Thursday, 31 July 2008

Friday, 25 July 2008

Since the day I own MY canon, my life has turned more colourful and interesting. Photography has been my interest since a long time ago but I did not have the courage to actually purchase a DSLR as it is not an inexpensive machine. Therefore, I am grateful for the courage 2 months ago which leads me to become a proud owner of the my now CANON 400D. I did not regret it over other models because prefering other models over my own will only give dissatisfaction and disrupt the enjoyment of capturing those beautiful moments and surrounding.

It is almost 2 months old. Sounds like short but feels like a long period because I can no longer live without it eventhough I have been with it for about 2 months (only).

It has been about a month ago since I last went on a photoshot trip. It feels really good to be on the road again capturing the beautiful sceneries outside my doorstep. My latest destination has to be @ Pasar Seni. I went to Central Market, Chinatown and also our legendary Dataran Merdeka. I have been to these places but I have not walked that big an are before during the previous visits. My memory of the road to these places are like puzzle. Bits of it here and there. In the end, I walked in a big round from Chinatown to Dataran Merdeka and I found out that Dataran Merdeka was actually just behind Central Market. * big sigh* What's more. It seems like I have lost touch on all the knowledge of handling MY CANON setting. It feels frustrating when I can't remember what I was suppose to change, what was actually wrong. It was only later that I regain my sense of handling those settings.

My battery collapse when I found a long stretch of graffiti on the way after finish shooting @ Dataran Merdeka *another sight* I shall return another day! Lol.

I finally walk back into Central Market and decided to have a meal @ Old Town and the uncle @ the counter was really friendly. He asked me where I was from and if I am still a student bla bla bla.. I told him that I was just around taking pictures a moment ago and he asked me why not I take the photos of Old Town and I told him my camera just ran out of battery. ;( Then he told me to makan there instead of tapau home. I looked @ my watch and it says 15 minutes past 8 which means I still have about 50 minutes till the end of the duration for the next hour of my parking ticket. So I agreed and I had my meal there. IT was great. Everything was hot. The uncle kept offering me a glass of water but I told him I had water with me. It was really friendly and nice of him, huh? Before I left, he gave me a name card and ask me when will I be back to shoot his Old Town. Haha.. I'll be back for sure.. *wink*

While @ Central Market, a stall selling Chinese Paintings caught my eye. It was actually a painting of panda that caught my eye. As many of you might know, I have an addiction towards Panda. In the end, I got one for myself for about RM 15 where else I will not actually spend RM 15 for something I thought does not fit the price. That's my weakness. x.x Anything panda. Lol. Even though I am a little of an anti-hello kitty fanatic person, I still think it looks good when they create a Hello Kitty which is a cross-breed with a panda. Ya, wtf. Why did they do such a thing to the panda. x.x

I also find it amazing that 4 people actually talk to me as in more than a mind-my-own-job and a hello-bye kind of conversation. It makes me feel really good to belong here where people are friendly. *smiles* Everything makes up my day for the lost of touch on MY CANON.

There goes another day that carves a smile on my face when I recall those moments again in the future.

P/S: Will upload pictures later on.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

It is Durian Season again! King of all fruits in Malaysia. Therefore, if you are not craving for it, you are not Malaysian because I have not met any Malaysian that dislike Durian. Maybe there is.. but I have not been lucky enough to know one. Hmm.. just thinking about it makes me salivate..

My hometown used to be a small village surrounded with loads of Durian plantations. For a matter of fact, my grandfather use to own a few but they are now left unattended or they have been changed to the Palm Oil Plantation. I still remember when we were still kids, my dad would bring us to the Durian plantation. We would enjoy the bumpy ride into the plantation dark at night as it felt so adventourous. Then we would stay under a small pondok where people in the plnatation usually rest when they are working in the plantation. We would wait eagerly for the sound of Durian dropping onto the ground while I get irritated with the mozzies because I tend to attract mozzies where ever I go -____- A very unfortunate talent. Wtf. Anyway, sometimes we would grow tired and soon doze off on my mother's lap. When we have a few in collection, we would then start the feast of eating durian in the plantation itself. It is just so fun. Having a group of people together, talking and waiting for durians to drop. Thinking about how simple things were back then just brings a smile back to my face. I wish things were that simple everyday.

That reminds me of what my mom and my aunts used to tell me whenever we feast on durians. They told me that my brother and we were such Durian Cacing (Durian addict) that even before we learn how to crawl, we would try to get near to the durian in whatever way of moving or crawling. Lol. Damn gila durian >.

Well, maybe it sounds typical of all malaysian to crave for durain. However, there is one thing I am sure just a tiny weeny small percentage of Malaysian have tried before. That is... Durian rice! Lol.. Some of you might be wondering what the heck is durian rice? Durian smashed and cooked together with rice? Hmm.. not in this case. We do not put so much effort in making this durian race. More over, all the vitamins and nutritions would be gone by then, right? So, the dish that we call durian rice in our family is just simply savouring durians alongside with rice. Just as simple as that. Hehee.. The ang mo will definately be puking by now.

However, that will not stop me from presenting the Durain rice!!! Tadaaa~~

Do not blame me if you do not like it after you have tried it. Everyone's preference is different, true?

It actually started about 18 years back when my family was not in a good financial position. Our family have to try and save every penny we could because we do not even have the money to buy milk. Therefore, my father would bring back durians from the plantation and we would just be more than happy to have durian rice feast! It was the best we could have and it is our favourite too! So, there is no reason for us to complain right? Thus, born the 'Durian rice' meal in our family!

To be frank with you, it's not actually true. Haha.. we do not start eating durian rice because of that. Durians were not that cheap as they are today. It has actually started even during the years before I was born. By the time I was born, I was just passed down this trait. Long time ago, back to when we were still kids and living on the third floor of a shop house. My dad called home to tell my mom that she do not need to cook anything but rice that night for dinner. My mom was pretty puzzled but she did as said and later found out that the dishes that my dad brough home were durians! Lol. So we really had meals with just rice and durians. Therefore, it is not a weird thing for us. ;)

However, it is hard to get good durians these days. The lorry that carries the durians to the market used to smell so good and strong that you can even smell it far away before you can see the durians arriving! It is that amazing! But now, when you are just behind the durian truck, you can never smell a thing. Sad. Really. They have commercialized durians to the stage that it has became available anytime, at a very very cheap price and every freaking durian would be labelled 24D. -___________- Will the history of great king of all fruits be revived? Very unlikely..

Saturday, 12 July 2008

It was early in the morning when I arrived in my office. The sky was still dark. There was just silence at the corridor. I can hear the lonely sound of my heels moving fast to reach the office. I reach for my keys to open the multi security locks. Once I was inside, I felt so relieved. It feels so safe to be inside, under such high level of security. I was filled with thirst after the furious heart beats drained the energy from my body. I took off the lid of the teapot to check on the water level and I got a real fright from what I saw in the teapot. There was a dead thing inside. It was black and its feet was shrunk close to the body. It just floats on top of the water. There was no sign of life at all..

Du dup... du dup.. du dup...

I went to look near it again and I found out that it is a dead spider. Yet another victim had fallen @ the Well of Death of the Spider community.

'The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.'
Lol. Just something lame I made up while in the office to entertain myself -____- Ya, abit sad, right? What to do, there's nobody else in the office -.-;; Anyway, it's a true fact that I found a dead spider inside the teapot every morning. Lucky me I have this habit of checking the inside of the pot every morning. If it was otherwise, would have been drinking water with dead spder flavour everyday -______- Nope, don't like the thought of it. So, yea, I'm glad.

Lalala... it is just plain weird. There never fails to have ONE dead spider inside the pot every morning. Just one and not more or less. Weird, eh? Like I said, it is like a Well of Death for the spiders. They send one representative to try their luck every night while the humans are gone but they fail to get the water souce and die each time.

Anyway, I told my mom about it and she came up with this ancient thing that people use to cover the tip of the teapot. You can look at it from the picture below..

Nah.. it is not that ancient.. Lol.. I was just kidding.

Hmm.. talking about teapot reminds me of the teapot song. Anyone remember the nursery teapot song? -________-;; I can't recall.


Anyway, half way typing out this entry, I start to get busy and I only finish this entry on the 12th of July, in the wee hour of the day. 12:42 a.m. -___- Chisin ahh~~ Suddenly so many things to do!! What's more, I'll be going to the Basketball tournament in Bkt Jalil tomorrow! Without training!! Weee~ Go sung sei.. Omg -______-

Sei laaa~~ 1 a.m. laaa~~ Sleep laaa~~

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Anchor's back! Anchor's back!! It's just so unbelivable that she's finally back after so many day!!!

I'm glad They heard my prayers and I'm glad that they led her back through the right route! I can't help smiling on the way home. It has to be my happiest moment!! Lalalalaaaa~~

Thanks to all the people who have been searching for her up and down the hill these 4 days! You guys did an amazing job!

Finally, I'll squeeze her for being such a tough thing for conquering the mountains and be able to find her way out! She's amazing is it not? Even her feets are all hurt >.<


Saturday, 5 July 2008

My mom dreamt that you came home on the first night, then my friend dreamt that you were home as well. Today, my kakak dreamt that you came down the hill too. MY mom says that the reality is always the opposite of your dream. That is what the old people says. I am standing on my ground and not believing it because I believe that dreams do come true and I am being optimistic today.

You will come home today..

Friday, 4 July 2008

I'm really missing her. Please pray to God and ask Him to lead her home to us. Please. I'm missing her so much it really aches my heart to know that we have not found her back yet. It has been more than 24 hrs and she's still out there somewhere.

My dad has been searching for her since yesterday night, 3rd round now, since about 6 and he is still out there searching without dinner. Please, have mercy on her and us. Lead her back to us. I want her back so much I keep thinking about her since the news of her getting lost.

Dear Anchor, come back to us. I miss you. I want you back now. God, please hear my prayers and bring her back to us, safe and sound. She has even got bits of white fur among her silky black fur. She is not young anymore. I am really worried for her. Please, bring her back to us. We love her dearly. So much as she is part of the family. Please Anchor, come back to us. I cannot bear the thought of getting flashback of this incident in the future. I love you and I want you back so much.

I hope she's still doing well out there till we found her. I know she will. I just want to hug her so much now. The thought of her always wondering at the parking bay just keeps appearing in my mind. I keep seeing her in my mind. I want her back so much, right now.. please come back.. I am longing for you to come back and I will be waiting here for you tll you come back. Please.. come back if you love me too.. and I know you do. So, please, come back to us..

Come back to us. I don't want to be without you.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Anchor's not home yet ); I'm worried about her and I miss her >.<

Please come home..