Thursday, 24 February 2011

The thing I hate the most is when it has already been decided on something tht involves me, is when some cibai fckers who acts really "smartly" and make changes AND then inform me.

Yes, sure, you're in a position higher than me but you definitely have no respect for your down lines or even colleagues. I'm not an unreasonable person that will not try to make thing work out if you want to make some amendment. If you ask of me, I will try my best to make things work out for both of us if you come and speak to me and tell me that you need to change something.

Mahai... seriously, you're a supervisor at this fcking age and let me tell you wht, you're still incompetent in becoming a supervisor at this age because you're not matured but you think you are and you think you are damn smart which is too smart I would say.

The things you do is so fucking retard and I can assure you that you do not do things professionally! mcb.

If I'm the manager, I would say you are only competent as a training senior. You're put in such a position too quickly that you do not even have enough experience which makes you a very ignorant person.

You did not even apologise for your selfishness in action and got mad at me. Puhleeez.. Go get a mirror and FEEL what it is to FEEL like if you were in my shoes. You can never gain my respect as long as you only look from your own limited perspective.

Cb kid. Go learn from your upper level friend what is respect. Go to hell if you think you can gain respect from me anytime soon.


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