Thursday, 1 January 2015

Best of 2014! Got to say 2014 has been the year where lots of things got better for me and make what upsets seems like they don't really matter anymore.. Am really thankful for my mom's constant support in everything I do, my *soulmate* who found me, love me, cherish me n putting up with me no matter what, the butterfly community which connects me with so many new found friends... Basically, #2014 has been a good ride n brought lots of new experience to me. I'll strife for much better in #2015! πŸ’• #akemashiteomedetougozaimasu! #ζ˜Žγ‘γΎγ—γ¦γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™! #iconosquare #memoicono #thebutterflyproject #butterflymsia #malaysiahottestblogger #bestof2014 #tenshichnblog #memoicono #igersmalaysia #igersmalaya #malaysianeyecandy #instababeshoot #insta_asian_babe #msiablogger #omoshiroiya
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Best moments on instagram in 2014! 

Looks like all the top best moments on instagram are from Decermber. Probably means my year just keeps getting better in 2014! <3 Can't agree more ^^

The beginning of the year started with some struggle and heart wrenching moments. It was still fresh in my little online business venture; omoshiroiya. Please like my page and give me some support / strength to fight on! Got to say the business is becoming more of a struggle as online commerce has become so competitive. Nonetheless, I am grateful for all the experience and knowledge I have gained from this journey.

One of my baby boy, Bobo was infected with Leptospirosis right before the Chinese New Year and he didn't make it. As much as it wreck my heart and make me miss him, I hope he is now is a better place. All my dogs and pets, they have a very special place in my heart and are always family to me. Not just animals and pets.

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The vet which my family frequent was not open and we did not know where else to go except to the Tmn Segar Vet. A vet which I very much despise but we had no choice. That was the very last time I would step foot in that place. The vets I would very much recommend around Cheras and Kajang would be;

Happy Paws Animal Clinic 20, Jalan Sungai Chua, Desa Bunga Raya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.(03-8739 9884) 

Animed Veterinary Centre 43G, Jalan Temenggung 7/9, Bandar Mahkota cheras, 43200 Cheras. (03-9019 0100)

Most knows that I am quite an introvert. Some one who will not die if I was the only one left in this planet. Lol. Okay, that was a little exaggerating. When I said that I am an introvert, it does not mean that I am a pure introvert and no, I don't think there is some one like that. People enjoy a little interaction every now and then. Being introvert just states that I prefer being alone most of the time and I get recharged by spending time alone. Might sound weird but it's true!

Anyway, so due to the constant nagging of dad to go "get" myself a life partner and also the worrisome face my mom shows, I decided I'll just be more social and make more friends rather than staying too much alone in my room "energizing" myself. Find some people to release my energy and make my parents worry less before they start thinking that I have an imaginary friend in my room. @.@

So, I  made some friends and am still messaging some of them now. Am glad to have known these guys because through them, I was exposed to many other experiences and fun as well. :) However, there was one who freaked me out because he wanted something more than friendzone and when I persist, he starts to get really freaky I had to cut him off. Definitely made some wrong choice. Love is not something that can be molded by only one person. It needs a participation of people involved.

Never would I have known that I would be meeting with *the one*. He was some one I used to be quite close to back then in the times of my National Service and also some one I have lost contact for 10 years. Suddenly out of the blue, I decided to check the messages in the "other" mailbox (where all messages from people who are not friends with are stored) on Facebook. We exchange messages and after a few months, he asked for a meal together. Maybe to rekindle the friendship we once had but I felt like it was just going to be a hi-bye friend back then. Never would I have known that this some one is now the one for me. <3

Dating a coffee addict who needs a dose of caffeine everyday, what's better than to have dates at different indie cafe every weekend? The hype came in at the right time. He gets his dose of coffee and I get my dose of creativity. <3 But then, all these coffee trips has also get me interested and I found out so much more stories behind every cup of coffee. Very interesting, I have to say. I have gather some facts and information about coffee but would never say I know them well. Especially love The Film about Coffee. Do check it out!

Less than a year of getting back into blogging, I am really grateful to have stumble across The Butterfly Project / #ButterflyMsia and also Malaysia Hottest Blogger / #MHB. Both of this community have open up a wide window for me to grow in the the blogging society. I have gained uncountable friends and get to know many people in just a short period of time, which some I can just click with unconditionally and feel very comfortable with. Through blogging, I am also exposed to new experiences and knowledge. Most of all, I felt like I have become more outspoken and open to the society. Please keep supporting me here! Appreciate much and will strife to do much better!

Surprisingly! I got myself involved in scam indirectly. It was an event I got to know about from blogging and it was a pretty good event to begin with. It is really a shame that this event was organized by a scammer. I am especially thankful that I had a good experience with this event and was not being cheated off in terms of cash and other sources. Through this event, I get to experience for the first time what it feels like to model in front of a camera for some professional photos. Thanks to those pretty awesome photographers I have befriended, I gathered some tips and learn some skills. Although a long way to go, I appreciate these experience and knowledge.

This year is also probably the most awesomest Christmas I have been through! Enjoyed myself so much from all the Christmas events especially The Butterfly Christmas gathering! Will blog about it real soon! Also thanks to everyone for the sweet Christmas gifts!

I have to say my 2014 ended with a blast!

Before I end the post, I'd like to thank mom for constantly being my pillar through all weather. Without you, I would not have made the right choices for the constant puzzles in life. Love u deep deep! ^^


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