Wednesday, 30 April 2008

At this century of time, most of us are signed up with one or more social networking portal such as Frienster, Facebook or MySpace. These are amazing ideas of money making portals. They generate millions of revenue per day just with the advertisements in their portals. However, these millions of dollars belong to them and only them.

Today, I came across this new social networking portal called ZenZuu. However, it is different from other social networking portal in the sense that this company promise to pay out a total of 80% of their total revenue to their members!

It's free to join. Therefore, there's nothing to lose. Just log in and try it for free with the link below!

At this century of time, most of us are signed up with one or more social networking portal such as Frienster, Facebook or MySpace. These are amazing ideas of money making portals. They generate millions of revenue per day just with the advertisements in their portals. However, these millions of dollars belong to them and only them.

Today, I came across this new social networking portal called ZenZuu. However, it is different from other social networking portal in the sense that this company promise to pay out a total of 80% of their total revenue to their members!

It's free to join. Therefore, there's nothing to lose. Just log in and try it for free with the link below!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Exam will officially start for me @ 1.30 p.m. on the 29th of April 2008 which is on Tuesday.

But.. guess where I went yesterday (since it's 1.38 a.m., Saturday already)? Pavillion. Initial plan was to go there at 11 and leave at 3 but due to unforseen circumstances, I end up back @ Kajang at around 8.30. Such a vast difference. 6 1/2 hrs different. The trip back was delayed from 3 to 5.30 and I end up in a traffic with my friends. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the after-working-hour-jam in KL. Yea. Guess what. We were stuck in traffic for about 2 hours.

So, we took our dinner in Tmn. Segar's night market and headed home.

More over, my main mission to go to KL today was to get some nice chocolates for my brother as his late prezzie (due to 'busy' study schedules) and I just found out he went to Singapore yesterday. Wtf. wtf.. Must wake up early tomorrow to take back the chocolates before they melt in his-super-exposed-to-sun room.

And I asked him, what did he do in Sg. He sed he watched Forbidden Kingdom in Sg. Wtf. I would have watched Dance of the Dragon since it is not screened in M'sia. Wtf.

Anyway, since he's in Sg, should get him to get me something. So, what's nice in Sg? I told him to get me some Ben & Jerry no matter how. Wtf. Yeala.. damn inconsiderate but I feel like fucks (it's an expression not an action) right now.


Went to the library to borrow 2 requested books and wanted to renew my Accounting Information System book but it was requested. YEa. On the same fucking day and when I requested for it, I'm like.. 3rd on the fucking list. Shit. With one book under one-week loan due since the 15th of April. Some fucktard just doesn't know how to return the book. Been due almost 2 weeks, weh! Shit.

Our library just doesn't provide enough book -_____-

So frust la. If I don't get that book, how to study for exam! More over, I have 2 books that are gonna be due before that module's paper and so have to be returned before the paper because there are request for the books. However, it's just 3-4 days before the paper. Return the books and be without them during that intense duration? No way lor. I'd rather pay the fucking fine of RM 1.00 per day. Wtf. Screw the library. I don't care if I'm being fucking inconsiderate. Ya. People are damn selfish during important periods of their academic calender.

I was thinking, maybe I don't have to own these core textbooks through the illegal way, photostating. But, I just had to be the bad person either way. To the authors, or to my coursemates. Wtf. Since I don't have the photostated copies and it's too merugikan to buy those freaking ass expensive books right now, I'd rather be a badd ass and not return the books on time as requested and pay those fucking RM 1 fine everyday.

Exam stress finally kicked in since yesterday. Feels like crappy shit right now.

Fuck the uni for not giving us appropriate lenght of break after the first sem and study break for this sem's exam.


and I just realise that some idiot has been messing up with one of my facebook application by posting some mutha-fucker comment. It's so rude it's not even funny. Cibai. Friend or not, sometimes I think you guys should really use your brain and not cross the border. Being friendly and playing a joke is one thing. Crossing the fucking line is another. So better use your brain to think next time before you want to ask, comment, say and write something really stupid and ridiculous.

Fuck shit.


P/s: this has got to be my most shitty post up-to-date.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Yeala. His full name. Shows that I'm damn proud of him. Wtf.

He's a nice brother overall. Although sometimes, he's like a pain in the ass. Well, I'm sure that goes for all of us including myself. Wtf.

Anyway, happy birthday brother Lim! You're now 24. Old already. Hahaha!~ But that doesn't mean I'm old when I'm 24 because he's always the older one and I'm the younger one. Therefore, I'm always young, ok?!

and... being the 'nicer' sibling, I made him something! It's very original and comes deep from my heart! Haha..

Damn cute nehh... Hohoho..

I also bought him a Black Forest cake from Suki and I told the girl at the counter that I want the wordings to be Happy Buttday, Jason! but she changed it to 'Happy Birthday, Jason! Chis la. -___________- So boring. But it might be God's will because suddenly at night, my dad decided to invite a big bunch of his friends to our house to celebrate ah Ko's birthday. o.O

I also wanted to get him those Tiramisu chocolates! but I woke up late today.. like really late.. -________________________- So, next time la ha, Ko. XD

Anyway, I hope that you will treat us (especially me. Birthday coming. *hint* *hint*) in the family better! Hohoho~ It is never enough. and.. as for you, all the best in the coming exam! Get married soon! So that can I have nephew and niece and get one more packet of Ang Pow everywhere after that! Haha..

Nite nite luu... have to study x.x

Hugz hugz

P/s: Apparently, Earth Day is born on the same day as my brother's birthday as well!!
The message that I have sent across with the Dangerous Lobster Dish post have been quite unclear and weak, as there is no support which states that those mini lobsters are indeed scientifically dangerous to human health. Therefore, I have been surfing around trying to dig some facts about it. I have googled for informations regarding Crustaceans and also Paragonimiasis,which is a kind of infection linked to Crustaceans.

According to Wikipedia, crustaceans (Crustacea) are a large group of arthropods and are usually treated as a subphylum. They include various familiar animals, such as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, crayfish and barnacles. The majority of them are aquatic, living in either fresh water or marine environments, but a few groups have adapted to terrestrial life.

So, it's clear that these yummy seafood (such as lobsters, crabs, and shrimps) which we love to consume are grouped as Crustaceans. According to the recently forwarded e-mail about the treats of the mini lobster dish, it is mentioned that this particular small crustacean should not be consumed by humans because they are toxic to our body. They contain some kind of substance which can infect our lungs and cause death.

After some googling, I have stumbled upon some facts about Paragonimiasis which is mentioned in the forwarded-mail. Paragonimiasis is a food-borne parasitic infection caused by the lung fluke, which is most commonly known as Paragonimus westermani. It is mainly caused by ingestion of raw and undercooked freshwater crabs or crayfishes (Crustaceans).

It is stated in Wikipedia that the infection of P. westermani is a serious disease. Symptoms of lung fluke infection can include cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and hives. The parasite can migrate to other organs, and infection can last for years. Miracidium which hatches from Paragonimus eggs in fresh water infects crustaceans, where they form cysts in gills and muscles. When consumed, the parasite penetrates through the gut wall, migrates through the abdominal cavity and passes the diaphragm, where it develops into adult worms. The classical symptoms of a fully developed infection is bloody sputum in which Paragonimus eggs can be demonstrated, and Paragonimus is, therefore, an important differential diagnosis to tuberculosis. In the migratory phase, elevated eosinophils and IgE are common. Diagnosis can be aided by detection of specific antibodies.

It is specifically mentioned that this infection is very common in the East Asia. An estimated 80% of Crustaceans in Asia carry P. westermani. A crab species, Eriocheir which is said to be an important food in Japan and Korea is known as a second intermediate host of the parasite. However, the usual food sterilization methods with pickles and salts used in most Asean kitchens do not kill these infective organism! In China, there are many well-known dishes cooked with rice-wineDrunken Crab is one of the very famous dish among the Chinese. However, it is said that this dish is especially risky in causing Paragominiasis. An experiment was done to verify the safety level of Crustacean dishes infected with parasites. The crabs which were immersed in wine containing 47% alcohol for about 3 to 5 minutes were fed to cats and dogs. These animals had a 100% infection rate, which states that even 47% can do no harm to these parasites.

However, there can also be accidental transfer of these parasites to other unrelated dishes. These parasites can move around and get transferred to cooking utensils and still be alive. They will then get transferred to other dishes during the cooking process. Besides that, when people consume animals that feed on crustaceans (e.g. boar), there is a high chance that they will be infected as well. This is due to a point which I would like to emphasize again. They survive in raw and undercooked crustacean dishes which means they would probably still be alive when they are stuck on other raw and undercooked dishes!

Therefore, try to avoid raw and undercooked dishes! All of them! Because there are chances that these parasite get transmitted to other dishes besides residing on Crustaceans.

Allergy can also be a reason which crustacean dishes affect the health of some people. It is said that crustaceans are the most common food that allergic people are sensitive to. Therefore, check with the doctor to see if your body reacts negatively after consuming crustacean dishes.

So it has been concluded that Paragonimiasis are caused by consumption of raw and undercooked crustacean dishes most of the time, not just these mini lobsters.

However, there is a cure for paragonimiasis if actions are taken in early stage. The treatment of choice is praziquantel.

Friday, 18 April 2008

I recieved a postcard from Eilyn last 2 days ago!! *beams with happiness* I just love the old way of sending messages across the land! Nothing beats recieving something on your postbox! Yesh! The postbox is full of suprises!

and I made me wonder when the HUGE parcel from Malaysia is gonna reach Eilyn! I was so afraid that it got confiscated at the border custom as they tell you alot of bullshit like you are not suppose to send food in parcel across the nation and bla bla bla.. we are not liable for any confiscation done bla bla bla..

Anyway, I'm just SO SO glad that Eilyn has recieved it today!! omg >.< *does the happy dance. wtf* It really brightens up my day! *was in the middle of rushing assignments due tomorrow but I can't hesitate to post this up! ^^


Love you,Eilyn!


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I found this video clip of a Korea Tv Show while surfing the videos at YouTube. It is amazing how a girl, who has not been taught how to play the piano, can play amazing tunes on the piano just by listening to the song! It's not just that! The tunes that she plays are not of easy 1st or 2nd grade piano students but that of complicated notes! Wait.. this is not the most amazing part yet... the most eye widening fact is that she has eye sight problem. She was not able to see since she was born! She played her first tune on the radio since she was 3 years old and she is now 5 years old. Able to sing and play the piano at the same time. Trully a gifted talent. However, it shatter hearts to sknow that sheis not able to see what is around her. Sometimes, a gifted talent comes with a condition..

As I watch on, it was revealed that she is actually adopted by her current parents. I'm glad to know that atleast she is in good hands right now. Let's just hope the best for her.

Have a look at this video. It a mouth opening act and at the same time, it makes your heart ache..

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Very High Class Mamak in Bangsar.

We ordered :

and we pay..

RM 9.60!

The Mee Goreng is RM 4.90, ok?! and my wild guess was RM 5.00. Geng lerh? and I guessed that the total amount would come up to RM 10.00 and the price we have to pay is RM 9.60!! That's like 40 cents difference!! Double praise for me. Wahahaha... (Is this the power of finance, accounting and management course student of Notts? Lol.)

So, before you wanna go there and eat, be prepared to pay "extra" for the high class-ness. If not, can just go to Devi's Corner. That place is not bad (; The happening mamak in Bangsar while this Marrakech is a lalat-pun-takda(which means not a soul there) mamak.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

I think my body's failing on me..

1. my mouth ulcer's having it's longest stay.. been 3 weeks or more now.
2. I'm having a little difficulty opening my mouth because it hurts my jaw.
3. my eyes bengkak ady. been 3 days now.
4. I can feel the head ache coming..
5. I feel like shit now.

I'm trying to SLEEP now.



Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I've just recieved an e-mail warning me about a dish served in restaurants which post danger to our health. More specifically, attacking our lungs!

Let's introduce this creature..

Mr. sewage lobster.

Do not call him a baby lobster because they are of a different species. They're small because their species are of the small kind. I do not know what this species is called because it is not mentioned in the e-mail -_____- Or else I could have done more research about it.

After you cook it, it looks darn delicious, it's just irresistable!

Eat me! Eat me!

But let me warn you, before you put something into your mouth, you should find out if it pose any danger to yourself or not. The price the pay for this dish is not only the huge amount on your bill, but also your HEALTH and your medical bill! So, do you h ve what it takes to consume that delicious looking dish? If your answer is no, you should go back to the menu and pick something else because if you can't eat this species, you can eat the other species which the Chinese likes! Neh.. the bigger the better one lehh~~

If you love your lungs and body and you want to prevent them from being the one shown below, you know what to do.

Love your lungs. Stay away from Mr.Sewage Lobster!

Oh. I have not told you why I called him Mr.Sewage Lobster. According to the forward, it says that these mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage treatment plants. The more contaminated the water is, the better environment it is for these mini lobsters to grow bigger and looks healthier. Their lungs are full of worms which they consume and their flesh are saturated with poisonous metal elements.

Idiotic unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to eateries! Therefore, do not order this dish!

**Pass this to those friends who may want to try these mini 'lobsters'!!

P/s: This is a community message by Lol.
Pp/s: For a strong concrete write about Crustaceans and Paragonimiasis, please click here!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

On Thursday, March 20, 2008 9:17:21 AM, a friend sent me an e-mail about a online clothes shopping site. It was just launched back then. First hundred members who signed up gets a mystery gift. So, why not? I just signed up and thought there should already be more than 100 members since there's no confirmation e-mail sent to me about the free gift. As I am not a fan or some one who shops online, this site was soon shoved to the side of my memory collecting dust. That was until few days ago when my friend messaged me. He told me to inform him when I recieve the free gift. I'm like.. "what free gift?". He soon refresh my memory about the registration I did in Lumi Da Peri.

The package came today. Inside the package was a sweet bracelet wrapped up very nicely. The bracelet looks like this:

Ribbon Bracelet - MYR9.00

Anyone interested in the bracelet? I might sell it considering that I'm not a fan of girly stuffs x.x

They offer accessories..

Starry Bracelet - MYR9.00

and clothes..

Short Pant - MYR49.90

Floral Printed Dress - MYR59.90

Knitted Striped Tunic - MYR79.90

2-in-1 Tee - MYR69.90

Summer Strap Dress - MYR49.90

Ruffle Front Blouse - MYR59.90 | Pleated Skirt - MYR49.90

I think the variety of clothes offered are pretty good and at reasonable prices. So check them out here!

Lumi Da Peri

Best of all, they're local! So less charges for shipping!

P/s: This allows you to go shopping online when your schedule doesn't allow you to do the real shopping and when you're grounded!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

My friend found this website about building architectures while doing research online for her dissertation in the Civil Engineering field.

It shows of a very huge and futuristic building plan which as it looks, will takes up alot of green space on our small Penang island.

Plans revealed for £3.5bn supercomplex in Malaysia
18 December, 2007

By Dan Stewart

Architect Asymptote has released images of masterplan for a £3.5bn city development for Malaysian government

American architect Asymptote has unveiled images of a $7bn (£3.5bn) supercomplex on the island of Penang in Malaysia.

The development, to be known as Penang Global City Centre, will cover 256 acres and feature two 60-storey towers housing luxury residential unit and five-star hotel accommodation.

The open space beneath the towers will act as a public plaza surrounded by shops, restaurants, a theatre and a convention centre.

The development was masterplanned by Parisian firm Atelier Seraji.

Penang Global City Centre is to be funded by the Malaysian government, who claim its construction will be carbon neutral.

According to the article above, it towers luxury residential unit and five-star hotel accomodation. Why not seven-star? O.O Like Dubai's Burj-al Arab. That is one real masterpiece. Everything built to the finest from the building to cuisine served. Lol.

Anyway, I think it's pretty absurd to be even proposing this idea at this year of time. I mean, what Malaysia needs now is not a 3.5 Billion Pound Supercomplex in Malaysia. £3.5bn is like equivalent to RM22.3120b. 22 billion Myr which could be put to better use such as getting all the people in this country out of poverty. Come up with a proposal to help the those who lives in poverty lead a better live, sharpen up their skills to improve the efficiency of the labour field in the country which can very much benefit the people and the country.

Other than that, this huge amount of money can be used to fund some Research and Developement programme which Malaysia can specialise in the future. Atleast coming up with some skills or knowledge that can help sustain the stability of our country economy from being turn to fine sand that can easily be blown away like that happened to the U.S. economy where some fields which use to be the glory of the country had turned into priceless scraps as they were not as efficient as China and therefore, has lost the battle. Besides that, having a RnD department which looks into a new technology or science research which could increase the living standard of humans such as ways to curb factors of pollution would be a great idea.

Anyway, that's just some of my thoughts. I don't think we need enter the race of who-can-have-the-grandest-structure-in-their-country race. If you would like to stand out, why not try to do something which we are good at, or which nobody is focusing on. I'm sure there is something worth doing which the world has yet to notice. More over, I don't see the grandess in showing off structures which are not even designed or built by Malaysians! We are just telling the world that our famous KLCC is designed by César Pelli, an Argentine architectTower 1 was built by the South Korean multinational Samsung Engineering & Construction and Tower 2 by Hazama Corporation of Japan.

However, when I was trying to find out who's the architecture and construction company for Kl Tower,I found out that it is actually used for telecommunication and broadcasting transmission. O.O Wow.. didn't know that. Ok, that shows how shallow I am, but atleast I know now -.-;; As an additional fact, it is managed by Menara Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Telekom Malaysia Group. Also, ALso.. the architect company for Kl Tower is Kumpulan Senireka Sdn. Bhd. It has a Sdn.Bhd. So I assume it to be a Malaysian company. Atleast we can be proud of our very own Kl Tower. Constructed by Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, a German company based in Frankfurt.

The famous Smart Tunnel in Malaysia is actually the first-of-its-kind tunnel in the world. According to one of the lecturer in a university who partake in the designing of the Smart Tunnel, there is actually a better alternative plan to solve the drainage problem. This project cost £335 million (2.13574b MYR). So, I guess, in-order to show the world 'Malaysia Boleh!' they decided to go ahead with this first-of-its-kind tunnel project. They are constructed by a premier engineering, contruction and infrastructure group, Gamuda which joint-venture with MMC Engineering Group to construct the Smart Tunnel under the supervision of Mott MacDonald, an employee-owned management, engineering and development consultancy serving the public and private sector around the world. However, there has been some reports of leaking and crackin found in the tunnel. To know more about these problems, check this out.

With the latest megastructure project in Malaysia, I shall end my post here and start focusing back to what I should be reading and doing which is Finance, Accounting & Management - sounds boring compare to engineering stuffs which I just mentioned. What have I got myself into x.x

More about the £3.5bn Penang project here.

Friday, 4 April 2008

My cousin brother started a blog and he post up his typing test result. Since I'm trying to avoid assignment and studying and sleeping.. I tried it.

First attempt:
59 words
Speed test

Second attempt:
60 words
Speed test


Am I great or wut?

So I boast to my cousin coz he sed that his best is 59.

And he replied..

Your brother can easily get 70+

I'm like..

wtf? Geek -_______________________- 

and he said..

ya.. no life.

Lol!! when you're board, try this at home... unless you wanna get caught red handed in your office. Lol!
On the 31st of March, my day dinner started with something which is suppose to be my dessert after course.

31% disc for our 1/2 Gallon!

and we finished it!

Feeling abit jai-jai dei

Then we had... our actual dinner..

Lots of nuggets and fries and burgers and chicken!

and again, we manage to finish it!

Feeling abit jai-jai dei and full x.x Great combination..

and I went back home to have my 3rd course (;

Yong Tau Foo! *yum yum*


Thursday, 3 April 2008

I have 5 assignments due in 2 weeks time.
Exam starts on the 29th April.

and I think things are getting worse.

I get alot of random dreams since like.. 2 weeks ago. That would be the time when I start to panic and worry about assignments and exam. hohoho. x.x

The dreams can accumulate to about 5 stupid random dreams in 1 night which makes me look like some bloody zombie the next day.

I tend to be thinking too much recently till I loss focus on what I am doing at the moment. Like.. when I was selecting clothes for after bath at night, my brain ventured off to hink about stuffs related to uni and I end up taking up a pair of jeans.. which, when you use your common sense, you will realise that it is not something I wear after my bath when I'm going no where but just wondering around the house till my next bathing session.


Very random post...