Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hi mom,

I'm sorry I've been a stubborn and bad girl all the time.

but deep down, you know I always regret the bad things I did and I love you very much!


stubborn loving daughter.

I made a card for mom using the stuff I have in my art box (or rather my art dump - I tend to keep all kinda crap to be used for craft ;P They kinda look like a rubbish dump x.x)

Made a quick card using all these from my art dump: half used art block card, heart shape stencil I made previously, red spray, some pilot ink pen (red n black) and pencil O.O

Tadaa! The outcome! A simple card for dearest mommy! with her three favourite doggies at the bottom ;D

It makes me feel like a kid again making a card like this for mom. Haha..

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