Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Bersih gathering was scheduled to start at about 1.30 on 28th April 2012 but it has already started at this hour. I was shocked to see youtube videos being posted up so quickly!

From the video, it can be seen that even the police force has been caught off guard about this matter.  It is shown that the police cars and buses are only arriving now.

I just hope the police force or the government force do not use their force on the citizens unnecessarily as they are where they are to protect and help increase the peace of the country, not to purposely cause havoc.

Those who are going please be prepared by reading this guide prepared by Bersih to ensure  your own safety and other participants. This is a serious matter so please, if you are joining this gathering, go in the right state of mind. Do not think about playing a fool or have fun there because a little mistake can give the authorities to use this excuse to use their force on the participants!

I really really hope this peace gathering will go smooth this time and that nobody gets hurt or even lose their life in this event.

All the best! Let's hope for a better future for Malaysia!



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