Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blogshops coming out to sell~!!

WWF Volunteer out to get more donors!

Shoes? Clothes? Anyone?

*Scribble scribble* to get a lousy Frisbee and CIMB Youth Leaflets?!?!

I draw and I draw and I draw...

I spray and I spray and I spray...

More spraying and painting! Let the creativity unleash!

Hungry! Pie? Nawhhhhh, Lamb Hot Dawg!!!!

War of the Beatboxers~!

Mirrors are for? CamWHORE!!~

Moon shine shine shine during the day~ Shine shine~

Lotsa Iphone Casing for sale!

Jewelleries? Home-made Lipbalms!? Yummeh~ *slurp*

Visit for some yummeh lipbalm!

Wanna picnic under the hawt hawt sun w/ a daisy? Anyone?

Or slurp some pretty exp home made ice-cream?!?! It's abt 7 or 9 bucks per cuppa!

Register to vote! Late is better than never! Woo! Vote yellow! Woo~

Sunway Performing Art Student doing something TOO ABSTRACT for me to understand x.x

Nice.. nice.. THE METAPHOR!!!

Can stand on it!!! WOAHHHHH~~~~

Coming back next year???? We'll see!!!




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