Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just got back from China again~ Totally tired and exhausted!

Got to love the view high up in the sky though! ^^

I think I'm quite a frequent customer @ Starbucks every Friday! It's convenient for me to drop by before class every Friday as it is just below my class. Got to grab some food and drinks to fill my tummy before class or else I can't concentrate! Right?

They are still having their half price Frapp when I was there 2 weeks ago. Not sure about now. I was actually quite reluctant to try their Red Bean+Green Tea Frappuccino & even more reluctant to try their baked matcha cheesecake. Reason being, I tried a similar drink @ Chatime before this and did not like the mix and the cheesecake really does not look yummy. Since it was the third week I have seen it there, I thought I would just give it a try.

Honestly speaking, the baked matcha cheesecake sux max. I could not even finish it although I tried to (I usually try not to waste food). It taste horrible. No matcha flavour but a tad bit of cheesecake flavour and texture. Will never ever recommend it to anyone. I whatsapp my buddies and told them I had a bad experience and they told me by the look of the cake, I should be smart enough not to try it. *swt* One of my friend even told me that when she asked a barista there about the cake, they too would not recommend it. That's how bad it is -__-;; So, conclusion is, do not try it unless you are so curious on how bad it can be.

By the time I was done with the liquid in my drink, I was left with these Azuki beans (red beans). I'm not sure if they ran out of the bigger straw or what but they did not give me a special straw so I just took the usual straw and there was not way for me to suck them coz they were huge -____-;; So in the end, I just let my doggies have them. My doggies love em! I think they are sweet.. I saw the barista taking out a pack and pouring those beans into a container. Probably cooked, preserved, packed and then distributed to every outlet.

I have also tried their other Summer Frappuccino which is the Hojicha+Earl Grey Jelly. Not bad but not my favourite. For these type of drinks, I think I would prefer to go back to Gong Cha! <3 Not a fan of Chatime. Everytime I bought a drink there, they dissapoint me =/

So what's your drink? ;P


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