Tuesday, 20 June 2017

I don't know since when, but it was from as long ago as I can remember that Water Filter has slowly became a necessity in every household. The beginning technology of Water Filter only serves the purpose of filtering macro dirts. 

Slowly, the evolution of water filter technology has brought us more of that. The experts from Diamond has finally discovered that nothing is better than naturally purified water. Premium quality natural materials has been carefully selected to be used as filter material. The premium materials selected includes the precious diatomite, “Ocean Diamond” - natural coral calcium, coconut shell based activated carbon, bamboo charcoal based activated carbon were selected to be the filter materials

The Coral Alkaline Water Machine DIAMOND CORAL can perfectly purifies water without electricity as the purification is done naturally through filtration using the selected quality materials. The natural purification removes rust, dust, bacteria, chemical components and heavy metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and many others whiles retains the beneficial minerals in the water.

As DIAMOND CORAL filtration works naturally, it uses up to 6 filters multiple-filter design to guarantee greater performance. Sufficient contact time is created through lengthened water flow in the filter to go through the purifying materials for a complete purification.

DIAMOND CORAL has gone through testing and certification by the Water Quality Association in 200 safety and performance tests according to NSF/ANSI 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste & odor, and NSF/ANSI 53 for turbidity and VOCs, meaning to say, water which flows through the filter is safe for drinking.

Unlike most water filters which has been created with a least aesthetic look, DIAMOND CORAL is completely presentable in your beautiful kitchen. As a plus point, it might even get stares and capture attentions from passerby. You can view more of their different DIAMOND CORAL selection here.

DIAMOND CORAL understands us as consumer thoroughly, thus offering us a FREE TRIAL experience of using the DIAMOND CORAL for 60 days (click here) before making a final decision to purchase the water filter. This shows the confidence they have in their quality product. Since there is nothing to loose, contact them now to take your first step towards providing healthy drinking water for you and your family. Do ask about their current promotion too when you make an enquiry.

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