Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's been actually ages since I wrote something out of fondness for writing. I actually prefer writing than typing on a keyboard. I guess it's because when you write, it gives you a real feeling rather than when typing onto a white screen. Also, I always tend to treat 'backspace' and 'delete' as my best buddy when typing but when I write, I can't just 'backspace' and 'delete' them, right? Anyway, one thing I've always hated when blogging is to think of the title. Yes, I hated that alot. I think I'mma just put "Daily no.xx" as the title for rants and raves from now on. You have to agree w/ me that they sounds alot better than some crappy title I would forcefully put just for the sake of it. Yes, I suck at titles that much. Or rather, should I use "Daily no.YYMMDD" for titles? That would be better when I flip back to search an entry, true?

Anyway, I'm actually writing on this piece of paper which have been on my rack for a near 5 yrs or so in my toilet! You guys must be thinking, "ewww, wth is wrong w/ this person?!?!". Sounds really gross, I know but it's actually not that bad! Really! I have th My washroom (sounds better like this) has this dry and wet segment like erm... dry & wet kitchen thing, get what I mean? So it's actually really nice to lean on my cooling tiled wall and sit on the tiled floor w/ strays of bright sunlight lighting up the washroom =) Here I seat, with the Faber Castle Needle Ball 1444 0.5mm S-Fine (I absolutely loveeee fine pens!) Writing on this stack of paper placed against my legs where they are folded up w/ knees facing up and feet on the ground as a steady platform. Definitely a more preferable choice than to sit legs folded across on a plasticky office chair, arms on the table facing a bright screen. Oh btw, did I mention, writing all these while listening to Straylight Run... *awesome* ^^

I have not actually felt so good while doing these thing for a very long time. Put down all the worries and just write or flip a story book. It's taking ages for me to finish this book that I've started reading since Dec last year. The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh. I love reading books w/ Asian elements in them and also vampirish books but seriously, I never liked 'Twilight' (the movie. didn't bother to read after watching it) Urm.. the romance just overpowered the vampiric story line, don't you think so? I like movies like.. Underworld. Back to story books... there's actually quite alot of them collecting dust in my drawer. Books I bought when I actually visited the bookstore while waiting to pass time (waiting for the time of the appointment or someone) and they actually have these tempting promotions where you'll have to buy a few books to enjoy the promotion. So yea.. I'm gonna make an effort to read 'em. Sounds reluctant of me, right? Heh..

Since I stopped working at TS last July, I'm back to my dad's office. where I a A place I work that never gave me much satisfaction because I'm not doing things which I have passion about and I actually do not feel that I have made any improvement and have any achievement on the work done. They made me feel like I'm so shallow inside, a nobody, a person w/ out a life goal/ target. Sad.. However, I think it's a wise move to support and stay as a family when the going gets tough. The tree will bear fruit soon enough. I just have to remind myself to be patient w/ the current situation. Since Dec last year, I'm back at TS as a part timer. The pay was never glorious although it's a tad bit higher than their usual part timer salary. I would still be happy and keep my mouth shut if they kept theirs and keep things PnC as they are suppose to. The first time I got mad is when the new sup actually reveal my pay per hr during the briefing and then the later on the asst. manager just have to mention that I'm a 'high paid part timer'. To be honest, it made me feel like I'm a beggar coz it ain't that much, alright. It's less than 10 bucks higher than the usual pay per day. It's not something that much that I could have spent it on an expensive meal, true? So, how can I not be mad when they made it sounds like I'm over-payed? *hmph* Anyway, back to what I was saying, I'm now working every freaking day unless on days that they do not need me as a part timer. During most of my free time, I just flip through FB (even though there was obviously nothing much for me to do), talk on the phone and spend most of my time sleeping... In fact, I'm not sure if I slept too much. I just go to bed when I feel tired.

I didn't really have time to finish my book or feel like blogging. That's why it's been totally deserted. Once in a while, some random blog entry would pop-up, agree? Haha. Like some doodle blog. Scribble a few words when I'm really free and felt like it. I always have a few things popping up in my head like some stupid customer stories or this newly introduced to me Gardenia bread which is really cheap and tasty recommended by one of my colleague but they never got a chance to appear coz I never felt the enthusiast to blog about it. Does thoughts count in this case? Lol.. Lazy me. Gosh... not to mention pictures of years ago which are still sitting in a folder in my comp taking up so much space.

I'll probably got to start doing something... I'll figure out how... real soon enough... or force myself to fully utilize the time rather than wasting it on FB. Sucks...




  1. Haha.. yea. I think she'll be very cute when she's a little older. When she's turn stronger and not that fragile ;)

  2. aww she's sucha sweetie! wooo half scottish! lol i'm goin up to scotland to work next year!!! scottish rock!!!

  3. you like scotland alot? are you gonna be staying with your sister?