Thursday, 26 April 2012

My blog has been dead for 4 months and I thought I would maybe do a revamp on it since the last time I change my layout was 4 years ago? OMGosh, kan? So I posted up my blog url on Lowyat Forum and I got alot of constructive criticism! which is a good thing or else I'll be here syok sendiri and just enjoy my own blog in my own world of thinking! Haha. I'm really glad they honestly pointed out the places where I should make some changes! Thanks peeps!

First of all, I think I need to change my blogging programme as most of them [Lowyat Forum peeps] mentioned that the theme is a big nono. It's dark with small wordings and very unappealing. Actually, I think that's just the theme's problem. Haha. Not the blogging programme really. The real reason for the shift is actually some difficulty I faced when posting pictures. Not so friendly, and also the language tool. Not so friendly too. There's a lot of setting in there but sometimes people like me just prefer everything to be simply. Completing task at just a simple click. So, here I am, trying out the Wordpress Programme!

**I just notice there's no Justify Alignment button.. wtf?? Oh! I found it! It's at the SHOW/HIDE KITCHEN SINK! wtf x.x noob me.. but why do they name it Kitchen Sink? Hahaha...

Now, back into the main topic. Shifting/transfering from b2evo to Wordpress! How did I do it? With the help from Lowyat Forum peeps ofcourse! (coz I've turned a rusty blogger n back to noob basic T.T) Gregghawes led me to this page - It says that this can be used to import from b2evo to Worpress 2x. The last update I saw on this script was in year 2009! That's like 3 years back! but I thought that it's all worth a try. Rather than shifting them all entries manually. That would have made me a walking zombie after weeks of transferring entries! Right, right,right,right, riGHT?

So, I followed what the script told me to do.

  1. Install Wordpress in the same database as my b2evo - what I did here is make a new database (the Wordpress  database). I then copy the files in my b2evo database and fill them into the new Wordpress database. Do not worry as the files both has a diff starting file names.

  2. Download and rename it, removing the .txt making it a php file.

  3. Upload the file to be with your Wordpress files.

  4. Run the php file.

  5. It will ask for your database name, database username database password and some other relevant informations needed for the transfer of files.

  6. Once all information has been filled in and options has been selected, you are good to go!

  7. It will run and show a list of process and when it all ended, you can load your Wordpress and you will see you blog entries all in there ;)

I used this script to transfer from my b2evolution 4.05 to Wordpress 3.3.2. Therefore, I can assure you that this script is really reliable even if it was created back in the year of 2005! which is like 7 years ago! Amazing!~ <3 <3

My only problem is all my blog post from the blog and sub blog has been combined into 1 blog. Haha.. So if anyone has a b2evo blog n sub blog together and wants to import them separately, I can't tell you how to do it. Sorry!

However, I hope this is helpful to all bloggers out there who wants to change from b2evo to Wordpress



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