Thursday, 5 July 2012

Started receiving postcards a number of years back and the increasing amount prompt me to start purchasing and bugging friends to get me postcards from all over the place! It was actually pretty cool as they have some local elements in them. Somehow. :)

So then there was this empty wall in my room and I thought why not make a collage of it! and since that day, I have been filling up this wall. Mostly are from friends around and some purchased ones.. Those precious and unused ones are still kept in the drawer because I want them to be flawless every time I dig them out for viewing. Haha..

So here's my postcard wall.. from about 2 months ago.. updated them with some new ones but too lazy to take a picture of it again. ;P Maybe later.. So, from the picture, you can actually see a very aligned city of Barcelona, the amazing numbers of motorcycle on the road in Vietnam, the hall used to shoot Harry Potter, and etc! <3

Mad happy when I got these from Liping. They were sent from Taiwan and arrived when I was still in China. So I was mad happy to receive them once I got home ;D Very unique postcards! Never seen any like them!

This one is a fabric layer which can be detached and sew into a little toy ^^ Liping said the cotton was with her. So I have to meet her somehow to get the cotton. Haha. Come to think of it, it seems unfeasible coz you can't send the cotton together with the postcard ;P but who cares! It's interesting and cute! can't wait to meet up with her!

Bet no one knows that this is actually a film! Shocked? Haha.. Amazing brains of Taiwan! I love this dearly! The picture is so pretty and to lift up the postcard under the light source and look at the film creates a mad happy feeling! ^^

Got these from a cafe named Ichido in Pudong, Shanghai. It was almost father's day then. Left side is a heart shape print paperbag and right side is two types of cake that you can order for Father's Day! So pretty, right?

Got these and those below from the same cafe as well. These are kinda like advertisement or awareness postcards. So everyone can just take them ;) That's the Chinese Stage Drama and an ostrich painted in black ink chinese style~

Top two are probably of some movie. Bottom right is a nice narrow river scenery in China and the bottom left one is just plain cute! ^^

More of those Chinese stage Drama and Chinese painting. They even have Shrek! Haha.. and some golden key which has a glossy shiny surface! Pretty cool!

Totally forgot that I already had a free collection of China postcards, I went to purchase a pack in the airport x.x Not cheap and I find it funny that they came with envelopes! o.O  -______- Who actually send postcards in envelopes? Even if they do, those are not called postcards already! Right?

So, here they are... some of my postcards collection!

Am waiting for those from Europe and UK! Jojo said she would bring them back for me or else the postage is gonna cost her a fortune coz it's in pounds. Lol. And I guess it would be crazy boring to write my address on all postcards. Haha..

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