Thursday, 24 December 2009


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I got this video link from my brother who's suppose to be working at that moment of time but I guess it's too funny to let it go XD

I really enjoyed this video coz it really cracks me up! HAHAHA...


Really bak chi! Hahaha..


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Got this really cute forward e-mail from my aunt this morning about a piggy w/ lamb coat. So is it called a PIMB? [Pig + Lamb]??? Lol. Anyway, I just made that name up. But it's really cute though. SO, is the mother/father a pig/lamb? Which is which O.O

Actually, they are not. What I found out is that they are actually called Hungarian Mangalitza pigs and are from Hungary. They also come in a variety of colours and looks x.x Some just doesn't look that pleasant =/



For more enlightment on Magalitza Pigs, please visit the following links!

Apparently, they are easy to take care and yummy to eeeat!! *slurp* But the white ones are soooo sooo kute!!!


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I've been going to different different places w/ hotspots since Tuesday last week due to my current status as you all might have known; Pekebun Anggur. ;D

Let's just do a recap where I've been. Tropicana City. Mid Valley. Bangsar Village. and today at The Sphere. My planned destination was actually at San Francisco Coffee because they are still running this promotion of Buy 1 Free 1 for certain drinks but I end up in Campur2 because there was this shit function beside San Francisco Coffee and hence the outlet was filled out to the outside like a can of Tuna forcing their way out of the small hole of the can.

So I ordered the All Day Breakfast set which includes a cup of tea/coffee with two omega half-boiled eggs and a roti bakar. All just for RM 3.50. Yummilicious!

What's great is that The Sphere also offers amazing speedy wifi and free car park for the first 2 hours! *goes off to ext and enter the car park again coz it's almost 2 hours!* Kidding. Haha..

It's lunch time again for the folks who work at suites beside The Sphere. This lady of about 40s and in office suit is here again for the nasi campur served by Campur-campur. There she sat again at the similar position she sat at 2 days ago. On the same table we are, 45degree opposite each other. Lady of a few words, just a couple of his and byes and she'll be gone after the meal.

On Monday, the place was full and pack. She joined the table to have a meal.

On Wednesday, there were still spaces around but she opt to join my table again. She had a quiet meal but before she left,I'll see you again tomorrow with a smile.


Friday, 4 December 2009

Tanam anggur. That's what Nadia called it. It actually refers to mengganggur or menganggur. My bm's so bad now =/ Anyway, I was suppose to start work this Tuesday but my brand manager was too busy to layan me coz there'll be two outlets launching in Johor and Melaka this month. Hence, I was put aside. *sob sob* BUTTT.. I've decided to take this opportunity to look for other jobs as well. Went for the DNP walk-in interview today. I'll think about what they offer me very carefully and see if this is the one I am going to take.

Anyway, I was at Tropicana City with my brother and friend yesterday for the RM6 movie ticket day!!! So cheap with such comfy seats! Not bad! A good deal I would say. So since brother was so sloooowww.. we decided to try the Ninja Joe, the only place where you get babi burgers besides Chinese pasar malam. Hahaha.. but I think it's too pricey lor! So small! Like the width of a slice of tomato and it cosr around RM6 for 1! Outrageous, I would say. The fries are also hard and the nuggets.. I can only taste potatoes! alhough it says meat and potatoes! You can definitely feel I am a very dissatisfied customer of Ninja Joe. Lol.

Anyway, The Assassin was not bad. Rain can definitely act so much more better than Jay. Lol. Kononnye a 18sx movie. You wanna know why? Coz it has a lot of blood splashing scenes BUT I find them very amusing and funny. Lol. Oh, perhaps a lot or body cut apart scenes and ugly wounds as well @.@ Still, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch it ;) Thumbs up.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Anyone still remember this Happy Family card game? Most of us played this during our childhood time and I still think it's a fun game ^^ Stumble across these cards at Otak2 something at Tropicana City.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Today's the 30th and there's will 30% off ice-cream from New Zealand!!!


Atlast.. something better than Baskin Robbin XD


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Yesterday was the first day I went for jungle trekking w/ my dad and it turned out pretty fun. I kinda like having leisure activities w/ my dad because I like spending time w/ him when he is not the very strict figure he usually is at home (sometimes) and also during serious matter such as during work.

He was a very very nice father during those moments because he always make sure than I will not be hurt/harm and there's much to learn from him. Like when we were crossing the river, I never thought that he would ever lift up rock and place them across the river so that I can walk across the river in a dry path. I also enjoyed the moment when we started fire with the woods and also cooking maggi sardin. He looks really happy and I could feel that he really enjoy and like camping like I do. Yesterday was also a very joyous moment for me as I have never had much fun in the jungle for a very long time.

Today was farming day and he scooped up a lot of tapioca and I can't wait to clean it and bring it home tomorrow!

It's time for bed now coz I'm feeling so exhausted now!


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Quite sometime ago, I have started to lose interest to blog. Every time when I load the posting page, I would just stare blankly at it. If I force myself to write, they would turn out awfully ugly.

I'll just write when I write. Could be soon or could be much later on..


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Started the Padini Mgt Trainee Programme on first Tuesday of Sept. Been 3 weeks already. So far so good. Lotsa bonding with the new bunch of other mgt trainees. Lunch together and first dinner get together last Friday without our Puasa-ing pals at Pasta Zanmai. I ordered the one with Soft Shell Crab. Not bad la. Big portions. Too full to order desserts. Will try to crash one of the mgt trainee's hse for raya this coming Friday *smirk*

A pause from updates since 3 weeks ago due to family problems and also due the abscence of internet connection in Bangsar. Shifted to Bangsar during the weekdays because it is much nearer to work place at Hicom Glenmarie. Dinners are all home cooked, mostly by my brother. His famous 'Yat Wok Suk' (All-In-One-Wok). They're good to eat and that's more than we should ask for ;D

Daily routine is quite repetitive. Wakes up at 7.30 a.m., get ready, pray, crunch on cereals and off to work. Get off work at 6 p.m., jam jam jam and reach home about 7.15 p.m., bath, pray, eat, clean up, talk or play some game and do something else.. and off to bed. Life without the net is not that dreadful but very limitating =/

Oh btw, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends. Hope you guys have a great long weekend! Holiday till Tuesday~ ;P

Can't wait for raya cookies this Wednesday. Lol. I made Chocolate Cornflakes this evening. Pretty easy and very yummy too! *chom chom chom* Let's sell them for CNY!! Home made cookies, wtf. Lol!

I'm very hungry at the moment. Just got up from a long nap and had my bath. Mom told me she would bring back food from grandma's hse at 7.30 p.m. but she's not here yet.. Zzz.. I shall go feed on the leftover cakes from mom's birthday last Saturday. Cakes nowadays are so darn pretty expensive, I tell you. I bought a 1/2 kg Raspberry cake from Suki.. The Raspberry jam are just on top with the inside was Raspberry moose and layers of sponge cake. Guess how much is it? About RM 35!!! Omg. I got a little shocked..

Everything's just so expensive nowadays.


Thursday, 17 September 2009


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Got a weird dream about Newflex's office secretary suddenly callin' me to persuade me to join NewFlex but I still rejected them.. Lol.. Well, the truth is I really rejected them. Accounts is really not my thing.. and I like the type of management trainee where they put in in all different departments for a period of time. It sounds interesting to me and I bet there are alot of learn as well. Hence, the salary/allowance is not really my concern at the moment. Just 12 weeks, I'm sure it will pass fast and be one hell of an exciting programme.

Looking forward to Tuesday's orientation.

Gagan dropped from my list just few days ago when I gave them a call. Apparently the management trainee will only be placed in the outlet and he will go through 6 months probation. that's crazy. Also the basic is just 1,900. The 2,400 is including the commission that you might get. So how is 2,400 the min? Pretty little lie. I don't like this and also the fact that they did not explain anything about the job scope in the ad.. It is just like a pot of rock glowing like a pot of gold under the rainbow. Once it is gone, you will see the true image of it.


Anyway, today we will be celebrating Grandpa's birthday. Pot luck! I'll be making friands and pudding this time coz it's such a waste for the egg yolks. This time, we will try using chocolate chips and also other nuts instead of pecan! *excited*

P/s: Puipo is biting through the packing again to get food! He's so mischievous!


Thursday, 27 August 2009


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sunday was a busy day since most of Saturday was spent taking Graduation photo at the studio, dropping by at a store selling outdoor stuff, having yummy vegetarian lunch at Connought, visiting the optical store, purchasing Chinese herbs at Chinese medical store, and lastly, dropping by at a snack restaurant to grab some Che Cheong Fun and Hong Tau Sui before going home. by the time I reach home, it was already late noon, almost time for dinner XD

On Sunday morning, Bernadette and I had Wanton Mien as breakfast in BSS because she wanted to collect the telekom phone from the hse she used to rent because it cost RM 66!! We then went back to the office to make more copies of my resume, cover letter and also supporting documents. After that, we went for brunch again with mom at Oldtown. I also took my passport photo at this Fotokem outlet at Metro Kajang. It turned out freaking ugly. The picture quality is damn bad, colour damn fugly -.-;;; Never going back there.. again. Another bad quality outlet at Metro Kajang.. Later on, we head to Mydin for some grocery shopping and purchased the icing sugar from a bakery shop nearby. The queue was really long. I think it is probably due to the approaching Hari Raya where most housewife are busy making home made cookies to be sold.

Back home, we made this Pecan & Banana Friand! It was really yummy! Just a tad bit sweet. Will make some adjustment on the amount of icing sugar the next time. The ingredient are actually all pretty cheap if I did not use the pecans.. They cost half of the whole ingredient bill! It's all good though coz we're eating it ourselves! Lol. After all the baking, we made Carrot and Orange smoothie! *yummy*

By the time we're done, it's already late evening. I just spent some time doing my homework for the Airpak Express and Padini interview before making Yong Tau Foo for dinner!

and there goes my Sunday! nice and yummy!


Sunday, 23 August 2009