her, she would hold them firmly but not harm them. Now the other stupid dogs do not have anyone to fight with them. When there was something amiss, she gave out a strong alarm and the neighborhood dogs would follow suit. Now you would only hear silence lingering in the neighborhood. Even the security guards missed her loud barks. She has always looked after us without fail. She has such great memories that she know who she'd bark and who she'd not. The first time she sees you outside the gate, she'll bark you head off but when you were allowed to step in across the barrier, she's welcome you with a wagging tail and bark you no more. She's that good. Other than her, the rest will never get that much attention from me. That's her place in my heart and it will never change.

I think she's cute when it starts and rain and thunders start to go crazy between the clouds. She's so afraid of the thunders that she would hide behind the refrigerator >.< and you'll have a hard time trying to get her out from there. Cute isn't it? Such a big and fierce dog and yet she's 100% timid when the thunder hovers above her.

Funny white hair she has

I wish I had videos of her to keep with me so that I will never have a vague memory of this precious gem I once had.


Love you always.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's always about you and your changing mind! It's always about what you say! It's always about your righteousness! It's always about your you-should-know-what-is-on-my-mind-now!

Basically, it's all about YOU and YOURSELF!

If everything is about you and yourself, why bother having people work around you? You should just work with you and yourself! End.

Don't you know that this is so bloody irritating?

Everyone have their own way of thinking and everyone have their own way of doing things! If you want something your way, tell me exactly what is that you want! Tell me exactly how is it that you want to be done! You know why? Because no one can read your bloody mind! Also, please do us all a favour. Do not change your freakin' decision every freakin' hour! It's making life hell and we all know it's wasting time!

Sometimes, I can just shut up and let you let it all out, all you want but there should be a limit to it. I'm not a punching bag that is just stagnant and has no feeling or whatsoever!

Seriously, with all these f*ckin sakai bullshit. If some one is not good at it, that person is a sakai at it. Like wtf? That is one big punch on the self-esteem. Can't you just be more polite and TEACH NICELY? There is NO ONE in this world that is a duplicate of you! AS we grow up, we go through different things and we learn different things in ways different than yours!

You always expect people to act, react, behave and do as what you think but who the hell are we? Mind reader's? Bullocks, man..

Oh, look at that sakai fresh graduate..

See, this is what I meant by being a sakai. A no brainer

What the hell, man. Just because we do not act or think like you do, we're some freakin' sakai that will never improve. Some one who's existence does not even worth a penny. Can you please control you f*cking temper and language when you talk? Coz you just showed us who's the actual big SUCKER.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bernadette to Me: Su Yin: I think shin yin graduation Falls on tis sat! U al going?

Me to Ssy: Mush mush! This sat your graduation?

SSy to Me: Yeah. You free to come and see mush mush? Lol

Me to Ssy: Omg! You din tell us! Later w miss our president's graduation how?!?! When? Where?

Ssy to Me: Golden horse this sat vice president assistant, my ceremony from eleven to one, so we take picture before or after the ceremony depends on what time you come k? come along w vice president and suyin la, tell her very hard to find chance to take pic w short mush mush. Buahaha.

Mush mush president... how can you not inform us about your graduation!!! Omg! We almost missed our dearest Fen Chen president's graduation! Can't even stand the sight of thinking about it! *dramatic* Hahaha...

But now.... we have to get something for Ms.president!!! In less than 4 days! and I'm at kajang! Buy whatttt??? hits wall and cracks head*

Fen Chen!!!!!


Monday, 19 July 2010

Last week, I stumble across this site that offers some really great deals that really appeal to me. In my opinion, it would appeal to almost everyone because they are really worth it! It is a site that sells coupons, a different one every 24 hours or so. Today, the deal is a RM 10.00 voucher that actually gives a tea meal worth RM 22.50 at Yogi Tree! That's like 66% off! Irresistible? Definitely to me!

Previously, they had other deals like..
- Coffee Bean Vouchers for RM4 instead of RM10!!
- Nando's Gift Voucher for RM10 instead of RM20!
- Isetan Gift Voucher for RM3 instead of RM10!
- Guardian Gift Voucher for RM3.25 instead of RM10!
and others...

That's more than half price bargains, isn't it? What's there to wait? It's your chance to grab these yummy f&b and such a cheeeaaaap cheeeaaapp price!!!

Hop on to MYdeal now!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Been there, done that. So what was it I learnt?

After graduation After the final exam, training for the FIRST ever Tri-Campus Games began. It was all fun although a tough training. I'm glad we all tried our best and the result did show. (; It was all good even though we lost because we became so much better and we learnt so much more.

After the games, a friend and I decided to get the most out of the trip to UK (it is not everyday that we get a free trip so far abroad, true?). We travelled to Barcelona, then to Venice and finally to London before heading back to Malaysia. It was such a draining "trip" that we collapse once we got to London. Heaps of thanks to Kevin. (; London was more fun than I expected.

Soon after, it was graduation. The time where most uni mates meet and gather for the last moment before going off to different paths and place for the next chapter of our lives. Right after that was repetitive boring/interviews.. I can't see where I was going but definitely not ending up at audit/accounting firm/bank/(...) At last, I decided on the Padini Mgt Trainee Prog instead of some accounting position at a newly set up sister company doing communication. Did I choose the right thing? There is no right or wrong. Just how you portray it. Anyway, it was great fun and I met a lot of people. The person who made the strongest impression on me was Grace. Petite but great personality.

Right after that, I was pampered with a few choices but I finally made up my mind to venture else where. I ended up at Topshop, Midvalley Branch, totally not in the plan, unaware but it was not something I regret. It was great fun and I did learnt something from there.. although not as I expected. I know I can take the bait and deal with the consequences but I guess I was not convincing enough. They couldn't see what I am willing to do and capable of doing. It's their lost.

6 months down the road and there came a day when I ended the journey with them and hitch hike to the other direction with other companies. It was not a sudden decision. There was a lot of dilemma and doubts. However, once things were decided, there should be no turning back. I have to look at the bright side of it. I have to admit things were gloomy as expected because that was what I put myself to believe in but the perception slowly began to change and I can see the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds. I'm glad I am slowly adapting to it.

Unlike the times before where I deal mostly only with people around my age or with those with not that big a gap(during tri-campus/Padini Mgt Trainee Prog/Topshop), I now, have to deal with people in the era of the Baby Boomers. Sometimes, it just takes the piss out of me when I have to deal with them because I am just a bloody peanut to them that I was put off the phone without actually getting to talk with the person I need to TALK TO! and when I finally got to TALK TO HIM on the 5th call, he told me to call him back later TOMORROW because he is just SO busy at the moment. Hello? Just making an appointment w/ you won't take even a minute, will it? Moreover, that was after all those bullshits such as ...

... you need to talk to X regarding this matter.
in my mind: all right...
then I talked to my superior about the replied I got and he gave this person a called and walla! it worked out like a switch. suddenly I can deal w/ him and not X ?!?!

*so I called again*
... hello, can I speak to Y?
*transfers call politely but was not picked up*
... hello, Y is not in at the moment. Can you call back later?
... ok..

*called again*
... hello, can I speak to Y?
*transfers call politely but was not picked up*
... hello, I am sorry but he is engage on the other line
... it's alright, I call back again later.

*called again*
... hello, can I speak to Y?
*transfers call politely and FINALLY picked up*
... hello, can you please call back later? Because I am busy right now
... oh, ok. Actually, I just want to make an appointment with you.
... can you call back later? ... make it tomorrow.
in my mind : wohhkaaaayyyyyyy....

Get it? It decreases my self esteem so much when I deal with these people! It makes me more reluctant to communicate with them but I still have to get the job done. What I can do is just put on foundation a few inch thicker, bite my lower lips hard or bite my teeth hard, swallow hard and give it another try!

It's weird to see that after I've learnt to communicate so naturally w/ customers at Topshop. Ironic isn't it? Or was it actually that I have not learnt?



Now and then, I am still grieving over the lost of one of my most cherished treasure God sent me. I miss Anchor. Alot alot alot that every now and then I would reminisce how she use to move, how she feels like, how she throws her tantrum, how smart she is, how she tries to get spoilt w/ me(...) 16th June 2010 was the day God decided that she will be better off in Heaven. It was 2 weeks since I last saw her and I was looking forward to meeting her during my next trip home. She was one of the best thing I always look forward to when I go home on my off day. If only we had a better time together before that day came and took you away from me.

If only...

Now I can only reminisce as long as I still have you in my memory.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My olddddd trusty laptop failed me 2 weeks ago! The screen just went dark and it will cost me $200 to get the screen back. So, it's now working like a CPU instead =.= A monitor and keyboard attached to it.. Probably going to get a new one soon. Have not got the mood to sniff around yet.

2nd of July was my last day at TSTMMV (3rd and 4th as the annual leave). Such a waste, in my opinion. As the commission is gonna go up so high! I hope everyone is working well over there. Less drama and conflicts! Happy working!

Meet up with the SOL team yesterday night for dinner @ Kelana Jaya Lakeside. Food was good but I think portion was small. Has a good time though coz everyone was there. It's not easy to get it done since everyone's so spread out now. Next trip, Broga Hill! or Maxwell Hill! O.o

Back @ dad's office. so confused and lost in direction now =/

Now that I have 0 income, shall brainstorm something to get some income! Omg >.< Can't stand the sight of thinking about it at all =/


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Anchor's not home yet ); I'm worried about her and I miss her >.<

Please come home..

Saturday, 26 June 2010

I really had a good time on the 24th of June 2010. Thanks everyone!

Tonight, I get to taste the oh so yummieeee Ramli burger again! Omg! Taste so goooooooddddd... Delicious!


Monday, 14 June 2010

The hse was a mess. My room was a mess and still a mess. Cleaned the hse though..

Cleaned the bathroom..
Swept the floor..
Mopped the floor..
Washed the laundries..
Washed the dishes..
Washed the floor mats..

Doesn't sound like much but they took me 3 hours to complete all these task. Gosh, and my room is still a mess and there's so much more that need to be done =/

The house is really dusty and I don't know where all the dust come from! -_____- Is it true that higher place have more dust than compared to the ground?


Sorry, yea. Not much updates. It's nice to jot down about what's happening in my life but there's not much time to be spent doing this. Not really that busy la but I'd rather spend the time doing something else.

Resignation letter submitted. Will be quitting the job on the 2nd of July. Really a pity to be working for only 2 months after confirmation. Waste the effort to get the full commission -___________- But then again, it might be a wise choice coz they seems to be dragging the time or delaying when it comes to delivering what they promised.

To be honest, there are a few staffs that are not happy with how this place is run.. and they seems to be thinking of ways to get out of this mess. Hate this issue as well.


Friday, 28 May 2010

The day is getting nearer!!! What day? Well, of course it's my birthday!!! Weeee... aren't you all excited? Actually, every time it comes to my birthday? I would just feeling like lying on the bed and just have a simple day... not a celebration, really. I don't know. I felt like.. it's the day where I finally get to rest myself! Kinda boring, huh? Coz I've been so busy lately that it would feels really comfy to just snuggle up on my bolster and blanket and just stay there!!! So comfy you know!

Tomorrow suppose to be afternoon shift but has been changed to morning and told last minute! wtheck.. Damn hate.

Other than that, I've been purchasing shit loads of things recently!!! After the camera accessories in April, comes the lingerie and facial stuff and baju today!!! I also manage to make a membership card for my friend! So, yay! So happie!! Got new clothes to wear already! This Sunday's theme is Ne-oN and I won't be thereeeee~~~ Weeee.. coz I don't have to spend money on buying something Ne-oN!!!! XD I don't mind at all!!! Not being in the picture! Atleast I get to save money and only spend on things I like!

Aih, since tomorrow gonna be morning shift, I'm going to bed now. =/ Lack of sleep..



Thursday, 13 May 2010

On the 1st of April 2010, I was @ The Mines Shopping Centre. As I was looking for a white hamster, I decided to drop by a pet store that's in Mines Shopping Centre. I found out that there was a Pet Lovers Centre and went there to check it out. It was a pretty quiet environment when I was there as it is still early and there were no people in there store except the people working there (apparently pet loving staffs).

While I was browsing through the hamster selections, I saw a hamster lying on it's back. I took a closer look and very obviously, it looks like a victim from a fight as I could roughly see that it's eyes are hurt and looked like it bled. I dragged my friend's (who was at the store before I arrived) attention to that poor soul and she told me that hamster was already like that. Out of curiosity, I asked one of the staff there about the hamster but she does not seems to care much. The respond that she gave me was this...

"Oh, perhaps it is sleeping" ...and continued with her task!!!! I gave a horrid look and was so mad! I just felt that I have to blog this because how can such a person works there?!?! People who does not have a heart for animals! I took pictures to annoyed her and when she saw me taking pictures, she quickly signal to me to stop it (and obviously there's no sign there stating that I can't take pictures) and took away the poor soul. I wonder what she did to it x.x

from inside the store
from outside the store

from outside the store

staff requirement


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ngo Ho Nau AH! HO HO HO NAU AH! (I'm Very Angry! Very Very Very Angry!)

Why? Because the company deducted my salary for the stock loss in the outlet! But that was not the upsetting part. The upsetting part is that there will not be any refund if this month's stock lost result found out that last month's stock lost was due to scanning error! How stupid is that?!?!?!?! The company is like generating double income! I can just imaging them covering their mouth while having a cheeky laugh!

This is just so so stupid. Doesn't make sense, alright! The company is always thinking only of the SHAREHOLDERS' benefit! How about the employee's benefit??!?!?! The people who actually GENERATE income for thEM? This is so unfair!

This is one of the reason why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer!!!!


Don't they ever feel that this will reduce the employee's morale and cause them to have negative thoughts and react negatively?!?!?!

They say - Learn to think about the company is you want the company to think about your benefit.

Now, I'll say, How about the company think about us in these kinda situations??


Monday, 12 April 2010

Is housekeeping a problem?
Can it be an issue?


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

When I came home this evening, I noticed a white pack of envelope kinda like hanging outside the postbox, like this..

being kepo, I went to have a look and found out that it's my postbox!!! See what postman can do to make sure you still get your parcel even though it doesn't fit into your mailbox? lol.

When I open up the parcel, I saw this nice little metal box by Kotex Luxe and it kinda lifts up my heart a little because it looks so nice!!!

but then...when I took it out, it actually looks like this from the other angle...

damn sad right? nice box became like this =((( cannot tutup. so I just use the hammer and hammer it so that it can be closed. Although it's not going to be the perfect little nice box any more, it's still nice ^^ can use to keep my other pads. nice, kan?

Oh, but I have not tried them yet. Will comment later on.. but this is what they have to say about their own product:

Kotex Luxe*, the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology*
combining dryness and comfort with just 1 pad. No more compromises!
Kotex Luxe* Ultrathins

1. Fusion Technology*
1. A revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton.
2. MicroMax® Core
1. Super absorbent ultrathin core to help maximize protection.
3. Longer Wings
1. Provide better side coverage that helps prevent side leaks and stains
4. Anti-leak channels
1. Channel fluid within the pad to help prevent leakage all around.

Also, I actually forgot how I get them to send me this box. Lol..


On a different note, take a look at this video. I find it really hilarious ;P



Tuesday, 6 April 2010

and she is so demotivating...

or atleast that is how I feel.


Tomorrow's schedule is morning shift

and I felt excited to come home already!

Not even thinking about work..

although work is before that.


That's really demotivating..


Sunday, 4 April 2010

It's not something fishy as in it feels like there is something going behind my back but.. as in I smell a stench coming from a person who is selling fish. A sel-fish person. Well, this is just my opinion.

I'll just give a scenario and I wish I'd get some feedback from you guys, what you guys think about this. What will be your reaction.

So here's the scenario:

It happened that 8 out of 10 employees showed up for work on a very busy day. Mind you, I'm talking about this scenario in a retail business where meaning manpower is very important. Customer service ma! Coincidently, it was a very busy day for the outlet and all the 8 of the employees are working their ass off like there's no tomorrow. Nice, I see some commitment and enthusiasm. So, to prevent the crazy situation happening for tomorrow again, 3 person are asked if they are willing to work FULL SHIFT tomorrow. Even though with a little hesitation for a while, 3 agreed to do so willingly. Tomorrow, all 3 came with a willing heart to go all out and work full shift! Although after a while, one would say, can I not do full? While the other one complain a tad bit playfully with no negative feelings at all. @ 1pm, the number of employees for the day was finalised and the outlet actually need 1 person to do full. 2 was informed that they do not need to do full any more. Yes, they will work as if morning shift and go home after their shift. However, 1 will have to stay. The first one was happy because that person wants to go home early and it means that his wish is being granted. Happy solution. Employee happy (don't have to work when I don't want to), company happy (don't have to pay extra). However, the other two still have the enthusiasm and wants to work full shift. So they decided and asked the person-in-charge if both could do full but was told only 1 unless the extra one can generate double the sales.

What I think:
If the company wants the staff to think of the company, the company should also do the same for the staff. If you tell a person that you will be doing full shift, you should let the person do the full shift, unleSS the staff too agreed to leave early. You get what I mean? Let's take a contract for an example. I agreed to sell you my car because I need money but then later on, I found out that I actually have enough money and need not sell the car any more. The buyer would be fuming coz it is not fair! What if the buyer has already pooled the money by selling his old car to get MY car? Like how stupid is that? Both agreed on something but one party decide to break the agreement because of their own sel-fishness. Like, damn geram right? If the buyer agrees to call off thing thing, not buying my car anymore, it's fine coz it's neutral. No one gets hurt or gain something more than the other. I think it's damn unfair lor for the company(or who ever is standing on behalf of the company) to be doing this. Like, ask the employee to work tomorrow (let's say it is my rest day) and when the employee is already on the way, call to tell the employee not to some anymore because the company does not need the employee today? For me, I'll feel like what the *tooooooooot*, right? I felt that it will decrease the morality of the employees, make them feel like a lifeless robotic tool. I don't see fair dealings lor. Where got fair dealings?

Tulan, right?


Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Uploading photos onto facebook is a pain in d ass. The firefox keep closing down, the better application for uploading photos is not working for me. I'm really sleepy right now.. keep waiting for every 5 photos to upload before I could upload another 5..


Going to bed. Gonna cont. tomorrow.

All the best in Penang, Steven!


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

and I guess a lot of other people are as well. 1 year ago since you passed away. Every time the incident flash over my head, my heart aches a little, knowing that your death was not an accidental death or a natural death. It was a death which was not meant to be.

I'll just have to sooth myself by telling myself that you are not happier, better in the after world. I won't be able to come this Saturday. Please forgive me.


Saturday, 13 March 2010

I don't accept fight from such a shallow person.

Almost everyday, I look forward to going to work coz I like my job. I think I really do. But everytime, drama creeps up into the atmosphere. Like oh so dramatic. Drama drama almost everyday. No wonder Ray said he's got so much mixed emotions everyday. I get them too but sometimes I choose to brush it off if I could (but he can't). Coz they're all just teeny weeny piece of sh*t that is trying to get into me. NAH! f*ck off. You can save ur ass from doing that coz it ain't doing anything to me. If they ever cross over the line, you'll get a fireback from me. I don't listen to no shit no matter what freaking position you are holding. My job is my job. I don't work with personal emotions stuffed up my ass like you do. Whatever you wanna bullshit with me, I'll just brush it off because you're nothing to me. God and everyone else was watching your every move and now you've finally got what you deserved. No one left you in this kinda situation. You yourself craft it with your own hands. Obviously. Very obviously.

You might think I am creating havoc, stabbing you and hoping that you will bleed to death but seriously, it would be a waste of my time. Really funny that even when I did not move my lips to tell stories, everyone saw it and even told me about it. Your actions are just so obvious.

However, I really hope you didn't fall that badly coz it hurts to see the innocents feeling the pain you caused for yourself. Is broke my heart as well coz you do not deserve such pitiness.

Today is just a damn crappy day.

Crappy crappy. Coz I can't start my car as well when I wanted to go back to Kajang. CAr battery was too low to start. Bollocks!!!!!

Let tomorrow be a better day.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Today was my grandma's death anniversary and according to the Hokkien culture, we need to cook a small feast to invite my grandma, grandpa, ancestor and her friends to come and have a meal in this living world @@ I don't know if these soul thingy really exist but Hokkiens has a strong believe in their ancestor's souls. Lucky I have my offday today. Atleast I could help mom a teeny weeny little bit coz she so sayang me she didn't wake me up this morning =/ She woke up at about 6 and by the time I woke up at 9, she's still not done yet. =( Wish she'd just wake me up. See!!! So made so much yummy food! So MUCH until I've been eating the same thing for the whole day.. *pening*

But then I won't be able to help her much this Saturday for the last death anniversary of my great grandparents =((((((((((((((((((( Coz my unpaid leave has been rejecteDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! Ish.. I have no comment on how they approve leaves. NO COMMENT!


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On the 18th of January 2010, I went to the Bangsar Shopping Centre RHB branch to open a savings account coz I thought it was compulsery to have an RHB account in order for the company I'm working for to bank in my salary. [but I later knew I could opt for a cheque instead. *geram*] If I knew that earlier, I would not have even bother to open an account @ RHB. [even more when their customer service fucking sucks a bull's cock! OK! *tambah geram*]

Everything was normal when I told a person at the counter that I wanted to open a saving's account and showed him the letter from my company. He's nice. Patiently asked me to fill up a form and get me a number. I did as he said and waited for my turn patiently. Finally I got called to a counter. The woman at the counter did not have any make up on and her face looks like as if it has just been lift off the bbq pit. Hangus sial. I gave her the necessary documents and she show me a few blanks which I have missed. While I was filling it up, she moved to another counter and direct me to go there without addressing my name. So damn rude. When I picked-up my bag and form to go to the other counter, she just said no need to bring your things. Just leave it there. Like, hello? Can talk nicely? When she's done with identifying my thumb prints, she just said Please go back there. DAmn geram you know. Then she told me that they are out of atm cards at that branch and ask me if I want to apply for a debit card. I asked her, is there any charges? [see, have to wait for customer to ask only tell. BAD!] She replied yes and I told her I don't need the debit card then. She then told me to apply the atm card at another outlet. I replied that I do not need an atm card urgently. Therefore, it is okay for her to call me once it is available. She objected with a reason that they have ordered for 2 weeks but it has not arrived yet. Hence, it is better for me to apply at another branch. I resisted. I told her than I really do not need an atm card. Again she insisted me to go her way with the reason that sometimes it can take up to 3 months! I said it's ok. I do not need it. She keep resisting with a fuck face. See also feels like slapping her. It's those kinda bullshit that can suddenly just switch your happy day to a fucking day. You get what I mean. She got me to damn boiled up till I went to get the complain form once she asked me to sit down and wait while she's processing. I filled up the form, asked for her name when she called me to the counter, filled up the form with her name and dump it inside the suggestion form. I'm sure she knew what I was doing. Also, FYI, she did not inform me about the ATM card charges AT ALL!

Friday, 29 January 2010

There are so many interesting incidents happening @ WorkPlace each and every day I wish I had the time to jot them down since the beginning coz they're just so.. wow, amusing! A different one everyday! Where do you find so much amusement every working day to keep you interested in your job? I don't think there's much in the borinnnnggggg office, true?

So, in our our outlet, we have this 3 jewellery tower. All jewelleries are hung on these 3 towers. All jewelleries are either attached to the tower or to another jewellery with plastic tags. The kind of that that usually hold the garment and the price tag together. Obviously, it is for security purposes as they do not have any security tags to secure them. Basically, what happened yesterday was that a lady decided to leave her brain at home and went shopping. She saw something she really liked and she just snap off the piece of jewellery off the tower and happily took it to show to her shopping buddies. Upon seeing what happened, I walked up to her and politely tell her that if she need any other thing from there, she can ask for our assistant. She damn pig lor. She reponded like some dumb woman. She told me it's not written there. Like.. hello? You're talking like this because you could get it off. What if you're in a bike shop and it was locked with a metal chain? Will you just bring your own tools and try to break it in the store? Totally absurd, isn't it? Stupid b*tch betul. No brain -> no common sense.

So please, next time save yourself from looking like an idiot. Ask for assistance. You're not Tarzan's Jane.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I've just finish cleaning the God's Altars and the toilet. Eating again after my last meal 2 hours ago. Few more minutes later I would need to clean the dishes, get ready and go off to work. It's afternoon shift today.

Days were never this full when I was doing my mgt trainee @ P. It is weird how working on shifts make it seems like you have less time compare to just going to work on normal shift / just morning shifts. I guess it is because everyday, you have to plan for the next day because you have different time to be spent doing your personal errands or whatsoever.

Mom's also working very hard and I wish I could help her out because she seems so tired as well. She's been doing alot for me these days and I felt so much warm but I wish I could help her out too and make her so relieved and enjoy her time doing the things she likes.

Anyway, a week of work to look ahead again after the Rest Day. Glad tomorrow's afternoon as well. Got loads of things to sort out.

Today's the 28th which reminds me Pay Day is coming soon. Will be looking forward to receiving the payslip after a month of work which feels like a year!


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lol. I know I've been missing in action for ages but this is a fact which can't be changed becoz I'm workinggg nowwwww...

Previously from Sept to Nov @ Padini as mgt trainee and now @ Topshoppp.. not gonna tell you which outlet. Wtf. Incase some of you decide to just bump in and do some stupid shit. Chey..

Coz there's already enough drama happening inbound and outbound.

I wonder how is everyone doing. While I was working, I bumped into one of my high school mates.. Omg.. This is like so nostalgic, wtf. Rewinding the tape back to the methodist times..

Anyway, I'm really very busy now ;P Working 6 days a week and during rest days, I'm on a consignment job for mah dad. Great isn't it? Working all the timeeeee...

What other way can generate cash ah?


Congratulations to Poh Yee who just successfully got married. Lol. I'm sorry I can't attend. Blame my working schedule and ur dinner schedule ;P Bila nak lahir satu futball team?


Congratulations to those still @ Notts as well because the exam period has just ended! But now you guys have to face the 2nd sem so quikly. Kesian. Haha.. Shin Yin! Few more months to go and we will be at your graduation!! Hang in there!~


Eilyn sayz she's gonna send me a snail mailll... and I'm still waitingggg for the postsnail to arriveeeeee!!! *Checking my mailbox everyday!


Okla, that's all the short update for now. Hehe..


Friday, 1 January 2010

Went for an early dinner tonight as every eatery place might be jammed up with people. So I went to this row of shop lot near the SMK Bkt Bandaraya Bangsar to pick one of the restaurants there to have a meal. Crappy enough, 2 stupid restaurants told me that they are fully booked. What the hell are you keeping the tables for when I'll be done with my meal before your customer who reserved the table is gonna reach?

Total Bollocks.

So here I am, 1 hour before the new year, hungry as hell. Thank God for instant noodles. What is better than instant noodles when you don't feel taking the trouble to dress up appropriately and take the effort to drag your feet to the street to get something to fill up your tummy, right?

*Thumbs up for instant noodles!*

Oh, btw, Happy New Year everyone!