Saturday, 12 November 2011

This company' services is freaking outrageous!

I went to RHB to get a new ATM card in replacement of the lost card and I was there for ONE FREAKIN HOUR just to get a replacement atm card. After half an hour of just sitting there, I enquire the teller about the progress and they told me that I have to wait because they need to get a freakin specimen signature from the branch I opened my account which is the stupid RHB Bangsar Shopping Centre branch. They told me that they are still calling but no one picked up the call. The officer told me that the BSC branch only opens at 10.30 a.m. and gave an excuse that they are probably having a meeting. How absurb can they be? Can the damn bank just called for a meeting and shut down it's services as they like? This does not make sense at all! So, I took the matter into my own hands. I went online and look for the Bangsar BSC branch no and made a call. A Customer Service officer picked up the call and told me that this number has been used for the RHB Customer Service. I told the CS officer about my situation and she actually gave the Kajang branch officer another number to call. In about 5-10 mins, I got my card. What kinda bullshit...

Also, everytime I need to cash out money in other branch instead of the branch where I opened my account, they need a freakin specimen signature.. Why? Apparently, coz I do not have a account book. So, I asked HOW can I have a account book? They told me that I would have to close my account and open a new account again. Freakin hilarious right? Is RHB operating in the time of Stone Age? Hello?! Time to freakin get connected???

A customer needs to teach the freakin RHB employee how to do her job? Wht the hell... Everytime I go to RHB, all kinda shit happens. Freakin lousy bank. If my salary is not banked in there, I don't even want an account there! Bollocks.


08-Nov-2011 18:00 Shipment Collected SUBANG JAYA, MALAYSIA
09-Nov-2011 07:34 Received by KAJANG, MALAYSIA
09-Nov-2011 09:05 With Courier: KJG00064/KAJANG, MALAYSIA KAJANG, MALAYSIA
10-Nov-2011 09:27 With Courier: KJG00300/KAJANG, MALAYSIA KAJANG, MALAYSIA
11-Nov-2011 09:36 With Courier: KJG00300/KAJANG, MALAYSIA KAJANG, MALAYSIA

Another company from the STONE AGE! Let's give an applause for CITILINK! A totally dysfunctional courier service company.

From the above, you can see a summary of my document's tracking. A document was trusted to Citilink on 8th Nov 2011. With common sense, everyone would think that the document will safely arrived to the receiver on the 9th Nov 2011. Well, sorry for the disappointment, everyone is so wrong! Till now, which on 11th November 2011 5.20 p.m., the document is no where seen near the receiver's premise. another hillarious case, right?

the sender OPT for CITILINK instead of POST LAJU and paid MORE for this service but let me tell you this, CITILINK SUX TO THE MAX! What f*cking courier service takes 4 days to send a document and YET the document has not reach it's destination yet. What's even more funny, they do not even bother to call either the sender or recipient about this matter. Seriously, this company is like a laughing stock of the courier service industry.

Being a very kind person, I only made a call to enquire about my document this morning, on 11th Nov 2011. A Customer Service officer by the name of CITRA answered the call and assist me on this matter. She asked for my contact number and address and consignment number. As to give more assurance to me that MY document will arrive today, she even asked for landmarks near my premise. Sounds promising, right? I was still not assured of their service even after the call then. After a short period of time, Citilink's other employee called me. A guy which i assume is working in the Customer Service department. HE assured me that the damn document will arrive today before 5.00 p.m. I told him that they have dragged this matter long enough and I need my document before 12.00 in the afternoon! He didn't give a promising answer, he just told me that he will inform whichever idiot is incharge of sending the document. About 3.00 p.m., the document is still nowhere in sight. At 4.30 p.m. I called their damn office again and asked for CITRA. They keep passing the phone line everywhere, even until their HR department. What the? On the third call, I got the idiot guy who spoke to me earlier on the line. HE said he will make a call and get back to me. Now is 5.31 p.m. and I don't think these rascals are still in the office. Today is Friday and I wonder if their "speedy service" would need a week to send a document.

This is not the first time that such thing has happened. The same thing happened to me when I should be receiving a document handled by CITILINK in another area in Kajang. Honestly, I would rather trust Pos Laju than paying extra for these idiots to send my documents or parcels at a higher rate.

Stupid idiots, maybe you should just be called SERVIS POS JALAN-JALAN MAKAN ANGIN. Then I would understand... If all the business in Malaysia is using your service, we all can just go to hell...


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