Friday, 15 July 2011

Going into Casa Mila~

Love this Classic Black Disc Player! It would be a dream come true to own one *awesome-ness*

Very classy toilet..

The shower probably wets the floor everytime.. and the water tank has to be so high as to create enough pressure to flush the toilet..

Love the bright kitchen! Could probably see stars at night too!

The maid's room. Very beautiful..

Baby or child's room. Full of toys!

An antique aeroplane for child's play..

Piggy go round and round, round and round~

A model of the whole Casa Mila Building.

Up to the roof to take a deep breath!

Amazing sculptures~! Love 'em to bits!

Look at the tiles on the tower! <3




  1. Nice photographs you took. Very artistic structures.

  2. Thx~ More to come! ;)