Monday, 27 April 2009

I've just second finalised the Consumer Behaviour Assignment after spending the whole fcking day on it. Omg. There goes another day for revision! So troublesome! Need to prepare work schedule, work division and mark allocation report! Wth?

and finally when I get to rest and have a sip off my cup, I saw a son of a btch lying on my cup! God Dammit! The FUCKING BABY CROCROACH WAS ON MY CUP! !#@$%^&*()(


*fat lan zha*


Friday, 24 April 2009

Her performance is just SO SO SO AWESOME!!! you guys have to see for yourself! I really like Poker Face Acoustic Version.

Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Acoustic)

Lady Gaga - Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes
(you're up for a suprise in this clip!)

Lady Gaga Interview
(and suddenly she's so soft spoken?)

Lady Gaga & Kat Deluna - Dance Up
(another nice one...)

go to youtube to see more. very interesting.. (;


Thursday, 23 April 2009 says:
eh says:
u went diving today @ an is;and near kk says:
guess wht i saw?
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
oh wait says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
erm...pirates? says:
idiot says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
u found a treasure? says:
no! says:
idiot la you
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
u met a mermaid?
oh...u met phelps says:
idiot la you
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
i dont know..-.-
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says: many type of creature la..any clue? says:
situpiddddd says:
sometrhing special laaaaa
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
wait a...hmm
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
u saw a fish that looks like u? says:
u retard la
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
sea horse? says:
no i saw a dog
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
dew gong?
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
? says:
ehhh wait wait ... i think it's not a dog.. says:
hamster laa
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:

[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
dead hampster?
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
hamster* says:
stupid.. says:
i saw a turtle la
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
ok..i dont know
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says: says:
u sucks at guessing games says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
coz it isnt fair..-.- says:
why not
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
a fish that looks like u is special enough
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says: says:
u suck la
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
how big was it? says:
omg.. says:
den i was diving with ths japanese guy then he keep chasing the turtle!! says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
issit near u?
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
the turtle* says:
like.. 1 M away!!!
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
must b scary.. says:
[c=#F20000]χåň†ђü§[/c=#491CFF] says:
close enough.. says:
u mean the turtle is scary? says:
i think it's more afriad of the japanese guy

Ramli taste like heaven when you've not had it for a period of time. As everyone is studying in the library, they are chewing on their own snacks as well, obviously and not obviously. I guess people can't live without snacks while at the library.

The sun feels really good too when you've been in the cold storage for way too long.

Internet's down again. Pretty annoying.

Everyone has quiet down in the library. It feels good not have to block away all the noises by pushing up the volume of my player.

Just taking a break and looking at the surrounding of the library. I'd then smile when I see smiles and laughters.

It's not a place with just serious looks and stressed up expressions after all.

P/S: there's alot of chatty bitches behind me too. fucking hell can't keep their mouth shut for a moment.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

More new kids on the block. The environment looks exactly like it was when the break bell or the school over bell rang. New faces everywhere right after the bell rang at 2.00 pm, it makes me feel like as if I was the doesn't belong here instead of them. I guess it's almost time to pass my feel of belonging to this place to the new student.

They're even occupying the lab now that they have classes in Tiscra 1. How long has it been since I had classes in Tiscra 1?

Toilet condition are worse than usual today. Probably due to the increased visitors but the cleaners are still not seen around as usual. Perhaps they're at their usual place; the place below the staircase on the lowest floor of the library or the storeroom chilling out, talking on the phone, dreaming while relaxing? I wonder if they really do their job. Toilets are sometimes extremely disgusting and stinks really badly. Toilet rolls are no where to be seen. Like.. did the toilet papers just dissapear in an hour or so? I'm sure that freaking huge roll of toilet paper could last long. Perhaps around 4 rolls or less should be more than sufficient for the day.

Internet connection in the library usually down from around 1 pm to around 6 pm. How bad is that, you tell me. My most hated department here has to be the IT Dept. Yes, I hate them to the fcking full extend.

I'm finally getting out of this place in about a month's time.

Double celebration in May.


That aside, I'm feeling really good today. Besides some minor emotion glitches.

Shall start studies again.

This *song will keep rolling on the player. Atleast for now.

P/S: Btw, I hope the new foundation students could stop hogging the very very very limited places in the library because the old students need this place alot atm. or rather, fucking noisy students could just fuck off. That would make alot of space for ppl like me. thx.

but it wasn't.

And you know what?

I like it in the library.


All alone.

With just strangers around me.

It's odd how messes appear out of nowhere in days with busy schedules. Dramas unfold. Randoom thoughts have increased. Dreams have increased. It's like as if there's 101 short stories unfolding in this book about a day in my current life and the counts of these short story books are increasing as the number of days increases. They're so short I can't remember them anymore once they've passed but the emotion stays. Weird. To feel something without knowing what just happened.

There's a scene in a story which I remember vividly though. It was about being tense at home.

My brain seems to be more occupied with itself when I need more access and control of it for more important things.


There's been alot of new kids on the block. The start of a new foundation batch. the start of their life in uni. It causes me to miss uni although the there's this thought of getting life over and done in uni as soon as possible would be great. A sudden gush or emotion.

I guess people tend to look back into time as they grow older. I am one of those who often look back in time.


I'm not having bad days. It's just that bad feelings moments are surfacing more often these days. I find my heart beating fast every all of a sudden and I can't find ways to keep it calm. Every little thing is making my heart beat fast and I can't seems to get a grip over it.

I wish life would just stop for a while. Or maybe you could just let me dissapear from life for a while..

So fckin emo I want to be selfish. I want everything to go my way.

***Don't comment please***

P/S: I'm fine now! After a walk to the Orange building to grab the missing pages of notes and back to the library.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I went to Pavillion yesterday and I can't find my O' Cha Cha!!!! *cries and throw tantrum on the floor* wtf. 2 weeks ago, I went to the Gardens to try the O' Cha Cha there as I've never tried the green tea blend at that branch before. However, I couln't find it and I walked like from north to south and from bottom till top! Stuupidddd. So, it made me crave for my O' Cha Cha so much and when I went to Pavillion yesterday, that shop lot was under construction and say something is coming soon and it doesn't look like as if O Cha Cha was having a renovation!!!

*throws tantrum again*

I want my O Cha Cha!!!



I want O Cha Cha!!!


Friday, 17 April 2009

Was eager to finish up my assignment but there was power failure around 3 pm and... there you go.. my assignment. So, I headed to bed just to be greeted by another dream again. *sigh*

I was on a holiday. Should be the backpacker's style.

I was chilling downstairs, on the floor mat placed at the lounge, with two friends. I can't remeber who. Suddenly, there was a call from upstairs. It was my turn to hog the bathroom and so I went up. I was greeted by Long Long who was running away with my socks in her mouth. She looks so adorable. She ran behind my mom who was preparing the laundry at the washing machine. My mom lectured me about leaving my socks around but I told her it's alright since it's dirty. I grabbed her from the floor and hug her tight. *love*

When my mom left, Long Long tagged along and left too. I went into my room, get something, and went to the back. It looks like a dark short and thin hallway, the area behind the house. the first half of the wall were made of cement bricks while the top half was just just flowery grills. There was a guy there. I can't remember what he was doing there but I remembered that he was a chef. [that's how weird dreams can be] There was 2 shower there. One at the very corner down the hall and the other one at the center. I took the center one. I was searching for the knot but there was none. However, there was a switch there and when I turned it on, the water came sprinkling down. Interesting. I washed my hand and left.

I walked towards the entrance of the hallway where there was a basin beside the entrance. I looked outside through the grill and I saw a very brightly lit Guardian store. Very weird. Guardian is even opening up in this village place! Anyway, when I turned back, there was a lady washing her hand with some kind of powder in cubes together with some dry leaves, kind of like the smaller version of pandan leaves. I just looked at her and smile. Then, I notice a piece of paper there. It says that the water price has risen due to the improved quality of the water provided. I can't remember what it was but they seems to have an extra substance in the water. It rised to from 6++ to RM8 per hr or so. I can't remember. I tried to look for the knot again but I found a row of switches again. Now I know where to turn on the water... It's pretty convenient to just click on the swicth and walla, water flows out...

I keep getting dreams when I'm loaded with uni assignments and exam is near. *Sigh* I thought I should be granted more rest at this moments!!

maybe it's due to stress. I don't know. Or maybe it's Joanne's contagious emo. Or Keith's emo-ness from yesterday night. *faint smile*

I tried to finish up my assignments as early as possible but the pace doesn't seems to be moving as expected.

I can't handle stress ='(

Exam's coming up and I think I only have 5 days or less to study for each module.

plus, listening to just downloaded Avril's Under My Skin. +++++emo

i'll be fine....


Thursday, 16 April 2009

I had a dream. A dream about my Consumer Behaviour assignment and also about friends in that class. CB class only consist of 9 people. Hence, we only have two group.

I dreamt that the lecturer was dissapointed with us because we were behind schedule. That we use to be ahead of schedule and ahead of the other group and suddenly, we are not doing our work and we were behind schedule. The lecturer was not happy coz she had always liked us.


"You're always going: Shit, Stoopid, Mother. That's all you say"
Quotes: Joanne

Yes. all I do is curse. wtf.

I don't know why. But suddenly, I know how to do my ratios and there's so many mistakes and I've corrected quite many, when suddenly the power supply decided to go off and my laptop went off. Fck this sht. There's no battery connected to my laptop coz my brother did not connect the wire back when he fixed in the new woofer into the laptop [it didn't last long anyway. so, waste of effort. stupid sht ppl selling stupid lousy woofer. i didn't even put on any loud songs]. So, yeala. Fck this sht coz I have not saved and Microsoft did not save for me either!

I freakin' hate uni's power plugs laaaa!


I hope I can finish the FA by today. Plz, plz plz!!!!


Secondhand Serenade songs are emo songs.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

that's how my friend decribe her lecturer. Hahaha!

My assignment is also 'shit shit dei'. I've actually done the ratios of Financial Analysis like weeks ago and I've asked a friend if she could double-check it for me because I sure something was wrong. The process of searching for those figures are just so UGH! so hair-pulling moments!

I am now in the process of doing the 'explaination' part and I found out there are actually so many mistakes but my friend told me she don't see any problem with the ratios I did. Aih. Shit. I've corrected some and still in the process on correcting.. but now abit stuck.. coz I can't find RETAINED PROFIT IN SAINSBURY'S and TESCO'S ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT!! Not shit shit dei... but damn shit lorrrr. Haiz. F*ck this shit. I hate financial reports.
every now and then. They're everywhere! Can't deny that Kl/Selangor's a really really small place.:yes:

This is so exciting! Getting to know a person who you knew all over again!

But hey, this is never more exciting than meeting another lesbian in my life!


Kev says I gave him an impression that I'm a les. Milton thinks and wants me to be a les. Amanda asked if I'm a les after not having meet her for 2 years? and now a primary school mate just met confessed that he thought I was a lesbian at 10. or was it 11? 12?

Damn rubbish you people.

I'm hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 13 April 2009

12th - Consumer Behaviour... Consumer Behaviour... Consumer Behaviour... ... Kinda completed my part, methodology. Met stupid Milton during breakfast at some Wantan Mien Shop in Semenyih.

11th - Play masak-masak. Made Benjie's suggested Salmon Steak sauce --> Hollandaise Sauce. Suddenly macam pro. Hahaha. Nice sauce but abit jai after a while. My basin pipe suddenly decide to have a super leak. Water pressure was high and water flow all over when the rubber securing the connections finally was too old to do its task. Had Starbucks's breakfast at a discounted rate.

10th - sold David Archuleta's tickets.

9th - went to collect David Archuleta's tickets and have some Zanmai Sushi since I was there. Love their sushi. Got some bargain off the Japan store. Can't find nuts at Topshop. As usual.

8th - had basketball tournament in uni. Girls only please. My friend said, this will be the first gold medal in your life, huh?

7th - Can't remember.

6th - Had lunch at Oldtown

5th - Can't remember.

4th - Can't remember.

3rd - Can't remember.

2nd - Completed CF assignment.

1st - April Fool day. Went to Fast and Furious 4 Premier Screening and has dinner at The Apartment. My first time there and will be the last.

30th - Can't remember.

29th - Can't remember.

28th - Earth hour. Went to Jusco Balakong.

Can head to bed now. G'nite!

Friday, 10 April 2009

I have 2 in hand and they will cost RM 50 for both. negotiatable. however, if there's more demand, the tickets will be going to whoever bids the highest.

"The showcase will be at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre from 3pm onwards on April 11. He will be performing tracks from his selftitled
album including the hit singles Crush and A Little Too Not Over You.

The showcase will also feature Malaysian Idol alumnus Daniel Lee and Hou Ren, second runner up of Astro Talent Quest 2008 as opening acts."

Leave me a msg/comment if you are interested.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

I got this e-mail from my aunt. It's one of those where you forward to eveyone and I'm not sure how credible is this. However, even if you do not believ this, a precaution might be good. So stay away from the beaches on 22nd July 2009! I would stay away from the beach till August is here =/ Yea, abit Kiasi but my life's not worth gone like that and I'm sure yours too. Anyway, here's the content of the forwarded e-mail:

Better be safe than sorry....

Please be more cautious as the warnings has been given.

Attached a photo for u.

I just received this message from a colleague. I don’t know the source of the message; I also don’t know the credibility of the content, but just beware.

Below is the content on the message:

“Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

There you go. Believe it or not, it's up to you. Even if I do not believe it, I would stay awayyyyyyyy and so should all of youuuuu!!!!

*spread this around please!*

and if anyone realised that it's actually a prank of if there's a source that gives credibility to this, please tell me ;) Too busy to check, yet.

EDIT: I've got comments from people who have been sourcing the truth about this "news" / "prediction". Check out what they have to say by clicking on the this post's title.