Saturday, 28 April 2012

I was listening to the radio on the way back home from work and I heard a new shocking product! Nail Polish for Men! Who would have guessed it? I'm fine with facial products for man, fashion bags for men, but now Nail Polish for men! This is something extensively new! While driving back, I kept imagining man with nail polished fingers but I cannot think of any other than those Hard Rock  or Heavy Metal male artist with awesome black fingernails! I have to agree they look great and I like them! but colours? How would they look like?!?!

That is exactly the in-thing right now! Let's take a look at pictures of men with polished nails!

Nail polished, but gosh! He still make girls drool~

Johnny Depp! Love those nails!

So, what do you think? Do you like it?

I think they look good on men! <3

I was working at Topshop when they firstly launched their make-up department in Malaysia and we were all very excited about it including the guys! There were so many gorgeous colours that even men would want to have their fingernails painted! Hence, it is no wonder that the fashion industry came out with nail polish for men! I guess men felt left out all these while when we girls painted out nails!

Honestly, I am attracted to these nail armours too coz they are so easy to apply! It's just like a brush marker! Clickity-click and paint! The next think you know, it's all done! It looks pretty fast drying to me too! Now, these are the type of product that makes girls jealous of men!

Have a look at this manly man applying the Nail Armour or have a hot chick applying it for him!

Still not convince that it is for guys? Well, here's 7 reasons why men should get it:

  • Reason 1 – “Designed for men, worn by warriors”

  • Reason 2 – “Sex: get more of it”

  • Reason 3 – “Swagger: do it because you can”

  • Reason 4 – “Cover up: because nobody likes the fugly”

  • Reason 5 – “Battle: strength when you need it”

  • Reason 6 – “Rock: because you play to win”

  • Reason 7 – “Style: look good feel good”

and look at these awesome colours!!!

Gorgeous Alpha colours!

Would you get one for your man?



  1. I think the celebs and models look good with nail polish, but for the everyday man, i don't think it'll work, unless they're either really good-looking and/or confident enough to pull it off. Other than that... Wow, I wouldn't mind trying out these "nail armours" haha!

  2. can't agree more with you ;)

    howcome only the men get to colour their nails the easy way?