Saturday, 9 June 2012

I was listening to Taylor Swift's top songs playlist and in between a few songs, youtube would slot in some advertisements...

and suddenly, I heard this Malay song playing... the singing was really warm and it touched my heart. But then I thought it was really weird that suddenly it goes.. I Love You Mami/Mamee because that does not usually happen in a Malay song.

 I clicked on my browser tab to check out the music video and I saw this playing...

I Love You Mamee

Quick hit on the play button! It's a really nice and warm song you should listen to immediately now! Do you feel the warmth! Gosh~ with the artist's good and gentle looks and the whole video, it's a superb combination! <3 the whole music video. Nicely matched with the song to give out the best feeling to the audience!

Although Mother's day has passed, I think people should share out this video because it is so good!!

I can't resist but keep hitting on the repeat button! Such a loving and happy music video that it makes me keep smiling from within the heart! ^^

<3 <3 <3

Makes me wanna go run to  my mom now and say Mommy, I love you! ^^ although she is  probably sleeping now. hehe..

Good job to the production team ;)

*thumbs up!

It's a very good mother's day song.. doesn't look like a Mamee advertisement song at all. heh... Feels weird if it is just about Mamee instead of Mommy! right? anyway, thanks Mamee for the music video too! <3



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