Sunday, 3 June 2012

I just had a very terrible experience dealing with a malfunction Parking Ticket @ Publika.

The whole experience is indeed very disappointing.

It was time to go home after all the fun in Publika. I insert my tix into the Ticket Machine and the machine said that my parking ticket in invalid. In my mind, I was like please don't spoil my day.. I don't want to go through all these hassle! I tried to insert it another way around and hope it would work somehow but I was responded with the same sentence, that my parking ticket is invalid. Great! :/

I had no choice but to press the help button. An Indian accent male voice greeted me. I told him the problem with my parking ticket. He told me to go to the security office or something like that. I could not hear him clearly as his accent is really deep. (I am not being racist but I definitely think that an operator of any sort need to be some one that can speak clearly in regard of race) So, I decided to go to the information counter and ask for help instead.

To my dismay, there was no one at the information counter. Hence, I revert back to another ticket machine nearby and press on the help button again. I asked him where is the security office and after sometime, I finally got his words, G1 flr C4 building (can't remember if that was it), if I am not mistaken.

I went to a nearby lift, went in, look for G1. Could not find G1. Came out of the lift and went in again. Finally found it. It was B4! It says B4 on the button and a G1 beside it. He could have just saved me the hassle and tell me B4 instead =/ I got to B4 and the parking lot looks pretty deserted (very dangerous I would say for a new mall!) I almost walked on the whole freaking stretch but I could not find C4 dammit! It was stuffy in there and I am already beginning to sweat.

Again, I decided to go to the nearest Ticket Machine and press the help button again. I told him to get some one here because I cannot find the damn place he mentioned! By this time, I already felt like cursing the operator and the damn complicated parking space for putting me through so much hell that I do not deserve. I waited for a bit and a security came on a bicycle. In my mind, you ask me to get to your damn security office on foot when I am not even familiar with the place when you can just easily reach me with the comfort of a damn bicycle! God dammit! I gave him the ticket and he tried to insert the ticket in the machine again but to no vail. He asked me where park my car. I told him downstairs, B5 (when my car is actually at B3 -  probably due to the anger that clouded my thoughts!) He told me to just pass my ticket to the guard at the carpark exit.

I just took the ticket and went down using the escalator nearby. (He did not even bother to accompany me! What kind of security guard is this!!!!) I exit the door and the door did gave a little *beep* when I open it. Right after the door shut off at it's own, I can hear a click  which clearly tells me that the door is locked. I got a little surprised. Nevertheless, I wonder further away and look for my car (have not realize that I am in the wrong floor). It felt a little weird as there were not many cars there. Then I realize that I was on the wrong floor =/ Just great! I tried to open the exit doors but they were all locked. I think I tried 2 to finally realize that all are locked. I feel doomed. So exhausted and sweating profusely due to the humidity. I practically walked the whole B5! Argh! I met some contractor and asked them if they knew the way out (hoping that they do). They asked me if I have any sort of card and I said no with much disappointment (I was hoping THEY would have the card, not me!) They showed me a way to exit. The way where the car comes in.

I walked according to their direction and I saw sunlight! *wtf* and two security guard at the carpark entrance too! *tears of joy* I asked them if they know the way out. He pointed to the car entrance/exit slope. *swt* I told him my car is upstairs and he asked me if I have the card. Again, I told him no, with very disappointing tone. He led me back to the door which I exited earlier on. I thought he was going to touch his pass card on the sensor to open the door. He just stopped at a distance and I just look at him while I was standing in front of the door. He told me to press on the "key" graphic on the wall. I did as he said and walla, the door just opened! I totally felt cheated!

Ugh. whatever, at least I am leaving this horrible carpark now! *exhausted and mad mad!*

A bloody malfunction parking ticket and lousy securities got me going round and round their humid and deserted carpark for about 1/2 hour! If something happened, they are totally to be blamed for!

How can they even let this to happen, I don't know. All I know is, they should not have managed this incident like this. Never once was there any initiative shown to relieve the customer's problem, stress, solve the problem amicably and most importantly, care about the customer's safety!

Publika management, you ought to really do something about it.


a very disappointed visitor.

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  1. That sounds like irresponsible parking management indeed! What with all the recent incidents happening (The Curve incident immediately comes to mind), these malls should be more alert in these kinds of situations. And even if these cases didn't happen recently, the mall parking management should do their best to help customers! If you are a frequent shopper there, you must lodge a complaint.

  2. ya -.- i was really like.. wtf?!?! when he ask me to go to the security office.. and more wtf when all the complication happens x.x

    don't know where to lodge so i just sent the whole post to the info e-mail. too lazy to type a decent letter to them.