Sunday, 1 July 2012

I was away to Shanghai, China for a huuge machinery exhibition on the 11th of June which is like about 3 weeks ago! That's how long I have left my blog stagnant. Sorry!

It was a very exhausting trip and am finally glad to be back and settled down. Back to my normal routine.

When I was aboard the flight, I flipped through The Star and a very amazing deal caught my eyes! Maxis is giving it's One Club members a chance to get the news buzzing Samsung Galazy S3 for just RM 599! How great is that! Just heavenly pleasing!

If I was not on the plane, I'd be on my way to get my new samsung right away back then! *can't wait* I did not put my hopes high as by the time I was back, it was the 2nd weekend of the deal and they might already be out of stock.

I kept my fingers crossed and *yay* they still have stock when I was back! Apparently, they  prolonged the deal till the end of the month as well! Then I had another dilemma: White or Pebble Blue?

There were so man rumours going around that the pebble blue paint was poisonous, that it came out to be an ugly light blue and so on. I googled around and youtubed for the actual colour. I cannot really confirm on the true colour through the pictures and videos but they gave me a clear enough picture of what Pebble Blue is gonna be like. I like it and Pebble Blue it shall be!

Since the simcard chip was smaller than the previous, they update it for me as well so that it can be fitted into they new phone ^^ Very small, very cute but gonna be more prone to disappearing if kept outside the phone. Haha.

Many of you must be excited to see the real thing. So without further a due, here's the opening of the box! ^^

Samsung Box n New Simcard!

The Phone in the Box!

Manual, charger & headphone.. the usual stuff..

The usual stuff out of the box!

I like the adapter because it makes it usable oversea as well! *thumbs up* Forgotten to take a picture of the phone without the protective sticker.. So here it is!

New <3 ! ^^

And here's the best I can show you of the real Pebble Blue Colour. How it actually looks like. But ofcourse, I would advice you to look at the real thing because the colour is so mesmerizing if not under shadow ^^

It looks greyish blue with a pebble like texture look! That's why they call it the pebble blue I guess ;))

So what's your choice? White or Pebble Blue?



  1. nice. maybe i'll think about the color after i have some money to buy it. :)

  2. I've only tried using the White one. Cool phone, very smooth. But I'm waiting for the next iPhone. ;)

  3. hope your get yours soon! ^^

  4. iPhone is smaller in size which is more easy to carry ard ;) and their never out of style phone shape ;) i find iphone easier to use too but i like samsung's return button and setting button as well ^^