Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bonjour? Yo estoy bien?

Full tummy makes happy people.

Happy together..

Shit face Milton hiding his face.

Two missing from the photo..

The Rejected package being sent back to the rubbish city finally.. the last post-__________-

Yea.. they're so cheap here that you smokers can plan your retirement here and smoke till you die .. wtf..

After meals, people tend to get energetic XD

the title says it all

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Uncollected results were mass e-mailed to everyone in the Business School today. I got mine and I'm upset with the result I got. Although it is just like what I have predicted, expected, I'm still upset about it. About why I do not have such determination to stick to the plan and put in more effort to get better results.

Next term will be the beginnng of my last year in uni. Just one year more and I will be a graduate from Nottingham. Sounds grand but I really hope I had great determination to put in so much more extra effort into my final year. Talks have all it have been during the past 2 years. Talks. Like many other people. Determination to get better scores next academic year will be my only wish this year. Just determination. Let's make it come true..


Had some conversations with uni friends over the phone today. Yea, results do remind and make us query about our friends condition when you have been seperated for about a month now. Some back to being closer to their families, some far away craving for more exposure and some still around the same environment. Stories of internship, travels and everyday life elsewhere.

Some seems to be loaded with piles of work but learning alot of things and gaining much experience in their internship while some are stuck in companies giving them clerical work. Less important tasks that has piled up at the corner of the office waiting for interns to clean up the mess. Most would be gven simple job like passing documents, photostating, labeling files and little tiny tiny works that need to be done here and there. I can't deny that they have mis-categorised their 'job post'. Interns are out to learn things regarding their respective fields while helping out in your company. That's why they are given salaries amount RM 500 to RM 1,000 depending on their job specification. You do not regard a short term clerk as an intern. Damn, that frust me up.

Not like it has anything to do with me anymore. I resigned from my intern on Monday so that can be at my father's office again. Yup. Just staying for 2 weeks and I am saying goodbye to it. Barely learn anything while at work. It is not an option. Just a one way street. I can't deny that I left my internship with a really heavy heart because I really wanted to stay there for 3 months. Really. I can see it all coming soon. Soon.. after two weeks, I will get to learn more about the company process. Learn the real thing about sales and marketing. Gah..

Talking about studying and working makes me think about the future again. How it is all blurry. I hate to deny the fact that I am one of those who are unsure of my future. What would my future pospect be after being a graduate? What route does my piece of certificate actually offer? It's all blurry and still is. I have no idea where to go and what to aim at. I'm just on the way to becoming a lost sheep, getting trap in the rat race.

Working life is not worse than studying. It is the process of knowing what you are aiming at, starting the plan and progess of getting what you want. It is not until you get to let go of a soothing deep breath that you can now settle down. Once you have settle down the world would seems so at peace for you. Nothing much really matter anymore.. Desires.. dreams.. it all seems so sweet when they come true. Makes you feel like you're in heaven..

Sometimes, it feels weird looking at how the world works. How most things are different. The effort that some people put into their work and the result of it. More effort doesn't necessarily means better results.. that's the way things work. Just weird..


Saturday, 7 June 2008

Then we makan @ Kfc which is just beside those beautiful yacths..

Next destination : Crocodile Farm. Claimed to be one of the biggest Crocodile Farm.. but seems.. pretty small. The feeding moment is interesting xD

Then, we're off to the beach! *woot* and look what we did xD

Makan time again!

Then we wonder off again..

till it's time for alcohols and pools xD

Thursday, 5 June 2008

I recieved a phone call from my brother informing me about the rise in fuel price. He told me to fill up my car tank as it will rise about 70 cents for petrol and 1 ringgit for diesel.

We calculated and we thought, with my half tank of fuel, I'm just gonna save about 14 ringgit. It's not gonna worth spending a long time there waiting at the queue to save this much. But I thought why not since I don't have much to do at home.

So I decided to head for the Shell station @ Saujana Impian, Kajang. I was thinking, it could not be that long.. When I reach there, there is already a long queue of cars quite a distance away from the petrol station. I waited for a while and I got impatient. So I drove out from the queue and lucky enough, there is another line of queue which is nearer to the station. From that moment onwards, time just seems to stay. It took me half an hour to move to the entrance of the petrol station and half an hour more to reach the petrol pump. I was shocked when the petrol station assistant told me that the credit card terminals are not working. I was frozen there for a moment because I only have 10 ringgit cash in my wallet. Wtf. Then, he told me to try it first and I tried. Lucky enough, my card was accepted. XD

So, what happened during my wait?

First, I actually took time to see the sunset there (have to, right? since I'm stuck there)

Second, I saw a plane flew by.. haha..

Third, I actually witness the low mentality of some people in this situation. They tried to get into the station through every entry and EXIT. Yes, exit. It's still fine when they do that but puh-leez. You could atleast use your brain even if it's after working hour. These people tried to squeezed in through any empty space @ the exit and if you have common sense, you would be asking this question by now: where do the cars go out then? There's no place for the cars to flow out would the the exact answer. Do you get my point? So, why would these people block all the exit when they know that there's no where else the car can go out through? It totally made me go OMGawd.. seriously.. Why not be civilised and followed the initial function or the entry and exit? I'm sure it will be more efficient this way, right? Rather than the hassle of the petrol station assistants having to clear the traffic away to make way for the cars to go out. It's so simple but people just doesn't seems to understand. Gawd. No out, no in. Understand? and that leads to no petrol for you and more of wasting your time! *sigh*

Fourth, good samaritans. People actually get out of their car to help ease the flow. I guess that's the only thing they can do to speed up the flow and get ther tank filled up faster.

Fifth, because of stupid people blocking the EXIT driveway, some cars are having difficulty driving out and hence, an estima has to reverse and unconciously, kind of sweep the side of another car and not noticed it. There's goes the savings from filling up the tanks today rather than tomorrow..

Sixth, good samaritans helping to push a kancil which is probably out of fuel.. aww..

So, here's the pictures..

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Been a week plus since I updated my blog with updates. So here goes another round of updates.

Internship started yesterday for Nc and me. Different places. She's @ KPMG and I'm @ Capsuco. My working schedule is pretty much short xD 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday and from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. How awesome is that.

So if you work at KPMG, your pay is..

RM800 / [5(days) * 8(hours) = RM 5/hr

and if you work at Capsuco, your pay is..

RM500 / [4(days) * 6(hours) = RM 5.21/hr
However, ofcourse, we learn different things and there's different opportunities in both internship. In KPMG, you could probably learn a great deal about working in a large corporate and about taxing and audits. In Capsuco, I'm learning about sales and marketing, entrepreneurship and the business process in a Small Medium Enterprise.

Different stuff.. both with their good points.

The rest of the gangs..

While some are participating in the Work and Travel USA programme, trying to haul as much US Dollars as possible and get some travelling experience there, some are assisting their family business, some preparing to transfer to the UK campus and some having holiday in the other part of the whole. Everyone busy with their own plans for the summer. Spread out and divided for good. There sure is gonna be alot of story telling by the start of the next semester, ey?


After a week back from Langkawi, I was off to Singapore for a short holiday trip with my parents and a friend. It was pretty awesome besides the maddening incident in Sentosa island.

So, yea, my Birthday was spent in Lankawi. Nothing special. Alot of walking, sightseeing and happiness.. until when night comes. Wtf.

Anyway, I had my first few candles of the year stuck onto a paper cup of Ben & Jerryoof of Vivocity with the night view of the Sentosa Bridge and the Singapore Harbour!

Then two days later which is in the wee hours of last Sunday, I blew the candles on a small cake, Green Tea Cake. Not bad. The cakes from this Suki Bakery is pretty good.

So, what did I get this year? Another round of wishes from nice people around me through..

Sms :

Seraph - Hey, happy birthday n happy Singapore trip... slp early.. haha.. What's with the sleep early.. x______________x;;

Cindy - Hey. Happy birthday....... happy birthday...... happy birthday... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... happy birthday..... Semangat.. lol.

Erinn - Happy birthday babe! Have fun! Thx, Erinn.

Vincent called and I told him I'm @ Sg. Then he replied..
Vincent - Ok, spore sms back rm1/msg.. haha.. Juz wanna wish you happy birthday! Not bad your holiday there.. Call me up when u back.. Cheers! Yea.. Will call you up soon..

Hui Wei - Happy birthday Patricia! Have fun in Singapore! C ya Ya, had fun! Hehe..

Albert - Happy birthday 2 u, Happy Birthday 2 u, Happy Birthday 2 pacific, Happy Birthday 2 u. Haha... Wish u hav a wonderful birthday n blessing comin days. >.< Pacific your head la. Chis...

Nai Cin - Pat pat. Happy birthday!! Go'g anywhr 2 celebrate or x? D curve? Lols. Btw, u sew d hippo's mouth edy or x? I'm in Singapore. Aiyah.. forgot must go the Curve XP. If I haven sew the Hippo mouth, you'll come and sew it for me? XD

Dad & Mom - Happy Birthday to u, hope all the best throut yr future. From Dad & Mom. So sweet XP *hug hug*

Boon Hong - Pat pat happy bday. Every1 wanting to be the 1st to with u? But i choose to be the last. Coz im always so special. Yay! Special your head. Almost forget then wanna cover up neh?

Facebook :

Cindy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Muackzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Again in Facebook. Hahaha..

Xinlong - Oh just drop by to say Happy Birthday Pat² !!xD Oh. Thank yuu. Where's my prezzie?

Soon Yee - hoi, happy birthday.... Hoi! Wish people like that one ah? Chis.

Pui San - muahahaha good thing u catch up so quick. happy birthday! 48 hours is quite long actually XD

Kevin - Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Getting old now!! hey ur going to catch up with me BODO!
Nha love u really hope all is going well! Come to london to visit! Happy birthday again!
Bodo! you'll always be older than me! I'll never catch up. Nyahaha..

Hannah - Happy Birthday! Thank you. How are you doing?

Jason - Happy Birthday!! Thks XD

Ronald - perempuan, happy birthday :P Apa ini -.- Perempuan...

Eilyn - hey pattie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! yeah come over and we'll have a massive reunion!! hope everything is ok and BEST OF LUCK for ur placement. love u darling. I'bb definately come over when I had the money!~~ Love you too!

Marene - hey hun~ happy birthday~! havent seen ya in ages, miss u, hope u're doing well! =D how's things going for u?? im so busy wiv uni n work, hehe exams coming up! *__* anyways, hope you have a great bday! xoxo Marene

Pei Hui - hey pat..happy birthday!!! hows holiday going on??=p

CK - happy birthday~ Thx.

Terrina - Happy Bday PAT :) Omg! It's so good to hear from you again!

and Msn Msger :

Khai Hung - Happy Birthday~ Thank you!!~

Thanks peeps and I'm sorry if I did not reply you. Been busy and tired. Very sleepy right now.. and it's just 7.00 p.m. x.x zZzz~

what else have I got..

I've got myself a Canon Dslr xD (finally!!) and .. I got a new toshiba laptop subwoofer to replace my old broken one and a new moouussee from my mousy brother! Hohoho..

So fun..