Friday, 19 August 2011

The tiny alley to my hotel room. Just a door's width! I can't even turn around when I'm carrying my rugsack XD And the door open it's way to a narrow winding stair O.O Something I have never encounter before. Haha.. So when you pass this kind of alley, do not skip it on your map in Venice because it's on the map XD

From Ponte dell' Academia looking out to Chesa di Santa Maria della Salute‎

View from Fondamenta Zattere al Spirito Santo

The statue of the naked boy holding a frog by its leg~ Can't explain this statue but I like how it is and where it is being placed.. somehow it just makes sense.. Haha..

The view across from Sestiere Dorsoduro

another piccy of Santa Maria della Salute‎

<3 this cute bridge! Can't remember where I took it form already.. but sure is nearby..

A 100 Euro per ride Gondola! or was it 70 Euro? per person, mind you..




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