Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The romantic Valentine Day is just two weeks away and it is the day of the year where most girls will feel special or wanted to feel special. All over the world, couples will celebrate the love for each other. The girls will be expecting precious little gifts that would make their heart skip a beat while the guys will be cracking their head on thinking of what to get. 😅

Just few days ago, I received a set of Brand Queen's Perfume Bracelet which I think would make a great gift for that special woman in every man's life. Woman love pretty little things and scents which would lifts up their mood. So guys, this might be something you want to get for your girls! *wink

Brand Queen is Malaysia's first  homegrown brand for Perfume Jewellery which markets online without a physical store which started back in June 2016. Brand Queen has a wide range of jewellery and design of high quality.

Here, I have one of their latest design, a Black & Gold Star Charm Bracelet with a black plated star charm to contain the perfume cotton ball and a 18k gold plated chain with black beads bracelet. The set comes with a bag of red and white cotton balls and a box of DoTERRA Introductory Kit Essential Oil which consist of 3 different aromas of Essential Oils; Lavender (romantic aroma), Lemon (Fresh aroma) and Peppermint (Uplifting Aroma).

I love how I am able to customize the perfume according to my mood and preference. My favourite of the lot is the Lavender Essential Oil and the white cotton ball which I think goes well with the bracelet. 

Here's a short instruction on how to personalize the Perfume Bracelet!
1st - select the essential oil / perfume of your choice.
2nd - open up the star bracelet charm
3rd - place the cotton ball into the charm
4th - close it and remember to lock the charm
And it's all ready to be used for your day out jewelry! 💖

Each of Brand Queen's Perfume Jewelry comes with a One Year Warranty Card to ensure you of their quality product and also a Care Card so that you can prolong the condition of the jewelry. Treat it with proper care and this precious will be yours to wear for many years to come. 

Brand Queen's Perfume Jewelry series has been adorned by local celebrities and influencers a like namely; Trisha Quah , Leng Yein, Candy Ice, Lavin Seow ,王雪晶 ,Mandy Chen, 黄若熙, and Jamie Chu. There is nothing not to love when this trinket jewelry has elegant designs and can be personalized with a favourite scent to suit ourselves individually.

Believe me, aromatic lingering scent can make a long lasting first impression. So wear it for all occasions especially when going out for a date!

Brand Queen's Black & Gold Star Charm Bracelet - RM 368 
doTERRA Introductory Kit Essential Oil - RM 126

Charm your Valentine with this Brand Queen's Black & Gold Star Charm Bracelet from their latest Premium Perfume Jewelry this 14th of February. This set can be purchased online through their website and also facebook or you could also contact Jacy Lim at 019-323 1512 or May Ang 012-208 2724 for mroe info.

Brand Queen's Perfume Jewellery Series

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