Monday, 23 February 2009

1. Milton just tagged me with some random meme, some 25 random shit about yourself bla bla bla.. since when did these kinda thing appear in Fb? To me Fb is just like any other community groupie kinda things which let's you 'stay in touch with your friends, family, bla bla bla..' Yea, sure but it's getting too damn complicated and congested that sometimes, you're even required to pay high attention and squeeze your brain juice to actually see how it works. Not much, but enough to get me irritated because these kinda application is not worth it.

2. People who tried too hard to get something which they know they will not get or achieve are really getting on my nerves. I'm not mentioning names here. So don't start assuming that I'm talking about you. Perasan. Seriously, why not just freakin' relax a little and just put in enough effort or a little bit more if you think what you have done is not enough. But GOD too much is too much. You're probably asking me now. Wtf do you care, it's my life. Seriously, I don't care what you freakin do with your life but it get on my nerves. That's all I'm talking about, stupid.

3. I first tried the May:Serene when I went to Kk during the "summer" break. I bought it in Giant, 1 Borneo coz I was staying in Tune and I didn't bring enough soap. It smells and feels good. Purely relaxing. So when I came back, I went to look for it at Tesco but it turned out that Tesco doesn't get stocks in May soaps. W.t.f. So I thought, wtf, they manufacture it in Shah Alam but they don't sell it here in the Semenanjung? Pretty crap, right? Anyway, that was just my assumption. So I told my friend who went back to Kk for Chinese New Year to get me 2 refill packs. Coincidently, they were having promotion and so they came in 2s. When she came back, we were having dinner together at my hse and I took out the May:Serene refill pack to show it to my brother 'coz he was the one who told me there's no such thing in Tesco. His gf was there too and she said that Giant have it in their supermarkets. Swt? Swt.. Stupid Tesco. They're just trying to get rid of most brands that consumer likes so that they could market they freaking Tesco brands. What happen to consumer rights? Fine.. I shall go to Giant and get WHAT I WANT. wtf. They even stop selling the famous Ping Pong brand biscuit which we usually dip into Milo or Coffee. I'm hating Tesco but I still have to go to Tesco coz they usually have the cheapest stuff. Wtf. Btw, they have few of the suckiest trolley as well. There's some which have cacat wheels that they only go round and round and doesn't go straight so you have to fucking force it to go straight coz by the time you realise this condition is unbearable, you're already half way on your shopping list and trolleys are only available downstairs. Other than that, you might get lucky again and got a really funny trolley which makes everyone around you just keeping looking at your direction because you trolley is kinda bouncing up and down from back to front all the way. A pretty good sight for other shoppers who have dull life and nothing to entertain them but a horse alike trolley?

4. Kuma Kuma is the famous tortoise character from Japan but Kuma already means bear. BEAR! So why do they call a tortoise bear bear. It should be Kame Kame instead because kame means tortoise! But if Kame is tortoise, then what does Kame kame ha in Japanese actually means? Tortoise tortoise HA!? |-| Ok, now that's confusing. Maybe they're confused people and they like confusing other people like me too! |-| Now I'm confused.

5. Talking about Dragon Ball reminds me about this anime made into kinda reality movie, Dragonball Revolution. Apparently, it was suppose to be Dragonball Z or something like that but somehow they have decided to change it to Dragonball Revolution. Why? Probably because they found out that the movie actually doesn't resemble the anime/manga. Check out the trailer here and you'll get what I mean. Go on. Watch it and tell me wtf are their objective in trying to make this movie coz I don't think there's any Dragonball fans out there who wants to watch it unless they wanna know how sucky the actualy movie are. Which freaking part actually potrays Dragon Ball? the 7 Dragon Balls? and the floating in the sky? and the green 'alien'? Oh, God. How many percent actually resembles the anime/manga? 10%? A total dissapointment. A spoiler of our childhood anime/manga. It just freaking looks like an average teenhood movie. But wait, Bulma looks hotter in there. Was it Bulma? I can't recognise. Coz she doesn't have purple hair. Maybe 2 highlights? *sigh*

6. Puipo is a hamster which is currently staying in my room and I found out early this month that 'she' is actually a he. A male. Not a female. Stupid shopkeeper told me it's a she and hence her Puipo name which means fat woman. HAHAHAHA... Imagine. A male hamster being called a fat woman. Damn sad. Wtf. Anyway, he is getting cuter and cuter by days and has a freaking own attitude and lives in his own world wtf. He bites anyone who wakes him up. He also climbs in and out of his cage and wonder in my room whenever he likes. He runs on a freaking hamster wheel which is so old that it is making so much wheezing sounds because it's gear is loose. I'm getting used to it so now I'm having better sleeps at night. I don't put him in the toilet because the tiles are really cold at night and he gets cold easily. This morning is probably the third time it is having a running nose. I'm not crapping. It really is having a running nose! He is hyper active and I love watching him while he drinks and while he baths in a pool of sand coz sometime he would just turn around with his back facing the sand and stop moving for a few seconds. He also has cute yawns. Imagine him trying to stretch his mouth uber big when his mouth is just so tiny. He runs like he's in the olympic. Really.

7. Uni's gonna have a tricampus game in the real Notts this year and surely I'm looking forward to go. Looking forward to be choosen to go. Just looking forward but I'm not looking forward to winning because it doesn't seems like we have chance? Hahaha... Can we extend our stay there? ;P I'd like to spend more time there, going around and also meeting friends who have transfered to that campus.

8. I'm also looking forward to volunteering for the swimming event this year. As in, not participating but volunteer to help coz I'm interested in it. I think I'll try to get in ;)

9. I'm looking forward to go to Broga Hill.. really. Can't wait.

10. I went to the uni's gym last week. Like.. 1st time in all these freaking 4 years? Omg. I'm so not utilizing all the facilities there. I'd like to swim but apparently the pool water is really dirty. |-|

10. I'm gonna freaking get a 2nd lower and that's kinda confirmed.

11. I dread thinking about what I'm going to do because I feel so hopeless everything I have something in mind and I end up dorwning those thoughts when something else (not an alternative plan) comes into place.

12. I think I should stop typing and go back to my studies. There's nothing else in my mind that I wanna bable about. Haha. Bye.

13. This is really random. Not a reply to Milton's meme/tag or whatsoever.. XD


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Usually, outside the end of every accomodation hall, they have a small drop off point for cars to drive through. Due to lack of carparks near the schools, students who are driving to uni usually make use of these spaces. However, ofcourse everyone of us drivers expect some understanding from the rest of the drivers on common sense matter. Such matters are of being considerate and not blocking the any car from their only exit from their parking space no matter what condition you are in because this really irritates the driver who wants to drive out from their parking space but were not able to!

I am sure even friends of these drivers would understand their feeling.

Anyway, such is my case. For the 2nd time. But this time, it really gets on my nerves because this guy is such a d*ckhead. It is so bloody obvious that one cannot drive through that f*cking small space. I was cursing away as I walked to my car when I saw that this f*cktard's BLACK HONDA CITY with the CAR PLATE NUMBER: AFJ 6151 is blocking away the road very inconsiderately.

Then nvm. Temperature still not so high. I went to start my car while my friend went to stand near the car to see if there is anyone standing nearby, as in trying to spot the car owner. After a short moment, the D*ckhead came running to his car. My friend told him in a nice manner that he should be considerate and not park like this because it is very OBVIOUS that I will not be able to get out and his f*cking rude reply was this: "Can what. So much space, can reverse out wat!". I just look at him. My friend then said if he think he can drive out with that allowance of space, why don't he drive out my car for me? and he boldly says "If I were you, I would just reverse out even if I were to drive out my car dragging the side of my car along other cars". Seriously, what kind guy would give such a f*cking retard reply when he is in the wrong. This f*cking pea brain guy must have a small d*ck and that's why he's not acting like a person in his right mind. There's lots more rubbish which he blurted out from his junk mouth such as..

"I don't wanna argue with you. If I were a girl, I would not have argued."
:: Do you fucking think this is the stone age era? You might as well go live in the jungle because you behave like those Orang Utans.

"Are you initiating a fight now?" :: I don't solve problem the f*cking uncivilised way, r*tard. I wonder what you learn, growing up.

"I am in the wrong now. So? What are you going to do about it?" :: I see, so this is what you tell your mom when you are caught red handed. Interesting. You should apologise, STUPID! Don't you know simple things like this?

Conclusion: Uber D*ckhead, Pea Brain, Short Fart and everything ugly and short. Go R.I.P. soon. That's the only favor you can do for the rest of us.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

The next stop was Tanjung Lipat Beach for some beach sunset view before heading to the very comfortable Tune Hotel and then to greet a friend and 2 new friend at the Airport.


Friday, 6 February 2009

Went to Little Italy on the day Ssy, Csy and Lsf arrived in Kk inthe evening.. The dishes there are not bad and the pizza are fresh made and baked ;)


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Went to Mamutik for a Refresher Dive and hopefully get to see some of them but turned out only Bobo was there to greet me ;( They sed Andres might be there but he's not. Chey.. Rayner also not there coz apparently his paip bocor in his bumbung so he'll be home waiting for the plumber.

Still, had fun! Saw my first turtle! So huge XD had a little talk with Bobo, hangout at the island for abit and went home darn exhausted.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It feels really close to the end of the journey in Notts. But then again, it feels so longgggg when you're in the middle of lectures. x.x Lol.

Some of us had the privilage to start uni @ the earliest time and day of the term, 9 a.m. on 2nd of Feb -.- and I can't deny the fact that I have to drag myself off bed. Was a few mins late but I guess it's considered uber early when our lecturer here is new. As usual, most of them would have problem with lack of knowledge for handling a simple c.o.m.p.u.t.e.r while the rest face problem with the lausy IT system in uni. So, pretty similar to our previous Finance lecturer, this young Dr here somehow hit the Shut Down option with updates. So ofcourse the computer will update itself before shutting down. After some moment, the Dr goes.. "How do you off this thing? , Where is the power plug?" -____________- Then he resort to call for help from the IT Dept. Haih.. and he kept insisting on using the mic when sometimes, the wireless just don't work and his speech was not amplified. It's irritating to be hearing something which is not of consistant level -____- Just go on without the damn thing la. Not like we can't hear you x.x In the end, he said,"since WE have wasted so much time.....". WE? It was his own deed. -.-

On a diff note, SSY is very interested to see how I look with the new hair, or rather, how the new hair looks like. She takes the effort to call me yesterday night before heading for bed to know my timetable for the day. Said she will wait for me at the main entrance of uni to peek at me. Ask for me during her break. Commented that I should not let her see me face to face because she already saw the back of my hair and that she'll be shock if she saw me face to face. Lastly, asked for me and demand me to go to the entrance of her lecture hall when I went off. Fen Chen. President.

End of commercial break.

Back to first day of uni. As usual, we would have some optional modules to choose from. Therefore, most of the time, we would attend almost every optional lectures before we decide what to take. After my first compulsery class, we took lunch at the uni cafeteria. More choices now. Taste.. about or almost the same.. I think. Then headed for Jason's class. and fell asleep again. OMG. It's so nostalgic! It's been ages since my first year. Haha.. So, I'm wondering if I should take it coz it's a 1st year module but then.. it's a sleepy lecture x.x Jason's lecture notes are always so thich and he's always talking so fast. His lecture is not fast.. but he talks fast. The next two optional module in my choices clashes. One from 3 to 5 while the other is 4 to 5. Jason's class ended early for students who wants to take New Venture. So, Seraph and I ended up almost mastering the skill of growing mould at S.A. for about 2 hours. When we headed for the next lecture, we hit the Pak Koh. -___-;; The module only commence on 2nd week. So we have to wait for another hour before the last module. Should have gone home with that 3 hours break -____-;; The last module was quite interesting. But the lecturer is sometimes soft spoken. =/ and I have not mastered his English slang yet. So I missed out on some of his speeches. x.x

Finally, at about 10 mins past 5, we left uni and while I was at the traffic light in the Bandar Sunway Semenyih, an accident almost happened. It involes a hugeee 10 tonne lorry, which is carrying many pieces of moulded cements like those for building tunnels underground. So you can imagine how heavy the lorry is. Anyway, I was waiting for the green light while the lane going the opposite directions flows. Suddenly, a Malay women decided to take an illegal U-turn which poses great danger for other drivers as it is quite impossible to actually do a U-turn there. She will have to reverse maybe 2 times before she can complete the U-turn. So, she turned, got stuck, and that blocked the car behind her by maybe 1/2 meter. This caused the other car to hit an emergency break and the 10 tonne lorry, being the 3rd vehicle counting from that stupid car, turned into his left lane [there was two lane on that road] before succesfully stop his vehicle. I got so stunned I forgot to take a picture -_________- EEee.... Anyway, with shit loads of vehicle on these two lanes, the stupid lady could have caused a massive accidents with the cars and lorry colliding into each other. Crazy woman. Wtf was she thinking.

That ends my tiring day x.x Seriously pretty exhausted. Slept for 1 1/2 hrs before dinner and is deciding to sleep again now x.x

Monday, 2 February 2009

First few days spent in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Went to the new 1 Borneo Shopping Mall in Kk. The inside was ok. So, so. But the colour on the ouside was u.g.l.y. They had paint colours like faded yellow neon x.x Macam ah beng just opened a new mall. Tune Hotel looks fantastic. Just charming.

Walked, ate herbal egg, one of my very very fav food and Mc D. Bought some clothes at Mango.

and went round Kk.. else where.