Sunday, 31 August 2008

I thought I was just gonna sleep past the first few hours of Merdeka Day but I can't resist the temptation to shoot some fireworks.. without tripod. Wtf..BUT I like how the movement of the lights shaped like buildings. ;)So here's a nice one for the country!


Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!

they don't necessarily bring sparks of love. They might bring sparks of hate instead.

Couples' love, couples' fought.. it is just in the cycle. Al thought it is a norm for all human beings, it still brings pain to me, as a child, when my parents fought. No, I cannot just shut my ears and heart and pretend that nothing happened. What you feel will always be in you.

As your child, I have no right to voice out in between your arguments. All I could do is just look up the sky and hope that God would sparkle more love between them. Cupid would work harder to bring more harmony and love between them.

Dad, I wish you could spend more time with mom. I wish you could be a tad bit more understanding of what she is going through because of you.

I wish there was never big arguments in the family. I wish we were much closer that we would just really enjoy each others company.

I wish..

Reality always overrides.

I will just hope then.

Love you, mom and dad.


Lost like old Russ*edit*

It's a Saturday morning and going to be a long free day too but I just feel so grumpy and don't know what to do!

*what to do* *what to do*

I have been opening my Photoshop application for a kazillion times these days. Just to look at it, drag a few photo in, and then decide to close it again. Photoshop block? *wtf*

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Chinese are one of the many communities that has strong believes in the unexplained phenomenons, the supernaturals. It has been known by many with the spread through word of mouth that there really is such thing as "Feng Shui". Even community of other races put their believes in it. Therefore, there is no doubt these elements of water, fire, wood and metal plays a role in our lives, in their own way.

Just a month back, a Sifu came to my house to have a look at these element so that they can be adjusted to give my family a better quality of health and wealth. Also, to have everything smooth sailing, a peaceful life and any other things. The Sifu came with a man who is in his middle age. That man is claimed to be some one who has the ability to see those of the after life as in spirits. While the Sifu moves his compass around the house and jot down all the particulars on a piece of paper, my mom brought the man to tour around our house. At the end of the tour, he told my mom that there is a man figure standing outside of the master bedroom when he looked up from the ground floor.

After the Sifu has done all his measurements and thinking, he tells of the placements of elements at the wrong places and how they should be done. It seems like this house has a hack of a bloody bad Feng Shui. All the renovation seriously need a lot of work and not to mention capital which could easily cost more than 100k. That was so shockingly crazy. Omg, we might as well just get another house, ain't that right? We were told to shift the place of our gate, demolish some toilets on ground floor and also second floor, and then place them elsewhere, and also cover the hole which enables people to see from the 2nd flr to the grd floor and vice versa. X.x Basically, the house will look pretty messy and ugly after that x.X because some rooms will now be without bathroom which is pretty inconvenient, don't you think so?

Next destination is a newly bought office space. Apparently, the best choice is to sell off that piece of property because the amount of supernatural beings there are so many that it would be hard to handle if we were to ever want to operate an office there. Omg x.x That sounds really freaky. Do you know what is the amount mentioned? SIX, alright. That like so bloody many of them! I'm never gonna go there again *chicken out* They also mentioned that for the time being, during our next visit there, we should get 6 packets of goat curry rice for them. The Sifu even chanted for a period of time before we leave..

I wonder what is next X.X

P/S: I always thought that houses with prayer tables will be places where the other supernatural beings will not be able to enter. I guess I was wrong x.x

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Monday, 18 August 2008

The battle between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan already seems to be a tough one for Malaysia from the very beginning. However, Malaysians still support Lee Chong Wei and hope for the best because we believe in him! Go Chong Wei!!

The results turn out 21-12 for the first match and 21-8 for the 2nd match. If the spectators were to be neutral, they would already have a prediction of 2-0 for the match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei. For some reason, Chong Wei seems to be less semangat during the match while Lin Dan seems to be superior on the court. Lin Dan was controlling the game and it is inevitable that Lin Dan's skill was damn good. He has got really got stamina compare to Lee's. Besides that, his smashes seems really powerful! They were strong, far, fast and slow! When Chong Wei defends that kind of blow, he has no time to defend the same blow again. That seems to be the tactic that has made Chong Wei tired and also unable to defend the 2nd blow.

Although this is a match of the 1st seed and 2nd seed, it seems like the performance by both of them show a vast difference. Maybe there is other factor that has affected Lee's performance as he is able to defeat Lin Dan as have shown in the past although not as many times as Lin Dan has defeated him.

During the match, everyone seems to notice that the energy drink that Lin Dan was drinking was red while the one Chong Wei was drinking was in Blue and there was much comment about it was some drugs or ginseng drinks. Lol. Not as an insult but just for laughter purposes and also to deny the fact that it was a fair match because it looks so easy for Lin Dan. Lol. Cheers to both players!

However, now that the match is over, we an only place hope in the next match. But this does not mean I have stop supporting for out Malaysian Badminton team! My support is always there.

Fow now, let's be proud of the first Olympic Silver for Malaysia!

Malaysia Boleh!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Yesterday was the last day of Nikon Photography Talks and Tips @ Ikano Power Centre. Yea, I am the type of person that doesn't attend to something until the very last moments. >.< Anyway, there were actually many good and interesting talks during the four days that it was held but too bad I live so far away and working for long hours during weekdays make you prioritise the things you would like to do to make the best out of your weekends.

Atleast I was determined to go during the last day, aight? Although I missed the first talk ;D the first one that I listen to was Learning Photography II. As it was such a broad topic. I did not really know what to expect. Maybe something to do with using the right techniques at the right place and environment? But my thoughts pretty strayed off what the actual talk was about.

I can't really remember how the talk started but what Alex Moh said along the way really triggered alot of my thoughts. The talk was actually more about the evolution of photography. It was an evolution from cave sketching to cave drawing to drawing on papers and then to capturing the moments as images. When you look @ an image, or a photograph perhaps, you are actually reading it instead of just looking at it blantly. You brain will try to process it and figure out the story in the photograph. Just like how one says that a picture speaks a thousand words // more than words.

Photographers are people with precious skills back to the days when photographs are just black and white. There is a set of rules that need to be followed in order to be known as a good photographer. No blurry pictures but pictures with certain composition and also lighting. With the evolution of the camera comes along the evolution of people's perception of a good picture. What used to be against the rules of photography turn to be something so jaw-dropping and imaginative that it captured the heart and stop the time of many people who takes a peek on the new technique of photography. Photography has turned into art in some sense instead of just plain photgraphy. However, some people only likes to be claimed as a photographer or as an artist. So he says,"I don't draw and I don't paint, therefore, I was never an atist". So she says,"I can only shoot good photographs but never ask me what aperture or what setting to use when shooting a certain picture." It all actually makes sense. You can either be a photographer, an artist or both when you are holding a camera. It is actually a tool which you can handle when given a different set of skills and//or thoughts. Photography do not only revolves around potraits and good scenery shots anymore. It involves concepts and imaginative skills needed to manipulate the images that was shot. Photography now includes photo manipulation. Not just capturing images and print it out as what is captured. A good sunset would attracts Wows and Woos back then but now, a picture comprising of a huge tree with a dog pee-ing beside the tree would generate amusement and silent thoughts in awe. It does not matter if the compoisiton is comprised of objects from 2 images made into one. What is important is the composition of the picture, the story that it tells.

Actually, it pretty much shocks me when he said that photography is no more complete without being digitally enhanced as in edited in programmes such as photoshop. I was actually talking to a friend about it some few days ago or so. I am a person who looks up to people who create amazing shots without any digital enhancement but it seems like that staement of his pretty much shook the thought that I believe in so much. I asked my friend what is a real photographer if you edit every image that you shoot to make it look perfect? Am I actually wrong? Or am I old fashion? What is the use of a good tool if you do not make the best out of what it can do? I guess I was wrong right from the beginning. Or maybe just a little. This depends on the perception of photography by every person. Everyone is unique on its own and therefore bare different views on every subject.

He also mentioned that the advancement of camera technology has enabled everyone who shoots a picture to be a photographer. No matter if it was an accidental shot, a shot with a digital camera or a shot with a camera built-in phone. Back to those days when the camera technology has just advanced to the stage of manual film photography, photography was still so ever precious. If you would like to venture into photography, it would cost you a fortune as every shot would cost you a film. Moreover, there was no option for you to change your aperture or your ISO. Yes, it was much much harder back then. Now, people can just take multiple shots and more than often, over shoots an object. The basic of camera handling has lessen and everyone seems to be able to afford this 'expensive tool' as a hobby. I wonder if it can still labelled as expensive anymore. SLRs were so rare back then that you can barely catch a glimpse of it in action unless you are in a Camera Shop//Photo Shop to get your passport//identity card photo shot. The richer range of people would maybe have a longer glimpse of it when going for family potrait shots. Now, it seems that everywhere you go, there would be a person holding a dslr, not to mention that these people includes those in the range of about 14 to 17 years old. Has it become really oh-so affordable? Anyway, I am not being bias to the younger generation of photographers. Just comparing the access to a Dslr few years back then to now.

Really, Alex Moh has just taken me on a ride to the other side of photography.

Photography has turned pretty much abstract and everyone seems to have a different perception about it. Again, the way of handling a camera and its setting depends on ones preference.

I am now looking at a bigger picture of photography.

Thank you.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My mom dreamt that you came home on the first night, then my friend dreamt that you were home as well. Today, my kakak dreamt that you came down the hill too. MY mom says that the reality is always the opposite of your dream. That is what the old people says. I am standing on my ground and not believing it because I believe that dreams do come true and I am being optimistic today.

You will come home today..

Monday, 4 August 2008