Friday, 4 May 2012

I bet like 99.99% of you who sees the word LP instantly thinks about Linkin Park but this post is not about the band Linkin Park. Hang on, before you close this tab. I want to introduce to ya'll a very inspiring songwriter, singer, and performer. Before I introduce more about her, play this youtube:

How was it? Did your jaw dropped and your mind go Wadafuq was that!? Well, mine did. It was so awesome, I fell inlove straight away! I think I'm turning gay for her too! Hahaha..

If you're still reading this now, you probably want to know who is this person with a mind blowing voice! Well, here's another video, about her:

Getting more interested to know her, eh? Hop on to her BiographyPage in her website here: iamLP

A very interesting and well written biography I would say. As great as the person herself. ;)

Once my friend sent me the first video, I'm totally hooked. Off my media player and it's youtube with LP all the way! Here's few more amazing songs you might not want to miss:

I'm awed by the energy she bring to the audience whether it's live or just through her records!

Here's LP strumming her ukulele and whistling, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face:

I hope you guys enjoy her music as much as I did ;) In fact, I think I'm addicted to her voice!



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