Wednesday, 3 August 2011

RM 74.70

RM 40.05

RM 17.10

RM 29.70

and this.. some one got it for me during the F3 Day in June! 20% off all normal price items for all f3 members!

I actually just wanted to buy the bracelet but I end up buying so many things because they're just so irresistibly cheap!!! If I have tons of cash, I would have bought more than this! Argh! The items this Spring Summer End Season Sale Year 2011 is just so pretty and nice~~ If you've missed the beginning, you can still go visit Topshop Topman Midvalley because the sales is still on! Hurry up before you get left out!


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  1. wakauwer !!!
    did you keep the hair ???
    aiyo !!! if me i sure kept the hair 1 !!awhahaha !!
    anyhow ..if ui got such long hair ..i won't cut it so freaking short also !!!
    wahahaha !!!!
    anyway !!!
    nice hair boh !!!
    happy chinese new year and gon xi fa cai !!!
    where's my ang pau ?

  2. .... Why would you wanna keep the hair? So that you can have nightmares since exam's over? ish..
    you SED not nice!!! but i think it's fine.
    i'm not celebrating cny this year la. where got ang pau for u -.-;;;
    even if got celebrate also no angpau..

  3. really sorry to hear bout grandpa! my deepest condolences to yr family. and also send my love to yr mum and dad!

    on a happy note.. i got u a prezzie. hehe so wait patiently till may la! hugs and plenty of love.

  4. *hug hug* should pass the prezzie to Nelson so that I won't rot. Hahaha..

    I'm just kidding. So are you on holiday now? or the new sem have just started?

  5. hey sorry for the late reply.. just saw yr reply.. next time facebook me cos i won't know if there is a reply here cos there's no email or anything. break at all after exams straight into sem 2 but i went to london last thurs - sunday hehe to meet hehe.. my man! hehe lolll


  6. The bracelet is cute! :) I seldom shop at Forever 21 because the styles aren't really my type. I still do go in to browse around though, because i love their shoes. XD

  7. It's from Topshop ;D and it isn't pricey at a reduced price ^^ I don't go to Forever 21 much too.. The last time I've been there is quite sometime ago..