Friday, 7 October 2011

Selling/Renting out all kind of weird costumes! Interesting!

Even their store appearance will attract you from farrr farrr away land~

Are they trying to say that it's fun like summer in there even if it's winter?! ;D

It's all crowded on the street~

Totally flooded with people! This place is really happening!

Further down, there's a river and.. guess what's there?~

Lots more shops and stalls selling all sort of stuff including bags~

Scooter seats for you to have lunch with the river view so you can ride while you munch and never fall down!

Undeniably a famous market! <3 this place!

Even the little stall shops are so pretty~


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  1. i love you ! you love me ! we are happy FAMILY~!! wahahahah

  2. you're in 'Christmas mode' is it?