Thursday, 30 October 2008

I hopped on to my friend's car for lunch and when we were back at uni, I wanted to drive my car to the parking between the IT labs and the library for convenience sake. However, there was this inconsiderate bugger white proton which was blocking my car.

Like omg, did you forgot to bring your conscience to uni with you today? It is darn obvious that my car will not be able to drive out with that shit limited space given to me wtf.

Even if you're late for class or you are a freaking lazy ass, I do not care! No parking means no parking. Go get your own space. Wtf.

What if there is a super emergency and I need to use my car? What if it decides the life or death of a person? You would have freaking killed that person.

Pig brain. Maybe a pig's brain work better than yours.


Just something to share with those who has thoughts of going to Sabah for a holiday (;

During my last trip to Sabah, I stayed @ a few inns which range from acceptable condition to a very comfortable experience!

I spent around 6 days in Tune Hotel and I had a splendid experience there! The staffs were great! They were very helpful and friendly. ^^ When I asked for the bus schedule, they photostated a copy for me instead of just telling me the schedule that I requested for.

The corridor was painted red, their usual colour and it was fully air-conditioned. It's so nice to get a feel of the air-condition when I walk out of my room (because it was not air-conditioned. Hehe). There were also shit loads of cctv at every corner! It makes me feel so safe. Haha.. The bed and pillow were extremely comfortable! Mmmhmmm, I miss sleeping on their bed >.< There were also a few hangers for you to hang your clothes, side table lights and also lights for reading purpose when on the bed! Clean and comfortable toilets! It was not exactly hot during the night although the air-condition was not on. I had the option to open my window and the ceiling fan helped alot to cool down the room. Basically, the temperature was just right for me.

The only thing that made me a whee bit uncomfortable is the damp smell that lingers in my room everytime I return to my room because the room was a little stuffy, together with the toilet. Also, the water pressure for the shower is not escatly high but it is enough to give you a clean shower (;

For those guys and ladies who thought of staying together in a room, it might not be comfortable because of the toilet door. There is no lock for the toilet door and it is made of glass which in tinted with a white layer at the center to prevent 100% visibility. There is also some space left at the top of the door for air circulation. So basically, if you are a lady and you don't trust the guy you are staying with, I would say, go get another room! or make a agreement first. Lol.

For those who are thinking of opting for air-condition, I would say, go for it because they only charge you for what you use. Let's say if you pay for the "air-condition usage" for 8 hours, it does not charge 8 hours in one go. You can use it at anytime depending on your preference. You can use it for 4 hours, off the air-condition and use it later for tomorrow or so. That is from what I understand. You might want to get clarification from the counter first.

For your convenience, there is also a Gloria Jeans coffee counter and 7-Eleven at the lobby for your 24 hours convenience! To add value to your stay, the Tune Hotel is just a few steps away to the newly opened 1 Borneo shopping centre! There's shopping, cheap movie tickets, and lotsa food outlets and not forgetting atm service there!

So if you think this is good enough for you, tune into and book for your room right now!

I got my nights for about RM30 per day and I think it is worth it compare to back packers lodge (; Again, this is due to individual preference!

This is my experience @ Tune in Kk. Next up will be about accomodation @ Kota Marudu, Semporna and Mabul!

Stay tune!


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I spent my morning getting ready for the AGS (Auditing, Governance & Scandal) meeting but too bad it was pushed to Wednesday due to our schedule being imcompetence to suit the meeting period.

Anyway, first class for the day was AGS (again) and it was @ 1.00 p.m. I sat around the middle row with Seraph. Don't know why but it feels more comfortable to be there than right front. That explains why I have not been sitting with my usual gang this semester. Also, less hanging out with them due to some difference in module taken this semester. Aih.. Spending less and less time with them.. how how.. Oh, Nai Cin's birthday is coming up! Who's buying prezzie?! Share share plz!! Haha..

Back to class, there was this girl who was sitting at the row infront of me and she was pretty distracting to be honest. Urm, well, annoyingly distracting to be honest. -.- She keeps pulling strands of hair from deep inside the layer of her hair and then stroke it and pull out another strands of hair and stroke it and keep repeating it! Omg, I know I should be concentrating in class but I don't know why I get distracted by these kinda stuff -___-* God Help!! I've been distracted like around 6 times during the two hour lecture and to make t worse, there was once when I saw her suddenly pull a strand of her hair! As in detach it from her skull!!! Omg. Gross, right? -______-* Eeeeee!!!!

During the 2nd hour of the lecture I got a stupid SMS from those SCAM ass-oles. It goes like this:
"Congratulation ! Sim Card Anda Telah Berjaya Memenangi uang tunai RM.25,000.00 Dari PETRONAS Sila Call di Talian 012 8234 669 Terima Kasih."
and it came from this number +60128146835.

Should I call back and see what the idiots say? Buahahaha... Anyway, I should not ask you guys to spread this around as it obvious one could tell that it's a bloody scam.

Basketball practice today as usual (on every tuesday). I can feel that my skills has deteriorate (if I have any, wtf) in terms of shooting and also in-game. Gah..

Back home, my brother got a pretty hilarious and 18sx story to tell. He tells that he has a friend who can't really speak Chinese and he was just back from Australia from his studies. He went to a food stall to order Ipoh Hor Fun and he told the lady that he wanted Kai Si, Hor Fun and Kai Lan. Kai Si which is suppose to be rough strands of chicken meat when pronounced correctly but instead he pronounced it differently and what he said means Chicken Shit. Hor Fun was understandable. The last word was Kai Lan which is suppose to be a kind of vege but the way he pronounce it, it sounds like.... well.. Chicken D*ck! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You get what I mean? This is really omfg!! The stall owner even got mad and told him to go away! But then he still get to savour his bowl of Hor Fun because he explained to the lady that he can't speak good Chinese! Omg. He should have told her in advance first! Lol. LMAO~~


Anyway, it's now past 12. Shall go to bed!

G'nite! (;


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tomorrow will mark the 5th week of the semester and in one month's time it will be time to hand up assignments which will will be due (and also which i have not started because i don't have a clear idea of what to do x.x). Two months later, exam will be here and here I am still slacking in my studies x.x

I have been more hardworking this term but everything unexpected just happens and they seems to be taking a large amount of my time. Such as the incident where my phone battery went went dead when it is suppose to wake me up at 8. Now's near 11. (It was an excuse actually -_______- I know the battery was not gonna last long but I did wish that I would be able to wake me up. Haha..)

There will be a pot luck at my aunt's house tonight. So the plan for later on will be to collect an overdueeee rental from a student, run some errants for my mom, eat, go to the library to study (because I keep falling asleep at home), and hopefully get to do some gym or jumping around at the basketball court after that before heading over to my aunt's house. Seems like alot to be done in a few hours time.


Better get ready now!


Saturday, 25 October 2008

While @ Pull & Bear, Pavillion last week, I saw a sheet of a4 stating the need to hire part time employees for their warehouse sale. Interested in the warehouse sale, a friend of mine search up the details. We stumble upon which gives details about it as follows:-

Dates: 24th -27th October 2008
Time: 10am - 7pm
Address: Dataran Hamodal, 4 Jalan 13/4, 46 300 Petaling Jaya.

and here's the map to the place ;)

Although I did not see anything that's worth the cash in my wallet, you might want to give it a try because there are girls and perhaps guys there that left with a bag of clothes and a smile carved on their face ;)

All d best!


Sunday, 19 October 2008


Finally!! Another Fen Chen act that I have taken -.* Changing my cubicle layout when I am definate have no spare time to do that but once I started, I cannot stop. So might as well finish it soon after dragging it for a few days.

Anyway, it's wayy past my bedtime now. Shall go to bed now and get up early tomorrow to do something about my assignment and be prepared to enjoy my day out! Weee~

Tell me what you think about my new layout!

I'mma go to bed as a happy girl now. Weee~

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My heart felt like as if it is being entangled in a tight knot, taking much effort to pump my blood into the veins. Struggling to keep me alive..

Am I actually stressed out? I'm not quite sure.

Everything about my 3rd year keeps appearing in my head. I keep getting a reminder from my head to start revising but that did not really do the job. Instead, I do not feel like touching even the surface of my lecture notes. Even when I do, it felts like I am not doing it full heartedly. My head wonders off when I scan through my notes. Nothing goes into the head.

I keep trying to distract myself off by doing other things like watching tv, going online and just wondering around but when I became self conscious again, the dreadful feeling came haunting back. Am I actually trying to avoid what I should be doing?

I cannot study but yet I feel guilty about not studying.

I thought about my post-graduation plan but they do not seems to be promising. There will be barricades at the entrance.. Barricades, not hurdles. I am trying to get a hold of my life and live as I feel right but things just does not look like that.

I felt like a bird locked inside a cage but yet when you open the lock for me, I would not dare to step out unless you took me out and lift me into the air. I am waiting for your permission, your understanding.

Should I be selfish and just walk on the path I plan to pave for myself or should I walk on the paved road that you have mapped out for me. If I walk on my own path, I am afraid to leave you alone to fend for yourself. If I choose to walk with you on the mapped out path, I am afraid I will be stuck under the shadows of the trees along this road.

So, I seek your permission to let me fly and try to soar the sky. I want to stop being under your wing but I want to see your smiling face when you see me off.

I wish you could be more understanding of what I need right now at this critical stage. I guess you will not really understand.. because you are not in my shoe and you are walking along a tougher path than I am right now. But is comparison really apply here? I am not sure.

I wish you would hear me without being judgemental, without making comparisons. This is where we lost ourselves to in our relationship.

I could still remember vividly how we would spend time together, without feelings of boundaries. Now, everything have changed quite alot. Almost every word that comes out of me to reach out to you has to be taken into great consideration before being voiced out, afriad of speaking those which should not be spoken off. That is how huge the gap is now. I do not feel out true relationship anymore although I know I still love you. The gap has made apart of you in me gone missing.

Kids. How good it is to feel so selfless, so self-unconcious, so naive, so postive..

What is the real purpose of actually being borned to this world and then leave this world. Eventually, verything comes to an end. So, I wonder.. what purpose does human actually serves? What is the purpose of human existence in this place?

Does this universe actually starts from a speck of dust, or from nothing? What are we humans to something else.

Are we just creations of the supernatural beings? Do they actually exist? Are there actually invisible energies around that controls Feng Shui and how one's life will live?

So many questions with uncertainties..

No one actually knows what lies ahead of us a millennium later..

Maybe I should just limit my thoughts and look nearer into the future and try to solve these puzzles instead of wondering too far off. I am afriad I would wonder off too far and it would be too far then to reach out to me and bring me back to the current reality.

Let's just stop here for today.

Humans are created[i know no other words to describe] with the need to rest.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Milton told me he got something for me while @ the Work & Travel USA. He also told me that it is taking up space in his room. So I thought how huge can something be when you need to bring it back from the U.S., right? -_______-

Anyway, he keep inisting that it is taking up ALOT of space in his room. So, he decided to pass it to me a.s.a.p. which is like this morning when I picked him up for uni.

So.. apparently, this thing is so huge that it is taking up too much room in his room!

Judge for yourself..




Huge? No? But Milton thinks so!

Anyway, thx for the expensive gift ;) Appreciate it..

Sunday, 5 October 2008

There were no classes this week as we had a week off for 'study break'. It was good to have a week off to refresh my memory of all the modules that I took for the past 2 years as some modules in this semester was a continuous of the past modules. Besides that, it's a break for the Malaysian community for the celebration of Hari Raya which starts on Wednesday.

I have been to Bukit Tinggi to have a look around with the 'Fan Chen' group on tuesday. It was a pretty short trip up there as there were not much to sight and see. Just some here and there. More of a place for relaxing your mind as it is pretty peaceful and quiet up there. There temperature there was slightly cold too, something like Cameron I would say. Lots of conversation about modules offered in the School of Engineering, drilled into my head even as I was dozing off.4 out of 5 in the car were soon to be Engineering Graduates. That explains it all. Lol. Then we had an early dinner @ Mid Valley's Chillis and an early super @ La Manila. They have great cakes there at affordable prices. The place was pretty packed too.

Had Seraph's new puppy, Bb @ my place as she went back on Sunday or was it Monday.. I forgot x.x Anyway, she was hyper active. When I say hyper, I mean it. She never stays still for 2 seconds. 1 second at most. Ling Ling thought she was her pup and was pretty protective of her but dislike it when Bb hang around her. Lol. Pretty weird, huh? Bb learnt to climb the stairs only when there is food. This is how strong the power of food is when used againts Bb. Lol. She turns sulky and whiny when she wants out.. and then she shit when she's outside.. -_____- That is when she turns ugly.

Visited the 'Fun Fair' opposite my house on Thursday night expecting to get a little fun from it and little fun did we get. Spent about RM30 there and we got toys worthy of about less than 10 ringgit? Playing games with an obvious small chance of winning.. trying to get into the small old-fashioned ferris wheel but apparently only two person were allowed at a time. *sigh* apa ini.. Played BINGO too and among so many tens of players, only the first will be the winner. *sulks* Scammer, scammer, pants on fire wtf. Conclusion, it's a 'Scam Fair'

Finally decided to go to Queen's Park on Friday evening to check out if there is actually anything worth buying. Went there with a friend and we actually went with high hopes but the shopping experience actually turned out pretty ugly. There were loads of clothes of the exact same thing and same sizes. Huge piles of green and red t-shirt here and some other stuff there. Sizes were of L, XL, and XXL. You might be lucky to get some of the smaller sizes. Then again, there were some piles of clothes which looks different but I doubt that the cutting is good or the price just does not look like you just got yourself a bargain. Basically, there has to be something wrong somewhere. I did expect such things but not too much of them. They look pretty overboard to me. =/ Yea.. so it sums up that I am extremely dissapointed with the shopping trip @ Queen's Park. The thing I like about the place is just the label boards and the graphic design they made for the place. It looks good. Just that. Sadly.

We had sushi before we left. Less than 20 bucks and we were feeling pretty full although the sushi on the bar looks like as if they have been there for ages. I guess we went there at the wrong time because when we were about to leave, the place was about half full.

Feeling pretty shit and unsatisfied, we went to Pavillion after that XD So many beautiful things just inviting you to cash out your wallet till it is empty. Therefore, must.resist.temptaion. X.x argh.. Did not drop by OChacha although I have been craving for a drink there for the past few weeks because I do not feel it it anymore. Sometimes, you just crave for things when it is so hard for you to achieve but when it is finally infront of you, you do not want it anymore! Fan Chen. I know.

Sunday. Monday. and will be back to uni again. So many things to be sent to U.K. and Bermuda but I am being lazy about it.