Friday, 7 January 2011

Zzz~ I'll be leavin' for Ho Chi Minh today!!! but seriously, I can't find anything nice about it on the net ._. haih.. Hence, I'm not really keen about the trip. Hopefully, I'm wrong and the trip will turn out awesome!

I had a very terrible day yesterday. ;( Woke up in the middle of the night twice and felt like puking. So I have to sit up right when I was so sleeepy.... Finally at 5 a.m., I vomited. My dinner doesn't seems digested. I don't know what's wrong with my digestion system.. *poor tummy* I thought it would feel a lot better after that but then I became really hungry ;( With everyone asleep, I don't know what I can drink or eat.. So I end up with a cup of hot glucose and right after that, I end up in the loo followed by another round of vomiting. Ugh..

Hungry but I can't eat -__- So what am I suppose to do.. starve myself? ._. I decided to jus sleep. I slept almost 24 hrs with some makan break in between..

Why does this have to happen before my trip x.x Damn suay..

My mom's trying real hard to force ginger water down my throat. Something I really hate. Thinking about it makes me wanna puke.

*leave me alone* >.<




  1. I heard some companies, knowing that fuel is high in demand. Purposely keep the fuel in their reserve. When the price reaches its peak, they sell out. In this way, they earn hell lot than other companies. I think that's very wrong of them, spoiling the market, personal gains.

    It's good news that the fuel price is dropping in midst of the economy problems...

  2. ERm.. to be honest, this is how the fuels are traded in the market. That's how they gan ;) By specualting the demand and price.

    Anyway, yea. the prices are going back to be what they were 5 months ago.. except Diesel I guess..