Monday, 7 May 2012

It was Wesak Day yesterday and I didn't know about it till my friend mentioned it! But I'm glad I did not consume any meat yesterday ;)

So, what is Wesak Day all about? I'm sure most of the youngsters today do not really know what the day is really about. Shameless to say, that includes me too. I read up wiki and it says that Wesak Day is...
" to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Gautama Buddha"

Now I shall remember the day and the meaning behind it.

I was not aware of this occasion and left home early in the morning for an appointment. After that I went to meet up with Karyn for a little catch up at Midvalley since she was working the afternoon shift that day. Went to try out the Pancake House which she has been talking about!

They have seats inside and outside. Inside will be a little darker while outside environment will be brighter.

There's quite a lot of choices in the menu including set meals which include pancakes/waffles/drumsticks and so on. I opted for the ala-carte Blueberry Pancake! RM9.90 for 2 pieces and you can choose to top up RM1.00 for another piece! Since it's darn worth it, I ordered 3 pieces for RM10.90 + a carrot juice for RM6.90 ( would be better is they have carrot milk but I did not bother to ask). Soft drinks are pretty pricey there. If I remember correctly, it should be RM4.90 for soft drinks. Shakes would cost about RM7.90 I think...

Carrot Juice RM6.90

3 blueberry filled pancakes RM10.90 *yumm*

The carrot juice was quite nice because it's not really watery like served in most places where after awhile, you can actually see the crystal clear water at the bottom.

Albeit looking thick, the pancake was really soft and fluffy! Love the blueberry filling that oozes out! You can still add some honey on top if you like it sweeter. 2 pieces are actually filling enough if you are ordering just for one person. Although it is really worth it to add another piece just for RM1.00, I would recommend not to unless you are sharing coz most probably you will feel bloated if you force in another piece. Haha..

Bill total up to RM18.70. Looks expensive but it is actually okay for a yummy meal that's filling enough. ;)

When it was almost time for Karyn's shift, we walked to Topshop. Have a look around and tried on their fast-selling Leigh. Since it was birthday month, I used up the 20% and also the RM25 voucher I got earlier to purchase my first Leigh! So many people have been buying pairs and pairs of them which made the price to rise till RM219 per pair! Freakin exp x.x *dislike*

The colour's like greyish deep blue. Looks nice in actual but does not look nice if photographed =/ Maybe I should have gotten the purple one. Should I?

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