Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's the season for QingMing Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day / Ancestor Day) for year 2011. This is the time of the year where Chinese would visit the tombs of their loved ones, usually their grandparents or parents, clean their tombs and offer a small feast together with burning of paper replicas of expensive goods, money / gold bars (mind you, these paper replicas are not cheap although they're made from recycled papers most of the time) to be used in the afterlife.

All relatives from my father's family came gathered at the graveyard where my grandparents, great grandparents and other relatives who passed away are buried. In just a few years, all empty lots at the graveyard are occupied and it's time to clear a few more acres of land beside it for the extension of the burial ground. Even before the sun is fully awake, cars flooded around the graveyard. Everyone gathered at their relative tombs and started cleaning the area off the long grass and weeds. Tombs were then swept and food offerings were placed for the tomb guardian and also the deceased. Each and everyone of us then say a few prayers and offer joss sticks to the tomb guardian and the deceased. The replicas will then placed together and burnt together which created a great heat wave around it.

After a short while, after all that need to be burnt are all turned to ashes, a family representative toss 2 coins up in the air and take a look at the faces of the coins to know if the deceased are done with the food and have received all offerings. When the coins show two different pictures on each coin, everyone then gathers around and start feasting on the offering foods. We eat, we catch up on stories and have a good time together.

A cousin I find very cute, I could look at her all day tirelessly (;

Some weird creature my uncle found nearby to scare the kids ;P

As most Hokkien festivals and prays revolves around wealth, a cousin bought along a long stretch of firecrackers to be lit. It will then mark the beginning of wealth pouring in (hopefully) for all of us.

We will then part ways to return to own homes to have a good rest from the tiring and scorching sunny day or gather at some place to continue catching up good old day stories.




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