Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Day Settles down..

Going home for day..

Setting up romantic environments for dinner..

Love the lights across... at San Giorgio Maggiore~

Even the stalls and streets are still bright

Romantic San Marco Square..

Dance around the lamp post in this brightly lit space~

Sit by the dock, shoulder brushing shoulder, breathing in the seaside breeze by the mooonlight..

the empty and dim buildings by the canal..

the night sips in and the moolight shys away..



  1. Brings back memories of visiting Venice.

  2. snoopy: it's actually quite packed with ppl when I was there. haha.. you can see from the earlier pictures there's crap loads of ppl @ S. Marco

    Nava: it does to me too when I look at these pictures. Love the surrounding..

  3. despite the dark environment, it's beautiful.. wish to be there one day :)