Tuesday, 5 June 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

I wish I can turn this optimistic!

Anyway, I was there (Plan B, Bangsar Village) to pass some stuff to my friend and she offered me a cake coz it was gonna be my Birthday soon! (during then)

Since mom is going to take sometime before she arrives, I decide to chill there for a bit and see what they have in their menu coz I've never eaten there before.

A bubble on my table!

That's a Plan B's Pastry/Cake Box

 Not sure if BIG/BEN/Plan B uses the same box. probably..

Oh! I just notice the paper note! Did not bother to read it till now ;D Didn't realize they have a handbag hook too! Shall check it out next time! (sounds like jakun x.x)

The Truffle Cake!

Thought I'd try coz I'm inlove with Chocolate Truffles since I tasted the one from Tesco (UK package) few years back but they don't take it in anymore. Later on, I also realise there is many other types of chocolate truffles but nothing as nice as that one :/ Anyone know where to get good Chocolate Truffles?

Back to the cake, I could not finish it. It taste like very thick chocolate paste =/

Ordered Ice Turkish Apple Mint Tea!

It really does just taste like Ice-Tea-Apple-Mint! Not something I'd fancy. *fail* I think Ben's has got better drinks! ;P

Put my box of cake back into the paperbag and sealed it back!

A word of advice: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Variety of cakes on display!

Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Macadamia, Chocolate Banana to name a few...

Pastries! Spicy Lamb Chorizo, Almond Croissant, Apple & Pecan Muffin and... etc!

Are they making your mouth watery yet? Go check them out if you like what you see! Click here! I'd go try their Egg Benedict someday! *yumz*


  1. The truffle cake really tempts me!!

    Photos are very clear.... nice shots. What camera r u using?

  2. It is indeed tempting but it just taste like a thick choc paste =/

    I'm using canon G10 ;)