Thursday, 19 April 2012

My last entry was back in November 2011! It's like effin' 4-5 months ago? I feel so sorry for abandoning my bloggie~ T.T

Therefore, I hereby solemnly declare that I will try to submit an entry at leastt~ 2 post a month! That's the minimum! I promise *keep my fingers crossed*

So let's start with some new updates!

Topshop Topman Midvalley has just been re-launch after it's renovation on 10th April 2012 for the media and on 11th April 2012 for the public! Thumbs up for those F3 members who woke up early and got their free RM 100 voucher!

I was there last Sunday and I manage to grab a BAXTER DENIM deal at RM 149!! The normal price for all long denim bottoms have now been increased to a whooping RM 219 including the very famous LEIGH DENIM which comes in a variety of colours ! Sounds crazy I know! So now I have two BAXTER! A black and a dark navy! Tempted to get the classic denim too! I'm not sure when the RM 149 ends though! So you better hurry up while the sizes are still in-store!

That's not just all the fun! Today, Topshop Topman models will set the stage on fire at Midvalley Centre Court! There will be a fashion show going on! and to add in more excitement and fun, they are going to have a lucky draw! All you have to do is purchase something, and you will be given the lucky draw card to be inserted into the box! I'm sure there will be loads and loads of lucky draw entries! Let's hope mine will get selected! *pray hard*

Come join in the fun if you have nowhere to go!


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