Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The last group of Piccies before we venture into London! Wee~

Got lost from wondering off the main road to the alleys and found a well! o.O This place is probably where all the local people live..

another Church in the hidden area, fond. Madonna dell'Orto

Lots of boats along this wide 'road' ...

<3 <3 <3 the setting! The weather, the buildings, the canal, the boats~ *floats into a dreamy mode*

Probably one of the first few bridges you'd encounter when you reach Venice (;

The Master of Amazing Paper Marche Masquerades! Magnificent work!

I could almost see the all of Venice from up here!

Spot the huge huge ship???




  1. the filter u used makes the image looks oldie :) nice pics nonetheless!

  2. I actually editted the photoes w/ photoshop coz I think the colours suit the photoes taken in that place ;D It gives me the right feelings when flipping through the photoes. haha..