Saturday, 29 August 2009

Got a weird dream about Newflex's office secretary suddenly callin' me to persuade me to join NewFlex but I still rejected them.. Lol.. Well, the truth is I really rejected them. Accounts is really not my thing.. and I like the type of management trainee where they put in in all different departments for a period of time. It sounds interesting to me and I bet there are alot of learn as well. Hence, the salary/allowance is not really my concern at the moment. Just 12 weeks, I'm sure it will pass fast and be one hell of an exciting programme.

Looking forward to Tuesday's orientation.

Gagan dropped from my list just few days ago when I gave them a call. Apparently the management trainee will only be placed in the outlet and he will go through 6 months probation. that's crazy. Also the basic is just 1,900. The 2,400 is including the commission that you might get. So how is 2,400 the min? Pretty little lie. I don't like this and also the fact that they did not explain anything about the job scope in the ad.. It is just like a pot of rock glowing like a pot of gold under the rainbow. Once it is gone, you will see the true image of it.


Anyway, today we will be celebrating Grandpa's birthday. Pot luck! I'll be making friands and pudding this time coz it's such a waste for the egg yolks. This time, we will try using chocolate chips and also other nuts instead of pecan! *excited*

P/s: Puipo is biting through the packing again to get food! He's so mischievous!


Thursday, 27 August 2009


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sunday was a busy day since most of Saturday was spent taking Graduation photo at the studio, dropping by at a store selling outdoor stuff, having yummy vegetarian lunch at Connought, visiting the optical store, purchasing Chinese herbs at Chinese medical store, and lastly, dropping by at a snack restaurant to grab some Che Cheong Fun and Hong Tau Sui before going home. by the time I reach home, it was already late noon, almost time for dinner XD

On Sunday morning, Bernadette and I had Wanton Mien as breakfast in BSS because she wanted to collect the telekom phone from the hse she used to rent because it cost RM 66!! We then went back to the office to make more copies of my resume, cover letter and also supporting documents. After that, we went for brunch again with mom at Oldtown. I also took my passport photo at this Fotokem outlet at Metro Kajang. It turned out freaking ugly. The picture quality is damn bad, colour damn fugly -.-;;; Never going back there.. again. Another bad quality outlet at Metro Kajang.. Later on, we head to Mydin for some grocery shopping and purchased the icing sugar from a bakery shop nearby. The queue was really long. I think it is probably due to the approaching Hari Raya where most housewife are busy making home made cookies to be sold.

Back home, we made this Pecan & Banana Friand! It was really yummy! Just a tad bit sweet. Will make some adjustment on the amount of icing sugar the next time. The ingredient are actually all pretty cheap if I did not use the pecans.. They cost half of the whole ingredient bill! It's all good though coz we're eating it ourselves! Lol. After all the baking, we made Carrot and Orange smoothie! *yummy*

By the time we're done, it's already late evening. I just spent some time doing my homework for the Airpak Express and Padini interview before making Yong Tau Foo for dinner!

and there goes my Sunday! nice and yummy!


Sunday, 23 August 2009


Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Pressure!! The Pressure!!

Right after lunch, I got a notice from Jobstreet on my phone requesting me to accept/decline a job interview for Airpak Express, followed by a call from Padini Holdings later on and from marcus evans..

Suddenly, everything is coming in. The interview lucks are flushing in! Just the past Tuesday, I had my first real job interview with NewFlex Communications for the Accounts cum Admins Executive. NewFlex is kinda like a brother company for Mono Ventures. A telecomunication company targeting big corporations. Didn't go so well because I wasn't really prepared for it. Will try my best for the rest..

Applied for Airpak Express on Aug 20th and called for interview on 24th. Not placed on top of my priority but will still prepared well for it. No one really knows about the company until they are in the middle of the interview. At first, I was not optimistic towards the interview with NewFlex but they're better than I thought they are. Applied for the management trainee at Padini Holdings on 28th July, resume viwed 6 times and not even put under the consideration list. Lost hope but recieved a call today for the interview on Monday as well.. after viewing my resume for the 6th times -.- crappy. Allowance going for RM 1,600. Will go for the interview and consider again.. At about 6.oo p.m., got the last call from marcus evans and asking if I am interested in the sales executive position. Well, to be honest, no. I applied for the Event Management department but they told me there was no position in that department. How contradicting with their website. =/ I'd really like to go for the interview if it was for the position. It looks like a really promising company. Just that sitting down everyday and teleconferencing with these high management post people talking about closing a deal is not my thing. I get thirsty easily. Lol..

There you go. 1 down, 2 on the way and more to come! I hope.. I'm waiting for Gagan (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd..


Friday, 21 August 2009


Thursday, 20 August 2009

" Forsakengel, you are a Pharmacist
During this test you were asked questions that tested you on 7 abilities which constitute a person's aptitude - Verbal, Numerical, Perceptual, Spatial, Technical, Acuity and Analytical. It was based on how you scored in each of these abilities that we concluded that your aptitude profile ideally matches that of a Pharmacist.

This means that you have the gift to 'see' abstract information and make sense of it. This is accompanied with an 'eye' for detail.

This detailed test has also revealed to us how you fared in the other abilities, especially the ones you did not do too well in."

Took this aptitude test at and this is what I'm told. Now, should I wish I haven taken Masters in Pharmacy at Notts? Hmm.. nah.. I think I'd rather do retail mgt. Maybe.. argh.. have not got a job yet! -.-;;

P/S: I've uploaded quite alot of photos from last year's Sabah Trip. Hop on to Captured to take a look.


Monday, 17 August 2009


Saturday, 15 August 2009