Monday, 17 February 2014

Sorry for the long disappearance! Blame Chinese New Year which kept us all so occupied and busy! Anyway.... I know that Valentine's Day is over but that does not mean we should stop caring and spreading love!

OmoshiroiYa is currently having a Donation Drive for POSHE!

I'm sure probably all of you have no idea or little about the existence of this organisation called POSHE which is short for Positive Shelter Home. To be honest, I only came to know about this shelter recently.

Here's a brief introduction about POSHE;

POSHE is a home that takes care of mostly children whom are HIV/AIDS +ve. The children currently living in this home are from the tender age of 1 years old to 18 years old. Most of them are abandoned by their parents or relatives when their parents could no longer be in this world.

This home is mainly run by Mak Wan who has actually passed the age of 60 years old. Thanks to her love and education, she registered POSHE so that these lovely kids will have a chance to receive guidance and love in life.

Here's a video of them painting their new home, Kampung Meru @ Kapar, Klang.

OmoshiroiYa is now currently running a mini Donation Drive to collect as much fund as possible to assist in their daily expenditure. Everyone is free to donate any amount that they are comfortable with. However, those who donates RM20 and above will receive a Starbucks Voucher from us redeemable for any 12oz, Tall Size Starbucks Beverage! How cool is that? 

Hurry up! Do a good deed and enjoy a cuppa Starbucks from us! Donation drive runs till all 40 vouchers are given away!

For more info about POSHE, please visit their website @ and Omoshiroiya FB to know how to donate and get a free Starbucks!
Please share this with people around you! <3



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