Friday, 23 August 2013

When nail stickers started out in the market, I find them very unpleasant because they look like aluminium foil on nails. It is always silver like with very reflection surface like these...

Totally not into them.. and THEN, I stumble on these chic Y.E.T Easy Funny Nail Stickers from Korea! the closest place I could get them from is actually WATSON in Singapore.. *swt* and they are sold at pretty expensive price too *does the currency conversion on the calculator*

 SGD15 ~ RM39 for 2 (which means RM19.50 for 1!)

Featured in Singapore Women's Weekly!

Selling fast in Singapore Watson!

Anyway, I got myself some designs and I tried out the Funny Kongkong which glows in the dark! They are easy to apply and quite lasting! Can last more than 2 weeks if you take care of them.. just like when you go for manicure :) They look pretty much like Gel Nail Art too! Except that the price is much more cheaper and easy to DIY at home ^^

Here's some of the pictures I posted on instagram..

Doesn't really show here but it glows in the dark! Can only see a tint of glow in the picture..

It comes in 18 pieces with a nail file. Each sticker is also pretty long and since I have short nails, I have like.. quarter of the sticker left which I used to create french nails design and the result came out pretty good!

Used the left over from the used piece of sticker for french nail! 

Which one is your favourite?

I'm pretty excited about trying on another of my favourite: Sweet Rabbit!  Ahem.. I made an exception on this design. Remember I mentioned that I do not like foil looking nail sticker? Well, Y.E.T successfully created them into these awesome nail stickers! How can I not like them~ Cute! 

Here's a few more of my favourite designs..


Check out this video on Y.E.T Easy Funny Nail Sticker!

You can check out other designs on a facebook in a Malaysia blogshop here: Omoshiroi.Ya 

Did I mention that they are also running a giveaway for Y.E.T Easy funny Nail Sticker? Hurry up and check it out in their facebook! Happening from 20th to 26th August only!

If you decide to buy any, don't forget to quote: Bittersweet20 for a 20% discount! Valid till 22nd September 2013 only!

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  1. Those nail stickers look good and are so convenient!

    xx Mandy

  2. Mandy: Yes they are! you should try them out ^^