Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I made a video of my guppies I got during Labour Day/May Day.

It was pure happiness when I woke up, get myself ready, went out to grab breakfast and on the way home, got myself 3 little beauties to roam around my little marimos in my little fish bowl surrounded by e cat!

The song in the video is actually Gamble by Shiina Ringo. It's one of the songs I love to bits! I found this song in this movie, Sakuran which I really love as well! Hehe... I felt that the song blends really well with the movie and the character themselves like they totally relates.
The main character is played by Anna Tsuchiya which is also <3 ! Hahaha. so much <3 going around! I like the character of the lead player and her beauty's just simply captivating. I can't really explain but gosh.. I love the whole thing about this movie and the sound track but I can't really find where to get the whole sound track *sad*

This is a movie I would really recommend watching although it's so many years back. The time spent watching this movie is worth it. ;)You can actually watch this movie on youtube (eng subbed).

Warning: 18sx

Here's the first part:

I personally like it more than Memoirs of a Geisha. How about you?

P/S: Can't resist the temptation and just watched it on youtube again! <3 <3 <3

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